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PA Botanicals – An Extensive Review

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When we take an overview of the kratom market, there are many vendors and digital suppliers who claim to be the best. PA Botanicals is one of them. It is one of the leading brands in the kratom market. PA Botanicals has made its strong reputation due to its products’ unique quality and reasonable pricing. Most importantly, for new users, they have got an amazing range. PA Botanicals not only have a running store but also has the facility for online delivery. So, if you are a newbie or regular kratom user, we recommend you to go for a trustworthy kratom vendor, PA Botanicals is no doubtedly, a reliable name in the kratom market. Let’s come to know something about the company.

History Of PA Botanicals

The brand has started its business at a small level, many years ago. The company is based out in Pennsylvania, United States. They operate out of an east state street store in the industrial city of Sharon just Northwest of Pittsburgh. The main objective of the company is to produce pure quality kratom products with no impurities and fewer side effects. They moved on with the motto and now they have reached amongst the top-selling kratom vendors in the market. Now they have a well-established store and digital shop.

Products By PA Botanicals

PA Botanicals have a variety of kratom products not only that, but they also deal with CBD oil, botanicals, and organic herbs, etc. The company produces various kratom strains including Green vein, Yellow vein, Red vein, and White vein. These strains are available in various forms, like powdered and capsular forms. Various sizes and packaging are also available. Here is the list of kratom products by this online kratom store,

1) Green Strain

• Super Green Indo • Green Machine Blend • Green Malay • Emerald Green • Green Borneo • Cambodian

2) Red Strain

• The Original Red Fibro • Red Maeng Da • Bali • Red Borneo • Superior Bentuangie • Red Thai • Jessie̕ s Blend • Red Machine Blend • Vietnam • Red Private Reserve • Red Horn Kratom

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3) White Strain

White Indo Kratom • White Horn • White KapuasWhite Bali

4) Yellow Strain

• The Grouch • Yellow Borneo • Yippee Hippee

5) Kratom Powder Blends

• Ultra Maeng Da • Champagne • Create Your Own • All American • Tri-Horn • Monkey Business • Kurt̕̕̕ s Blend • Blends Private Reserve

6) Extracts And Tincture

The brand makes Kratom Extract that is “ Kratom Extract 10% Mitragynine” It is available in two packagings, 1gm, and 10 gm. Kratom Tincture by PA Botanicals is also available with a quantity of 0.3 fl oz.

Kratom Extract

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7) CBD By PA Botanicals

They offers the best and premium quality CBD oil in the quantity of 1000mg. This product makes the user energetic and calm and induces positive health effects as proven by users reviews.

8) Kava By PA Botanicals

Kava, a plant of Pacific Island, its roots contain Desmethoxyyangonin and yangonin. These organic substances cause a sense of relief and happiness and also reduce anxiety and fatigue. PA Botanicals produce a liquid form of kava which is available in the quantities of 5gm, 10gm, 25gm, 50gm, and 100gm.

9) Akuamma By PA Botanicals

Akuamma is an alkaloid and found in the seeds of a tree named, Picralima nitida. It helps with anxiety, mood swings, stress, chronic pain, and fatigue. It also helps in boosting the immune system. This online store presents this unique product in the quantities of 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 16oz and also the packaging of 1 kg.

10) Herbs By PA Botanicals

The brand offers a variety of natural and organic herbs including rosemary, thyme and licorice roots, etc.

A Review Of Pricing By PA Botanicals

When there is a matter of health, there is no compromise. They offer a big range of natural and organic products at a reasonable and affordable price. You can choose according to your requirement. Let’s see the price range of various products, • 1 ounce, $7 • 2 ounces, $13 • 4 ounces, $23 • 6 ounces, $30 • 16 ounces, $60 • 1 kilogram, $115 • Extract, $3 to $25 • Tincture, 3$0 • CBD, around $100 • Kava, $4 to $28 • Akuamma, $12 to $125 • Herbs, around $5

Coupon Codes By PA Botanicals

Being a vast range holder of organic products, the company has got several coupon codes, floating on the internet. So search for the coupon code before buying online from PA Botanicals. At the time of writing, “PASAVE10” can earn you 10$ off from the order of 50$ or more than that. Likewise, “GREEN15” can cause 15% off your order. On special occasions, PA Botanicals offers an effective discount policy. By applying coupon codes you can get 20% off on your whole order billing amount.

Refund Policy

PA Botanicals, being a well-established, reliable, and reputable name amongst kratom vendors, also offers a good refund policy. If the product is sealed as such and not opened or torn a bit, then you will get 100% cashback. Even if the product is opened and 10% have been consumed with 90% left behind, then you will also get 100% cashback. But it is not exactly as attractive at the same time, because they charge 5$.

Brand Reputation Of PA Botanicals

The brand a good and consistent reputation in the kratom market in terms of quality, purity, responsiveness, fast shipping, and 24 hrs customer helpline availability. If we see the google ratings of PA Botanicals, it is impressive with 4.7 stars. This online kratom store has gained this remarkable position because of its quality control procedure, which is based on 3 major steps. They also claim to be GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant. Their products tested strictly for contaminants, bacteria like salmonella, E.coli, etc, heavy metals, and ionic substances. Recent Laboratory reports are available on their website. PA Botanicals is proven to be one of the most reliable and trustworthy kratom brands. Their quality control techniques, laboratory procedures, and raw materials practices showed that the company is confident about its best and top-notch quality health products. One more important aspect of the online store is that they have provided brief descriptions of all their products. They don’t give any medical claim about any of their product but give short descriptions of each product. Furthermore, they have distinctly mentioned how the FDA has not evaluated the website. In the sections “Terms of Service” and “ Privacy Policy” they make it clear that PA Botanicals is not making any guarantees related to the results of their products. They also mentioned it clearly that they will not be responsible for any adverse or side effects. They are just responsible for the purity and quality of all products.


PA Botanicals is a big name in the kratom market. Although there are some drawbacks of PA Botanicals if you see the quality of products, you will be amazed. The brand will never disappoint you. If you have concerns with the pricing of the company, then you must try the PA Botanicals products, because the customer̕ s main concern is quality. After using their products, surely, you will never think about money for buying PA Botanicals products. As reviews also suggested that the store has the best quality products. So, let’s give a try at the amazing products of this brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can I get PA Botanicals products in bulk?

Ans: Yes, of course, you can get all products in bulk quantity. There are options available on the websites, you can check that out.

2) Can I bought PA Botanicals products in cash and digitally too?

Ans: Yes the brand has a well-established store in Pennsylvania and a digital shop is also available.

3) Can I exchange a product I don’t like?

Ans: Yes, there is a simple refund policy offered by PA Botanicals. You can check it out from the website.


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