Kratom, commonly known as treasures, is grown abundantly in the sultry forests of Southeast Asian countries. However, due to numerous benefits in recent years, there has been a significant rise in kratoms’ attention. Recently, it has launched in the USA botanical market and has smashed the kratom market due to its extensive uses. With the rising popularity of botanicals and herbal products in the USA, vendors rolled up like cones all over the states. So, it has become an uphill task to segregate the good from the bad. We are here to help you with this. At Organic Kratom USA, you will easily find one of the best brands of Kratom in the market currently. An impartial review of Organic Kratom is as follows:

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Brand Review        

The company was established in 2017 in Clay County, Missouri, but they have gained a large customer pool in a brief span compared to other well-established vendors. Because of its loyalty to its customers, Organic Kratom has become one of the top-selling and fastest-growing kratom vendors in the market over recent years. The primary purpose of starting Organic Kratom was to provide kratom consumers with the best quality kratom at attractive prices. Honestly, there is nothing to criticize about Organic Kratom. The company has an excellent relationship with the farmers; they sell at reasonable prices and are loyal and honest to their customers.

Evolving Hallmarks

Following are some differentiating facts about Organic Kratom:


Organic Kratom understands the needs of its customers very well and provides its clients with top-notch kratom products at very low-budget prices. They sell several kratom strains and blends starting from $12.97 and going up to $105. But, of course, the most vital part of the brand is selling wholesale and offering even more significant discounts and deals.

Discount Programs

Organic Kratom knows how to attract customers’ attention and organize some special events. Recently, in November 2020, they organized a Veterans Day Sale. During this span, they offered a 26% discount on all the orders during the whole month. So, they regularly arrange such feasts for local distributors who tend to buy Kratom in bulk quantities.

Customer Service

Organic Kratom prides itself on its commitment to customer service. The vendor makes customers feel tended and establish a personal connection with the brand. Customers can keep in touch with the brand either via email or phone. Whenever the previous customers send feedback, the support team is very respectful and promptly replies to them.

Lab Testing

Lab testing is a critical factor of a good kratom selling brand. Several brands claim to have their products examined and tested but cannot publish their lab reports on their website. Organic Kratom sets forth its lab results on its website and motivates its clients to check them out before ordering. All the products go through microbial and analytical testing because kratom products are at greater risk of contamination.


The Organic Kratoms’ team offers free shipping with USPS for all orders above $89, but the Kratom should be legal in the state you live in. If the PO BOX address gets mistaken, then the responsive team of the brand efficiently helps you with the wrong placement of the address. On top of this, you can also track your order by using the tracking number provided by the company.

Payment Methods

When it comes to online buying, payment problems annoy the person the most. They fear that their information might get hacked because unencrypted information policies of sketchy vendors lead to severe problems for the customers. Organic Kratom encrypts your information by protecting it both offline and online. So, you can buy from the vendor placidly.

Coupon Codes

You can also get incredible discounts on the products by using the coupon codes. For example, you can get up to 30% off on the products using promo code SPRING30 during the checkout time. Also, you can get up to 30% off on all purchases and free shipping orders above $50 by using promo code SPRING30 during the checkout time.

 Product Range

Organic Kratom is one of the most reliable and loyal vendors we have viewed due to certain factors, including the diversity of the products. The brand allows its client to create their blends which is an advantage. Their website features a multitude of all-time favorite strains

Kratom Powders

The brand is pretty easy on your pocket and offers you 50g of kratom powder for just $12.97. However, if you are a local distributor and want to buy Kratom in bulk, you have to pay $106 for every kilo. Resultantly, you will get a good stock of powder at extremely fair prices.

Kratom Capsules

Since making capsules is laborious; therefore kratom capsules are a bit more costly than powders. But, at Organic Kratom, the prices of capsules are also matchless and quite affordable. It usually starts from $12.97 and is higher depending upon the nature and rarity of that capsule.

Variety Packs

If you feel daring and desire to try something new, various packs are best made for you. You can get a mixture of up to 5 strains of their own accord currently at the price ranging from $24.97 to $84.97.


Organic Kratom also offers specific blends to their customers. These blends have a fascinating odor and are premium condensed with Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxy Mitragynine alkaloids of Kratom.

The Positives

Following are the features that make Organic Kratom stick out like a sore thumb

  • The vendor has its lab reports available on the website.
  • They offer premium quality Organic Kratom at reasonable prices.
  • All their products are backed with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.
  • The brand gives you a tracking number to track your package during shipment.
  • Organic Kratom offers you free shipping for all orders above $50.

The Negatives

Due to its ethical consumerism and unparalleled quality, there is nothing much to write negatively about the vendor.

  • The brand does not support payment through Bitcoin and UPI.
  • FDA disapproves Organic Kratom.


Organic Kratom has accrued a decent reputation in the kratom world in a brief period due to its matchless quality and reliability. From quality to pricing, the vendor stands out from the rest. The team is active in all the queries to ensure that nothing is left uncared for. So, if you are striving to find a trustworthy vendor, then take our advice and place an order today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can I get Kratom in bulk?

Yes, not only can you get Kratom in bulk, but also you can enjoy exclusive discounts and special deals.

2) I have a gift credit card. Can I shop with that?

No, they don’t accept prepaid cards. However, the brand goes for all significant credit cards, Wire transfers, Money orders, and offers COD.

3) What if I want to call off my order?

Yes, the company is okay with that. In such a case, you should let the team know as soon as possible and get a full refund.

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