A company needs to follow three things religiously to come out in the spotlight and be considered as one of the most famous brands among the people. Firstly, the quality of the products has to be the prime focus of any Kratom brand which is the prime necessity for the customers, making them satisfied with what they have spent their money on. Then it is customer service that makes the buyer feel welcomed. Addressing all the customers’ queries needs to be the priority of a company to ensure that it gains the loyalty and trust of the purchasers. Lastly, the cost of the Kratom products also contributes to gaining a lot of audiences. The more rational and affordable the prices are, the more customers will be attracted to them. The buyer wants their purchase to be worth every penny, and the Kratom Company needs to make sure of that. Out of all the Kratom companies online, OPMS Kratom has come out as one of the most successful and popular businesses in the Kratom market. It has not only fulfilled the criteria as mentioned above but has also established itself well among the Kratom buyers.

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Kratom is one of the widely used herbs that is traced back to traditional medicine and has now gained fame because of the benefits associated with it. It is obtained from a plant called Mitragyna Speciosa, originally grown in South Asia that is supplied worldwide after proper processing through companies. With the increased demand for Kratom products, many vendors came into the Kratom market but failed in satisfying the customers. It was either due to contamination of Kratom or overpriced products. Out of all OPMS, Kratom became a popular option and is now one of the oldest brands of Kratom in the US, selling online and in gas stations and local stores. OPMS stands for Optimized Plant Mediated Solution and has been selling Kratom and Kava products since 2005. While it is originally based in Los Angeles, California, it sells its products all over the US, except in the states where it is illegal. It has been in the Kratom market for the past 15 years and has not compromised its product quality since then. People know about OPMS Kratom much lesser than it actually deserves. Unquestionably so, it deserves all the popularity and fame. It claims its products are natural and pure.

Everything Good About “OPMS Kratom”

Multiple factors help OPMS Kratom company to be in the spotlight amidst the tough ongoing competition of Kratom vendors. A few of those noteworthy elements are mentioned below;

Unique Product Range

Most of the Kratom vendors categorize their products via strains such as red, white, and green. But, OPMS Kratom came with something extraordinary. It has classified its products like Gold and Silver. Adding on, it sells them as Kratom powder, Kratom capsules, and liquid Kratom. The limited strains available include;

1) Gold Kratom

We won’t be wrong in saying that one of the reasons behind the success of OPMS Kratom is its Gold range. They are one of the highest-selling products that are superior to others in their potency and effects. As per the company, the Gold Kratom range is extracted through a unique process that preserves the alkaloids that are initially present in the Kratom leaves; thus, all the benefits of Kratom are locked inside the capsules. It is available in packs of 2, 3, and 5 capsules to match the preferences of the buyers and is purple-colored so that they can be easily identified.

2) Silver Kratom

Similar to the above, Silver Kratom is also a specialty of OPMS Kratom and is solely sold by them. The company has three strains that are mainly sold under it. They include;

  • Thai Kratom
  • Malay Special Reserve
  • Maeng Da Kratom

The Silver products are screened for the alkaloid content to make sure that the quality is not compromised. It is available in smooth powder forms and capsules to accommodate the needs of the customers.

3) Liquid Kratom

The liquid Kratom sold at OPMS Kratom is the Kratom extract that is blended into a liquid form. This makes it easier to consume. The packaging is the best thing about it which makes it attractive and grabs attention. The hourglass silhouette bottles seal the goodness at once. It is packaged into containers of 8.8ml and thus delivers all its effects within a single gulp. Unlike others, it is the fastest in producing pronounced effects as it gets absorbed into the blood, directly bypassing the digestion process, which might delay or reduce the impact of Kratom. However, due to its strong alkaloid content and faster results, it is recommended to consult a physician or start with low doses.

The Retail Prices

The prices on the OPMS Kratom website are wholesale, so they may vary when you are purchasing the products from a local store. Though some people consider them to be expensive, the quality and quantity of Kratom are worth the prices. While you can buy Liquid Kratom for $17.99, the prices of capsules range between $8.99 to $43.49. Also, you can have a discount when you place a bigger order.

Superb Quality Products

In order to ensure that the customers receive the best quality products from the company, all their products are continuously checked for alkaloid content. This helps them preserve their beneficial effects. These products are tested for alkaloids before blending so that a consistent quantity can be delivered through Kratom. In addition, they are also tested for any pathogen, fecal matter, heavy metals, molds, etc., to eliminate the risk of any kind of contamination. OPMS Kratom Company prioritizes the quality of its products so that everyone stays safe from any sort of allergic reaction or adverse effects. White Dragon Kratom Powder by Amazing

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Q. Is OPMS Kratom selling its products online?

Though previously all the products of OPMS were only available in local stores, it has not started selling them online after the Covid pandemic to ensure safety by minimum contact.

2) Q. What makes it unique from other Kratom vendors?

OPMS Kratom is considered different and superior to other Kratom brands due to its consistency in its services and quality. Moreover, the Gold and Silver Kratom is exclusive to it.


Choosing a Kratom brand for purchasing products depends on variable factors. Considering the facts that are mentioned above, it is clear why OPMS Kratom is one of the best Kratom vendors that are in the market right now.

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