With its excessively growing popularity around the world, many Kratom vendors have surfaced on both offline and online markets. While most of them have maintained their credibility among the consumer section, some still fail to uphold their standards in terms of kratom quality. Therefore, finding the right outlet where you don’t have to worry about the quality of your precious herb, requires some background check. But not unless you have stumbled upon Okie Kratom. The massive and loyal customer base attests to their quality, credibility, and responsiveness so you can decide without a second thought in mind. Okie Kratom sources Mitragyna Speciosa from its indigenous soils in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Vietnam. Where kratom is cultivated, grown, and procured by the native farmers in its original form retaining its true quality and efficacy. Okie Kratom is more than just a speciosa vendor. It produces a variety of high-grade botanicals and natural extracts including blue lotus, African peach, Akuamma, and many others. The brand conducts its business while conforming to the laws and principles of each state regarding the sale and consumption of Speciosa.

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Brand Analysis

Kratom has gradually shifted over the years from being used as a medicinal herb to a daily replacement for coffee. However, only high-quality Ketum can let you feel the effects you want. Even a small variation in quality can cause adverse side effects and the professionals at Okie Kratom understand that. Regardless of the strain or type, Okie Kratom’s sole focus is delivering top-notch quality kratom and other botanicals to its wide customer base. The brand has set up multiple quality control checks to ensure that the end-user gets what he/she demands. The extract is refined and ground into a fine powder or as the brand likes to call it “ultra-smooth powder” that can be readily dissolved into your daily drinks. Considering each person’s own choice, they also provide other forms of consumption like capsules. The Okie Kratom store has added a range of Nugz related products to their shelves. These quality products like cannabidiol or CBD oil, flower, and kief are prepared from all-natural Hemp available for delivery.

Brand Specialties

While there are plenty of vendors shipping out some of the best quality kratoms, there are some aspects that put Okie Kratom above the most. Some of the specialties of the store are:

Extensive Range of Kratom Strains

Okie Kratom ensures the availability of almost every Mitragyna strain for its users far and wide. Starting from milder strains like red Bali or red Vietnam Ketum to intense ones such as Maeng Da kratom, you can shop any strain you want. They also offer some unique strains, you have never tried or even heard of. In addition to Speciosa, Okie Kratom offers an extensive range of botanicals and related extracts such as Akuamma, African Peach, Blue Lotus, and other hemp-related botanicals.

Freshness Ensured

Okie Kratom obtains its kratom directly from the native farmers in the Southeast Asian states. These farmers cultivate and harvest Speciosa with traditional methods that retain their true essence and effectiveness. The sourced kratom is procured the moment it is harvested by the farmers, instead of waiting for full cargo shipments to arrive. Therefore, thanks to the extra sum they pay for repeated shipment Speciosa remains fresh by the time it arrives at your desk.

Quality Control Checks

Okie Kratom’s claim of providing supreme quality Speciosa is backed by the numerous and extensive quality control checks they perform. The quality tests start as early as the harvesting season. Only quality leaves are plucked and taken for the drying process under their surveillance. Another quality check is performed after the leaves are ground into powdered form. If the powder shows even the slightest signs of abnormality, it is discarded right off. This ensures that only the supreme quality Mitragyna makes its way to you.

Easy Payment System

At Okie Kratom, the payment procedure is made streamlined and easy. Buyers are required to pay their money upfront for the shipment. When placing the order for the first time, you must add the reference number of the product you have ordered in the payment request. However, for repeated customers, the process is more efficient as they can simply make transfer the money with your normal payment method.

Surprisingly Low Prices

Instead of offering discount codes, Okie Kratom has done a commendable job at minimizing the prices to a significant low compared to its competitors. The prices are as low as $2 for half an ounce with complete freedom to mix and match strains of your choice. For those who are looking to try out some new strains, Okie Kratom offers cheap sample packs. You can get a sample constituting 6 different strains for just 6 dollars.

In-time Shipping

Okie Kratom takes its shipment process seriously, believing it plays an important role in achieving customer satisfaction. The brand has partnered up with UPS to deliver swift and in-time deliveries to its wide customer network. UPS being privately owned in the area ships only from Mondays through Thursdays. So, if you are willing to place the order accordingly.

User-friendly Interface

To facilitate customers of all age groups, Okie Kratom has established a user-friendly interface. Everyone can interact, search, and place orders of the preferred kratom strain without any hassle. Moreover, if you need any additional guidance or have any queries you want to be answered, you can get in contact with their staff at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions!

1) Are kratom tablets and capsules available at Okie Kratom?

Okie Kratom offers Mitragyna speciosa in capsuled form. However, as far as tablets are concerned, they are unavailable at the moment.

2) Does Okie Kratom provide a free shipping policy?

To allow customers to get low-cost yet quality strains, the company has reduced its free shipping policy. While customers are getting supreme quality herb at a low price, paying the shipment fee would not be an issue.

3) What is the ideal time for placing an order?

The delivery partner of the brand only works from Mondays till Thursdays. So, you must place the order before 5 pm (central time) to get your precious kratom shipped out the next day.

4) Does Okie Kratom accept payment via money orders?

Yes, Okie Kratom does accept payments via money orders. You can send the money order to the given address on the website.

5) Can one make the payment after the product has arrived?

Due to the significant amounts of unpaid invoices, Okie Kratom staff have decided to take payments before the shipment. Therefore, you must make the payment if you want your product shipped on time.

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