If you are that Kratom lover who always does Google searches – ‘best Kratom vendor online’ but unsure of where to purchase, visit this website https://nuwavebotanicals.com/.

Why So?

‘Nuwave Botanicals’ is the one-stop Kratom shop, claims to deliver the highest quality Kratom powders, Kratom capsules, and Kratom liquids.

Even though they are new in this industry, they are giving tough competition to other best sellers.

About Nuwave Botanicals

Nuwave botanicals, located in Northern Ireland, is a distribution company famous for selling premium quality Kratom from different brands.

The brand is owned by Chris, who sells only AKA CGMP manufactured products to its customers.

Nuwave botanicals carries one of the largest inventories of mitragyna speciosa with rare find strain like Green Elephant. Moreover, they have several CBD products that could help alleviate several health issues.

The high selling Ketum brands at Nuwave Botanicals are:

  • Experience Botanicals
  • Choice Botanicals
  • Whole Herbs
  • Krave Botanicals

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8 Key Selling Points of This Brand

It is Nuwave different approach that sets them apart from competitors. Let’s dive into the key features of this brand.

1) Different Forms Of Kratom

If you’re a Ketum lover, you must know that the drug is consumed in different forms; powder, capsules, and liquids – not everyone sells all these three forms. The good news is Nuwave deals with all varieties of Kratom.

Kratom Powder

The famous brands for powders are Experience Botanicals and Choice Botanicals. You can get red vein powder, choice powder, Bali gold powder, premium maeng da powder, etc., all on their website.

Kratom Capsules

You can find Bali gold capsules, Bali Kratom capsules, empty gelatin capsules, choice jumbo capsules, and a lot more on their website.

Nuwave Botanicals are dealing with the same brands as for powders and drinks. However, there are some details mentioned on the website regarding the safe consumption of Kratom capsules.

Kratom Drinks

Chief Kratom shot, flow Kratom shot, choice extract shot, double green apple, etc., you can find an abundance of best-selling drinks on the website.

Anyone who’s not interested in powder and capsules can enjoy Kratom drinks from different Korth companies – Krave Botanicals and OPMS are the most demanding ones. However, other brands of drinks are also available.

2) AKA cGMP Manufactured Products

Nuwave Botanicals takes GMP very seriously. The FDA enforces ‘Current Good Manufacturing Practice’ regulations which assure proper design, implementation, control of manufacturing facilities, and monitoring processes.

3) Lab Testing

Checking the authenticity of a drug is only possible by looking at the Lab test results. The brand claims to sell safe, clean, and effective products; however, it doesn’t share lab test reports on its website. As a result, customers feel difficulty making a buying decision.

How The Brand Guarantees Purity?

When searching for pure Kratom, you must know that UV Sterilization (aka UV disinfection) and UV Angel techniques work great for taking out all impurities from products, making them suitable for consumption.

Visit https://nuwavebotanicals.com/clean-and-safe-kratom/ for more information about Safe And Good Manufacturing Practices.

4) Guaranteed Lowest Prices

You’ll be surprised to learn that the product prices given on the actual company’s website are higher than Nuwave prices.

This is because they buy bulk kratom products (at reduced costs) from these brands, which they further sell at discounted prices. Indeed, Nuwave Botanicals keep their profits low for customer’s benefits.

Look into the following price comparison of Kratom products.

Products Nuwave Botanicals Price Original Price
Choice 100gr Powder $25.99 $49.99
Krave Zen 3x shot

·OPM’S liquid 8ml bottle





Choice Botanicals jumbo capsules bottle (100 count)

Krave Botanicals 150 capsules







You can see a huge price difference of Kratom products in the above chart. Whatever the reason is, you need to focus on getting the same quality products at lower prices.

Visit the Nuwave website for a huge price difference and place your order happily.

5) Shipment Details

The brand offers same-day shipping to its customers on all orders paid by 2 pm EST Monday-Friday. Likewise, on Saturdays, Same-Day Shipping Cutoff is 9:00 am, and orders receive afterward will be processed on Monday.

  • USPS and FedEx ground does not accept orders on Saturday.
  • Only FEDEX Express is guaranteed to ship on Saturday.
  • No shipping available on Sunday.

6) Social Media Presence

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms have made a big impact on our lives. Everything that we want to buy, we search for it online. It’s a great tool to keep the target audience connected.

Likewise, businesses greatly benefit from their social media presence. Nuwave botanicals is also active on all these platforms and keep its customers updated with the Kratom deals and discounts. Moreover, they share the latest news on their pages, so you can easily find it if you want to know about something.

They have a huge fan following which gives you the confidence to make Ketum purchases online from this brand.

7) 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you do not like a product, you have an option to return it. Nuwave Botanicals offers a full refund on unused products. However, they require that the customer should contact them within at least thirty (30) days of receipt of products; otherwise, they won’t qualify for a refund or exchange.

A customer should expect to receive a refund within a week after the company receives the product back to them.

8) Discounts and Free Samples

The brand offers volume discounts on bulk purchases – 1KG or more EXP line of powders and capsules. To avail discount, you’ll first need to create an account on their site.

Moreover, they give free samples with every order, which allows you to test new products!

Final Thoughts

Getting Kratom from a trusted place is not so easy, especially if you’ve many vendors around. Nuvawe Botanicals is the right choice for purchasing quality Kratom at affordable prices. However, they need to pay attention to their payment policies and providing lab test reports online. Otherwise, it is a great place to make online Kratom purchases!

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