Kratom is undoubtedly a treasure trove of natural windfalls. Because of its unparalleled benefits, the demand for kratom is booming, and vendors are intently investing money in this business. The massive increase in the number of vendors leaves people confused, and it becomes a tough grind for them to choose a vendor to entrust with their health. Before buying kratom from a seller, several factors should be kept in mind, like growth, pricing, packaging, shipment, and many more. Every customer needs high quality yet rock-bottom products, and Njoy Kratom is best known for its legacy and matchless products. Here is a comprehensive analysis of the vendor;

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Brand Review

Njoy Kratom is a USA-based online kratom seller that supplies the yield of kratom leaves. It was started by a team of botanists and native plantation owners to provide people with standard kratom products. Apart from selling online, the brand also has a physical store near Rockville. It sells kratom in powder form as well as in capsules. The customer pool of Njoy Kratom expands over millions due to its solidity and trustworthiness. The brand deals in the finest products, which add to its flourishment.  Apart from handy prices, the vendor is devoted to an organic and ethical farming approach by taking extra care of their vintage during the peak time of the season.

Evolving Features

Product Prices

The prices of the products of Njoy Kratom are more than reasonable when you consider the cleanliness, freshness, and potency of their strains. The brand offers 200 grams of kratom powder for $34.99 and 75 capsules of kratom for just $19.99. The vendor also offers incredible discounts to the bulk buyers of kratom. For example, you can get a kilo of kratom for only $99.98, which, for sure, is very low as compared to the industry.


The brand is furnished with free and same-day shipping to some specific locations.  But the brand does not offer a shipment facility outside the USA. Even if you are a USA resident, you should better check the legality of kratom in your location. It uses USPS, UPS, and FedEx services, but the buyers can’t select the shipping brackets volunteered by these shipping services.

Return Policy

When we contemplate other vendors, Njoy Kratom is head and shoulders above them because of its competence. You can avail yourself of the refund or exchange option by sending back the untampered and unopened package to the vendor. But you will have to bear the shipment price. But if the wrong product gets delivered, you cannot only qualify for a refund or exchange, but the brand will also pay the shipping charges.

Customer Feedback

There is no client commentary on the vendors’ websites or other social media pages. Therefore, you can’t say anything about the quality of the product until you order it.  Since the vendor lays claim to come after good manufacturing techniques and tested products, the product quality may emerge to be the best.

Coupon Codes

When it comes to discounts and special deals, Njoy Kratom carries the day. For example, you can get up to 20% off on every $76 you spend using the promo code SAVE20 during the checkout time. But these codes are not present all the time, so make sure to Google them before placing your order.

GMP Certification

Njoy Kratom claims to test all their products from an independent third party for keeping the CBD and microorganisms levels checked. But the brand is not AKA GMP qualified; therefore, nothing can be said about the effectiveness and quality of the kratom products. Also, the brand has some limited lab reports available on their website, which means they don’t test each batch, which should be a concern.

Payment Method

Njoy Kratom facilitates its customer pool with the trusted and quick payment methods. You can buy kratom products by paying through a credit card, or you can also avail yourself of the COD (cash on delivery) option.

Products Range

Njoy Kratom sells kratom in powder as well as in encapsulated form. The brand gives 5% of their sale to either the American Kratom Association or Botanical Education Alliance.

Kratom Strains

Currently, the brand is selling nine major strains either in powder or in the form of capsules. The strains in powder form include

Apart from selling kratom in powdered or encapsulated form, Njoy Kratom also sells several extracts or blends of kratom. All the extracts sell by Njoy Kratom are manufactured by OPMS. This category includes many options like Malay and Maeng Da extracts.

Kratom Connoisseur Blend Powder

The blend is a mixture of different strains to give a well-grounded and more potent effect. Currently, Njoy Kratom is selling only one blend called Kratom connoisseur blend powder. The blend plays a vital role in regulating and enhancing your potential.

The Positives

Many factors make Njoy Kratom worthy of money. Some of them are as follows.

  • The brand offers you same-day shipping if you place the order before 1 PM.
  • Njoy Kratom offers free shipping for some specific locations.
  • The vendor has its lab-tested reports available on its website.
  • The brand itself pays the shipping cost of the damaged product to send to it for refund or exchange.
  • You can avail refund or exchange by connecting the team of Njoy Kratom within 24 hours of the delivery.
  • The vendor has both credit card and COD options available on their website.

The Negatives

Some of the crucial features lacked by the vendor are given below

  • Njoy Kratom sells kratom a bit expensive as compared to other vendors.
  • The shipping facilities are only for USA residents.
  • The vendor does not have customer feedback available on their site.
  • Njoy Kratom is not AKA GMP qualified


Multiple vendors are dealing in kratom, but if you want to have your package as soon as possible in standard quality, Njoy Kratom is a perfect option. They also supply perfect blends of kratom in capsules, which undoubtedly, is an advantage.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

1) Can I use Bitcoin or Zelle to buy a product?

No, currently, they offer only COD and credit card options, but they are heading to add some other reliable methods in the near future.

2) Will I have a money-back guarantee at Njoy Kratom?

No, the vendor doesn’t offer any money-back guarantee. Although, you can avail of an exchange or a refund within 24 hours of delivery by notifying the team via email or a phone call.

3) I am not a US resident. Can I order any product from Njoy Kratom?

No, the company only ships within the USA, but the team is planning to expand it soon.

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