New Guinea Kratom is one of the evolving variants of a popular Southeast Asian plant commonly known around the globe as Mitragyna Speciosa. A special substance is extracted from the leaves of this tree that provides natural wellness and promotes wellbeing. This particular substance is called Kratom.

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Earlier, the Kratom industry was operating in a limited domain but nowadays, it is at the top of the sky and is even going ahead. A huge community of Kratom enthusiasts has been established throughout the world that is playing a crucial part to keep this herb going.

Kratom grows in many countries including but not limited to Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Indonesia. The strains are usually associated with their colors or origins.

The same is the case with New Guinea Kratom. Have you ever taken this variant? Not really? Looking to explore some authentic stuff in this domain? If yes, this guide has got you covered. Let’s get down to business.

What Precisely Is New Guinea Kratom?

It is one of the potent versions of Mitragyna Speciosa that is equally popular among native users as well as the western community where people always look to try new strains. Like other variants, New Guinea also comes in different types carrying different chemical compositions. We will discuss this part below.

What Origin Does This Variant Have?

It is harvested in New Guinea. This island consists of two different countries and is considered the 2nd largest island across the globe. The west part of this island is Indonesia whereas Papua New Guinea covers the eastern part. This plant originates from the east. Whereas, the western region produces another popular variant commonly known as Indo Kratom.

Why Is It Known As New Guinea Kratom?

Since it comes from a popular island – New Guinea; therefore, it is being known and sold with the name of its origin. This region remains humid and hot throughout the year and ensures the perfect growth of Mitragyna Speciosa trees.

Odor, Color, And Taste

As far as its fragrance is concerned, it gives a grassy touch. It feels something like when you smell running or walking over the wet grass. You can say it has a mossy touch too.

Are you exploring this strain but not sure about its original color? Don’t worry. It gives either light or medium green shade. So, if you have picked up something similar, you are good to go with it.

The taste associated with this tree leaf is not different from other strains. You will find it bitter but whether you like it or not is a personal choice of yours. There are thousands of people who like this taste but it is not loved by many others.

Popular Alkaloids Present In This Strain

The alkaloids that participate in controlling the properties of this herbal product are mitraphylline, corynantheidine, 7-hydroxy-mitragynine, and mitragynine. The last two are high in concentration compared to all others.

Different Types Of New Guinea Kratom

The three most common and easily available forms of New Guinea Speciosa are listed below.

  • Red
  • Green
  • White

Is It Necessary For The Vendors To Lab Test New Guinea Kratom?

Yes, of course. Lab-testing is a must to ensure the good quality of New Guinea Kratom. These tests check for preservatives, impurities, heavy metals, fillers, and other unwanted compounds that are harmful to human beings. Lab-testing can save you from many discomforts. There are some tests that also check for Salmonella.

All the reputed vendors don’t even display their products for sale unless they confirm the quality through proper testing.

There are a couple of laboratories that utilize state-of-the-art equipment to evaluate the actual quality of Kratom products. These laboratories issue lab-test reports and you can have a look at them to know about everything in your product you are going to purchase.

How Can I Improve The Taste Of My New Guinea Kratom?

If you don’t like the earthiness and bitterness of this herb, you can mix its powder with the juice of your own choice. Furthermore, you can make a cup of tea to get the instant influence of this plant.

Moreover, capsules can also help you mask the overall bitterness with their naturally manufactured shells. But, capsules cost you a bit higher than powder.

Where To Purchase New Guinea Kratom?

Have you spent several hours searching for organic New Guinea Speciosa? Didn’t find any trusted source? Getting confused? There is nothing serious to be worried about. We have got a good solution in the form of a trustworthy kratom source to get your desired variant. Let’s have a closer look.

Amazing Botanicals is one of the market leaders carrying a diverse range of organic kratom in its inventory. This seller lab tests every single item that is ready in the store for sale.

You can ask the seller about a certificate of analysis if you are more concerned about the quality of kratom products. This brand offers quick shipping followed by easy returns and values the amount you invest in its stock.

How Do Customers Find This Variant?

The buyers just get pleased with what this strain provides them. The only problem they often face is finding the right platform to make a purchase. But, you can buy from the above-mentioned vendor to get rid of this particular challenge. Overall, this strain gets the majority of positive reviews when it comes to its quality, processing, and potency level.

Final Thoughts

New Guinea Kratom is the potent variant of Speciosa that is not only impressing native users but is also grabbing the attention of the western world. The experienced users are more in love with this variant compared to the newcomers.

If you are a regular user and are looking to get all-natural and good quality stuff, knock on the door of Amazing Botanicals. This merchant will provide you with products and their quality will be much higher than your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How does the FDA see New Guinea Speciosa?

Answer: Well, FDA considers this herb as an unsafe substance and claims that it carries more cons than pros. A lot of research is still required to negate this statement.

Question: What do people like the most about this herb?

Answer: One thing that users appreciate the most is its unique kind of sharpness and potent influence. They get pleased after taking the right dose of this plant.

Question: Can I vape this strain?

Answer: Yes, you can. For this, you will be needing its tincture and an e-cigarette or a vape pen. It depends on you whether you take dry herbs or liquid. Both will work fine. If you are looking for the most powerful influence, you can start taking extracts. You will get the desired results for sure.

Question: Is it famous around the world?

Answer: Earlier, it was known to the New Guinean people only. But, nowadays, it is being exported to other parts of the world as well including the United States and many other countries.

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