Kratom has been a part of traditional medicine for a long time. With the increased demand for consumption by the people, the competition in the market has increased considerably. Many vendors have started selling Kratom products and have introduced their websites. However, not all have been able to earn a good reputation either because of compromised quality or services. Not all sellers can maintain a high standard. Despite that, New Dawn Kratom came out to be the best vendor of Kratom products in 2021. Moreover, it was recognized by various reviewing pages of Kratom, where none pointed out any drawback. It is now getting extraordinary attention from the online community of Kratom purchasers. Yellow Vietnam Kratom by Amazing Botanicals

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The website was launched in January 2021 when it opened its door for all the customers nationally. Being a kratom vendor with amazing prices and high-quality products, it came into the spotlight soon after it started its venture. The website was able to grab attention and gain its customers’ trust with its efforts, and no one has been disappointed since then.

No.1 Kratom Vendor Of 2021

When looking for a product, customers have certain factors in their mind. If these aspects have been looked into and fulfilled, it makes the customer feel nothing but satisfied. Likewise, New Dawn Kratom became “the best” because of accomplishing the criteria’s mentioned below;

1) Most Reasonable Price Range

The first thing that grabs customers’ attention at New Dawn Kratom is its low prices without compromising the quality of the product. It would not be wrong if we entitle them as one of the cheapest Kratom vendors. Their prices are as low as $16 for 250g of any Kratom strain, which is undoubtedly a steal. Along with the best prices, they also offer various discount codes and coupons to attract customers. The promo code “NEWDAWNKRATOM20” lets you enjoy a 20% discount on any purchase you make.

2. Huge Product Stretch

New Dawn Kratom has a huge product lineup that gives the customer many options to choose from. The Red Vein Kratom is among the best sellers, with White Vein Kratom ranked as the second-best. The Green Vein Kratom is for those who prefer a perfect balance between the first two mentioned before. Lastly, Yellow Kratom has an entirely different entity obtained from more mature leaves through a different process. All these Kratom products are available in two forms, capsule and powder. You can either buy the powder form packaged in 250g, 500g, and 1000g packets. On the other hand, the 0.5g capsules are accessible in different quantities of 250, 500, and 1000 capsules. Top products at New Dawn Kratom are;

3. Exciting Policies

The foremost policy that deserves appreciation is their 30 days money-back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied with what they ordered. This gives complete freedom to the purchaser and removes all doubts about what they will get in their parcel. Secondly, they have a top-notch shipping procedure which ensures that you receive your order as soon as possible. They also have a same-day shipping priority policy. This is exceptional because how can someone wait for long when they are so excited for the delivery—furthermore, their delivery for orders more than $39.99.

4. Safe and Secure

The customers need to be ensured that whatever they are purchasing is safe and of high-end quality. To eliminate all doubts, New Dawn Kratom tests all their batches before dispatching them to the warehouse. The third-party tests are carried out on a batch of 1 tonne so that nothing gets missed. Firstly, they conduct testing for pathogens, yeast, mold, and bacteria as they cannot tolerate any compromise on the quality of the products. Also, there is a separate procedure to remove all kinds of heavy metals like mercury, lead, and calcium, which have various deteriorating effects. The most important of all is their alkaloid testing. The testing ensures that the alkaloid content of all products is above 1.4%. They check for 7-hydroxy mitragynine and mitragynine at the quality screening. The amount of two alkaloids determine how potent the Kratom is, which tells us why their products are so strong.

5. Customer Services

The customer services of New Dawn Kratom are impeccable. They have made their motto, “the customer is always right.” This objective of theirs has taken things to the next level for them. Despite the competition, they have established themselves and are praised by the customers every time. In case of any query or issue, they have an inquiry form on their webpage. Other than that, you can also call on their helpline number or email them to which they reply promptly. Their agents are eager to solve every customer’s problem and make sure all have a smooth experience.

Frequently Asked Questions!

1) What is the payment method at New Dawn Kratom?

They allow their customers to pay either through a credit card online or with the “cash on delivery” option. However, you cannot add two separate shipping and billing addresses, making things a little problematic for some. Moreover, payment in Bitcoin is still not accepted though they are working on it.

2) How good is the quality of their products?

It is one of the top-most priorities of New Dawn Kratom to maintain the quality of their products. To date, no customer has ever complained about it, and mostly, the reviews are in favor, stating that the quality is high-class and some of the time it is strong for the consumer.

3) What makes New Dawn Kratom unique from others?

A number of several factors that contribute to making it a unique brand. One thing which grabs our attention is the transparency on their website. They have given detailed information on everything, including the origin and harvesting process of their product, which is hardly mentioned on pages of other vendors.

Final Thoughts

Is it worth purchasing from New Dawn Kratom? It is a recommended brand for kratom purchases. Despite being a new kratom brand, it has secured its place in the hearts of immensely satisfied customers. It is an exceptional brand of Kratom products, with almost all criteria being equally fulfilled. The prices, quality, product variety, services, offers, etc., all factors make the product worth your money. Red Bali Kratom Capsules by Amazing Botanicals

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