People have been using Kratom for decades now. There are numerous ways of consuming it, from eating raw leaves to brewing a cup of tea; everyone has it the way they like it the most. The increase in popularity and demand led to the diversity among the names of Kratom. After all, Kratom lovers have all the rights to call it whatever they want. Few of these names got recognition and became famous as the locals started using them more often. The secret name of Kratom known by only a group of people not only makes it easier for them to communicate about it but also keeps things casual. These names are given on various bases, including the area they are grown and the culture of people using it. Green Bali

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Mitragyna speciosa is the botanical name of Kratom, which people are not usually aware of though they have been using it as a part of traditional medicine for centuries. People use it for its merits and this has led to its increased demand.

Street Names Of Kratom

Similar to other drugs, there are also some street names of Kratom. These are what the general audience uses on the street and roads whenever they are talking about Kratom or making its purchase from a local store. The following list of street names of Kratom has unfolded with time as it was subjected to change by the users from different traditions and cultures.

  • Thang
  • Biak
  • Kakuam
  • Thom
  • Ketum
  • Herbal speedball
  • Neithum

Geographical Names Of Kratom

Kratom mainly belongs to the regions of Southeast Asia and is usually grown in areas of Malaysia, Thailand, and Myanmar since the 19th century. Considering that, the locals of the area came up with multiple names of Kratom.  Some of the common names according to the locality are shown below.

1Thailand Where is it grown? The species of Kratom that grow up to 100 feet are usually seen growing in the southern and central regions of the country.
  •          Taum·
  •          Kratom
  •         Ithang
  •         Kratom
  •          Katuan
  •          Kakuan
  •          Bai krathom
  •          Ketum
  •          Krataum


2Philippines Where is it grown? Despite it not being native, the Kratom species with trees growing up to 10 – 25 feet height are seen in Cavite, a province of the Philippines.  
  •         Mambog


3Vietnam Where is it grown? In Vietnam, Kratom is only grown in its southern parts and the areas around the Mekong River.  
  •  Giam l[as] nh[or]
  • Giam d[ef]p


4Indonesia Where is it grown? Indonesia is the greatest contributor to the global production of Kratom that is mostly grown on the island of Borneo.  
  •   Puri
  •  Kadamba


5Malaysia Where is it grown? Malaysian Kratom is usually grown in its northern regions that also have borders with Thailand.
  • ·        Biak-biak
  •          Ketum
  •          Kutum


Names Of Kratom Strains

Kratom is famous not only with its street names but also with the name of its strain referred to by experts. Whenever someone needs to purchase Kratom from an online or a high-end store, they need to refer to Kratom with its strain name. Moreover, knowing the strain names of Kratom is important if the person wants to research it. The three most common strains are listed below, and their name is given as per their characteristic color. The following are; Green Vein Kratom: The super strain is the best choice for a person who will try Kratom for the first time. It is considered an All-in-One strain that has subtle effects, lasting for the longest time compared to others. White Vein Kratom: It is the most popular Kratom strain among all that has very mild effects, so higher doses can be easily consumed. In addition, it can be considered as an alternative to caffeine because the effects kick in real fast. Red Vein Kratom: It gets the red colors because of the highest quantity of alkaloid, 7-hydroxy mitragynine that also makes it highly potent. Moreover, there are other strains too which are either the blend of the above three or have effects intermediate to them. These include;

Frequently Asked Questions!

 1) How Can Kratom Be Consumed?

  1. There are numerous ways to ingest Kratom. While some people chew the leaves, others swallow them in crushed form. Kratom tea is also a famous way of Kratom ingestion.
  2. With the increase in demand, Kratom vendors have now launched capsules and pills of Kratom that are easy to take. Moreover, it is also available in the form of tincture and extracts for increased effects.

2) Where To Purchase Kratom?

  1. As people have become aware of the potential benefits of Kratom, its purchase has surely increased. It is available in local stores, and there are multiple Kratom companies selling it online.

3) Does Kratom Show Up On A Kratom Drug Test?

  1. Kratom can only be detected on a specific 10 panel Kratom drug test that tests Kratom in either blood or urine. The detection window of the blood sample is only for 24 hours to 2 days after consumption. In comparison, Kratom may show up in urine for 6 hours to 9 days.

The Bottom Line

Despite the increased use of Kratom, it is the user’s responsibility to do complete research about a certain Kratom vendor before purchasing from them. It is important to ensure that the Kratom product is not only genuine but also safe for use. In addition, you should always consult your physician before using Kratom to avoid any kinds of side effects and also determine the desired dose as per need and preference.

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