If someone tells you that Kratom is illegal in the United States, they do not have their facts straight. Kratom has been legal for many years, and fresh, potent Mitragyna Speciosa products are available all across the nation. However, there are a few states that have strict regulations against the use of natural substances. Due to this, you may not obtain many different types of supplements in those areas. People who know about Kratom supplements want to try it for its numerous alleged benefits. However, not everyone can get their hands on it. Kratom happens to be illegal in Alabama, Arkansas, Sarasota County (Florida), Indiana, Tennessee, Vermont, and Wisconsin. It is also heavy restrictions in certain parts of Canada and outright prohibited in other countries. Many people in the market consider Mitragyna Javanica the most suitable alternative to Kratom for people who cannot get the Mitragyna Speciosa plant or kratom-based products. It is thought to be a good substitute for such supplements and may help somewhat similarly.

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What is Mitragyna Javanica?

Mitragyna Javanica is a Southeast Asian botanical that belongs to the same species. Javanica’s strong resemblance to Kratom makes it an intriguing discovery. It has a similar appearance to Kratom, appearing sturdy and tall with spread-out leaves. Javanica has a reputation for being a revitalizing plant. While many typically think of it as milder than Mitragyna Speciosa, the effects are similar when tried with comparable amounts. It’s a terrific choice for individuals who have never tried Kratom in their entire life. Even if Mitragyna Speciosa is legal in your region, it is advisable to start with Mitragyna Javanica for first-time users because it is more tolerable.

Alkaloids Present in Mitragyna Javanica

Mitragyna Speciosa contains an active alkaloid Mitragynine, which is responsible for its mood-boosting properties. Javanica lacks this alkaloid, but it compensates by synthesizing Mitrajavine. This compound comprises the alkaloid ajmalicine, which is also present in Kratom. Ajmalicine may aid in the relaxation of individuals who consume it after a hectic day. Since few individuals have researched Javanica’s chemistry, there is little known information about its contents. But we can tell you that when compared to Kratom, it looks to be reasonably efficient in its job. There is no knowing if Mitragyna Javanica consists of as many alkaloid compounds as Kratom does. Nevertheless, there is no questioning that it has undoubtedly become the most loved Kratom alternative out there.

Comparison between Kratom and Mitragyna Javanica

Even though it is a known fact that Mitragyna Javanica and Kratom are somewhat similar, lots of people in the United States are unfamiliar with this plant. The general supplement-loving community doesn’t talk about it as much as Kratom. But it is worth noting that it also doesn’t have the same negative associations. There are probably a million questions running through your head regarding this plant and how it compares to Kratom. We’ll try our best to provide you with a balanced comparison of the two, so you can understand how they’re similar and different.

Degree of Potency

Mitragyna Javanica is a milder alternative to Kratom. Since their chemical profiles differ, you’ll discover that they provide comfort in diverse ways. When it comes to finding herbs like Mitragyna Javanica and Kratom, it all comes down to preference in the supplement market. If potency is vital for you, you may also want to look into some Kratom strains.


There are several alkaloids in Kratom. However, Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxy Mitragynine are the most common. They act with brain receptors and are known to be quite potent. Other than that, it also has Epicatechin, Isomitraphyline, Isopteropodine, and Isorhynchophylline. When it comes to chemistry and potency, Mitragyna Javanica is the lighter of the two. Mitrajavine and a high quantity of 3-isoajmalicine are identifiable in this plant. As you can see, the chemical profiles of these two herbs are considerably distinct. Most findings are speculative due to a limitation of scientific study for both Kratom and Javanica. As a result, it is tricky to draw up a comparison of the two plants. However, the active alkaloids for both botanicals are in the broad leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa trees.


Mitragyna Speciosa and KraThum Na seem to be remarkably similar. The leaves are identical in appearance, as is the method they thrive. Both trees are native to Southeast Asia and require a tropical environment to thrive. Furthermore, after the leaves undergo crushing, the powders will also have close similarities.

Supplement forms

Powders, extracts, and capsules are available for both Kratom and Mitragyna Javanica. These are the most basic forms of these herbs, but the industry is continuously developing and selling more, so you might see gums, vape drinks, and teas as well.

Is Mitragyna Javanica legal in the US?

People in Thailand have been consuming Javanica Mitra for decades since, unlike its sister plant, Mitragyna speciosa, it is 100% lawful. Many industrial laborers turned to Mitragyna Javanica for relaxation during manual work after Mitragyna speciosa faced restrictions in Thailand in the 1940s. It has long been a popular folk medicine in its native country, and it is now gaining popularity in the United States and abroad. The lush, pleasant properties of the Javanica plant are attracting users throughout the United States.

Mitragyna Javanica dosage and usage

Many believe that 1-2 grams of Mitragyna Javanica are the recommended dose for first-timers. But given the moderate effects, it’s perhaps best to start with 3-4 grams if you desire a Kratom-like sensation. You may boil 10-20 grams of Mitragyna Javanica in hot water to make herbal tea. Allow for a half-hour steeping time before straining and sipping your revitalizing tea. Since Mitragyna Javanica is less bitter than Kratom, the drink should be enjoyable without adding lots of sugar or sweetener.

Where can you buy Mitragyna Javanica?

Fresh and organic Mitragyna Javanica is available at countless stores online in the US. But you may want to buy from Amazing Botanicals, which offer the same high-quality product for a more reasonable price point. Their website is Amazingbotanicals.net.

Final thoughts

Mitragyna Javanica is unlikely to rival Kratom in popularity any time soon due to a lack of evidence of its therapeutic benefits. Still, if you’re having trouble with Kratom’s potency, this botanical might be a more suitable option.

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