Kratom – a tropical evergreen plant that is known for its soothing and therapeutic properties, is native to Southeast Asian countries viz Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea. Notwithstanding its notoriety, Kratom’s demand is increasing all across the world, and so is the number of vendors on the internet as well as physical retail stores. Hence, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people who are turning to natural health products to find a trusted vendor online selling authentic Kratom amidst an unparalleled growth in online shopping in the wake of Covid-19. Green Super Kratom Powder by Amazing Botanicals

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Brand Overview

MitraGenie Kratom is one of the leading and reliable online retailers of Kratom, working with native farmers and committed to providing high-quality authentic products with an active presence on all the leading social media platforms and excellent customer relationship service. The company is based in Europe and claims to deal in the hand-picked farm-fresh Mitragyna Speciosa products. It is also an American Kratom Association’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant to ensure and enhance the safety of the products it offers to the consumers. With a user-friendly website, it is enlightening its customers with all the necessary information about Kratom, its production and cultivation in Indonesia – the largest exporter of Kratom, its uses, why it’s not authorized for sale in some countries, inadequate scientific evidence to support Kratom uses, etc. and is not misleading its customers to increase its revenue which implies they are a reliable Kratom vendor. It’s worth noticing the customer feedback section provided on the company’s website that allows the customers to share their experience with the company’s products is brimming with positive reviews, which is a testament to the positive effects of Kratom-made products on them. Besides, the company also describes its products based on its customers’ experiences because not much is known about Kratom’s different strains’ efficacy due to a lack of scientific research.

Goods and Bads of the Brand

Like every other brand or retail store, it’s no surprise that MitraGenie Kratom also has its plus points and downsides. The question is, are the advantages more than the disadvantages? Let’s explore to find out!

All the Good That MitraGenie Kratom Offers

It offers Kratom’s five strains in powder and capsule forms: Red Vein, Green Vein, White Vein, XO, and Exclusive House Blends with a distinct texture, taste, smell, and effect, helping the customers self-treat various symptoms. The price of the products varies depending on the size of the product’s sample. It has a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate and free from unwanted ads. The visitors on the website also get a subscription option to stay updated about the company’s new products, upcoming sales, and discounts. Relevant information about Kratom leaves and their make-up with their right use, side effects, and precautions is made readily available to help customers make an informed purchase. Without overhyping their company and products, they are sharing in detail the major constraints faced by the company in procuring and supplying their products in specific countries. They also offer a cash-on-delivery facility to their customers who use Packets – a courier service within Europe. Once your order is shipped successfully, you will get an email with all the necessary information to help you with tracking your order. They answer their customers’ queries promptly and take their feedback seriously to improve their products and services to cater to the ever-increasing needs of their customers.

All the Negatives About the Brand

The products being offered by the company are pricey. The company is also guilty of referring to its products as different strains when in fact they are from the same plant but dried, cured, and processed differently owing to the scarcity of legit strains as per the company’s own website. Their website features news and articles which is supposed to keep its customer abreast of the latest news and research on Kratom, but it offers nothing new. Running an online store, it is imperative for them to post regularly to help their customers know more about the legality and effectiveness of the products made of Kratom. More scientific research is required to better understand Kratom’s safety profile and its combined use with other drugs as per the US Food and Drug Administration FDA; hence it’s not approved by FDA. Moreover, it is also mentioned on the company’s website that it has not been evaluated by the FDA or the Department of Agriculture. The company does not take any liability for the incorrect use of its products by the customers. So, you are strictly advised to exercise due diligence before making any purchase and using the products.

Coupon Codes

MitraGenie Kratom is generous towards its customers, as is apparent by its incredible service and frequent discount codes. One incredible discount scheme by the brand is that you can earn 100 reward points if you refer a friend link to your friends and they make a successful purchase. These points then help you make purchases and redeem exciting offers by the brand. You can also avail yourself of amazing discounts when you buy their products in bulk.

Final Verdict

Due to inadequate research and laboratory work on Kratom’s effects to corroborate the positive feedback posted by customers on MitraGenie Kratom’s website, you are advised to exercise caution and do your research to find out more about the benefits and potential risks associated with Kratom to decide if it’s suitable for you or not. amazing botanicals white maeng da

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the company ship internationally?

Yes, it does. Interestingly all orders to countries within the European Union are VAT-free, given the customers have a valid VAT number. They also offer free delivery if you use Packeta. However, you are advised to check if Mitragyna Speciosa is allowed in your country before ordering online because the company does not ship to the following countries; the UK, Australia, Denmark, Russia, Finland, Lithuania, Poland, France, Romania, Ireland, Italy.

Can we buy the products in bulk?

Yes, you can buy them in bulk. They offer wholesale vendor packs with amazing discounts. For the wholesale quote and queries regarding their affiliate program, you can fill out the form in the relevant section of their website, and their agent will connect with you thereafter.

What is the return and refund policy of the company in case of damaged and missing items?

The company is fully aware of the volatile nature of the logistics is willing to send out a replacement without incurring any shipping cost on the customer or refund an appropriate amount for the returned items.

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