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MIT 45 : Start Treating Yourself with Organic Mitragyna Speciosa

About MIT 45

This is a newly established kratom brand that deals with the production of products related to Mitragyna Speciosa. If you look at the name of this brand, you will find it very unique. Many people get confused because they are not able to understand what MIT is and what does 45 mean? Well, the name is divided into two parts i.e., MIT and 45. The first part is associated with the most important alkaloid component of the kratom – mitragynine. Whereas, the second part shows that its products are extremely potent with 45% of mitragynine concentration. Since the concentration of mitragynine is comparatively high, therefore, if you are a beginner, try avoiding its excessive use. Kratom Shot Gold

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What Can I Expect from This Brand?

If you explore their website, you will find that they are serving the community with a diverse product line having three major categories. They include MIT 45 liquids, MIT 45 capsules, and MIT 45 raw leaf. Each category consists of multiple products as explained below. The liquid category has 5 different items i.e., MITGO Black Extra Strength, Super K Special Edition, MIT 45 Super 2X Liquid, Super K Extra Strong, and MIT 45 Gold Liquid. All these liquid items are available in the purest and freshest form. When it comes to kratom capsules, you have the option to choose from four different items including MIT 45 Silver 2X Capsules, MIT 45 Gold Capsules (2 counts), MIT 45 Silver Capsules, and MIT 45 Gold Capsules (6 counts). Similarly, raw kratom leaves are available in 6 different varieties. They include Gray Leaf, Red Leaf, and Green Leaf. All of the three are available in two different packaging sizes i.e., 125 GR and 250 GR.

How Much Do They Charge for Their Products?

When it comes to selling, MIT 45 has provided many online and physical vendors with its products that are fulfilling their responsibility very effectively with no major issues. The prices displayed on its platform are quite affordable, therefore, many regular Mitragyna Speciosa users get attracted towards MIT 45 products. The price ranges for every category are presented in tabular form to give you a better idea about this particular parameter.

ProductPrice Range
MIT 45 Liquids$05:00 – $1,200.00
MIT 45 Capsules$04:00 – $1,500.00
MIT 45 Raw Leaves$13.50 – $622.50

When you observe the customers’ return rate of MIT 45 as a production platform, you will find it slightly over 96%. It means if 100 people have ordered its products, 96 out of them are likely to place their orders in the near future. This is something absolutely stunning. This shows how effectively this brand has focused on satisfying its customers to a great extent. With that much rate of customer retention, you can trust its products without any kind of hesitation.

Amazing Offer for the Distributors

Are you the one who always likes to become the distributor of a reputable name to avoid most of the challenges associated with the business establishment? MIT 45 has a special program for you that allows you to become its distributor. To register yourself in the distribution program, you can apply here by providing all the necessary details. This brand backs every single purchase of yours with its dust-free guarantee. In the worst-case scenario, if MIT 45 has not delivered your order within the first month, it takes the responsibility to buy all the products you are not willing to keep with you.

MIT 45 Wholesale Program

If you are running a smoke shop or a wholesaler and you want to sell their products, they offer you a good opportunity to buy products in bulk at wholesale pricing that helps you reduce the overall investment you want to make for a long time. To apply successfully in their wholesale program, you need to provide the requested information like your and your business’s details with a detailed note if any.

Are They Active on The Digital Media?

MIT 45 is pretty active on digital platforms like Facebook where it has around 389 followers and only 8 customers have provided their feedback but amazingly all of them are 5-star reviews. When it comes to Instagram, this platform is live with 1191 followers having more potential compared to their Facebook page. A great thing about this brand is it keeps on engaging its global customers with the digital platforms and this is how its customers’ community is expanding every day.

Payment & Shipment Policy

Since a couple of vendors are selling MIT 45 kratom around the globe, therefore, the payment, as well as shipment policies, keep on changing based on which vendor you have chosen to make a purchase. If you find it in your nearby smoke shops or gas filling stations, you must go for them because it will mitigate the shipping charges that are required in case of placing online orders. Moreover, if you are unable to find these products in your area, you can easily buy them through various online platforms. Don’t forget that the shipping cost will be exactly according to the area where you want to receive your items.


  • Highly interactive and eye-catchy website
  • You can become their distributor
  • Products are free from added flavors
  • They offer you to buy products in bulk
  • Extremely potent products – 45% mitragynine
  • Items are certified by state-of-the-art trusted laboratories
  • Excellent customer retention


  • You can not make online purchases
  • Lab test reports are not disclosed on their official site
  • Items are not approved by Food and Drug Authority for human use

Last Thoughts

The most amazing thing we have observed in the success of MIT 45 is its ability to consider all the things that customers exactly look for. With such huge positive feedback, you must try its products to benefit from.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do they evaluate customers’ feedback?

Being a leading Mitragyna Speciosa provider, they appreciate taking customer reviews and love to polish their strategies based on those reviews. In case you find a link or any content that is offensive for any reason, never hesitate to contact them. They will surely take immediate actions to remove such offensive things from their website.

2) What do I need to order their products?

If you want to place an order, they will be needing your name, address, contact number, and email address. When you create an account on their website, they may ask you to provide business information including your business name, business address, business number, business email, etc.

3) Is there anything in which MIT 45 is lagging compared to other global vendors?

There are a couple of things associated with this brand that are just amazing e.g., diverse product line, user-friendly website, and competitive pricing. But, the major area in which MIT 45 is lagging in comparison to other vendors is you can not buy anything online from their official platform.

4) Is this brand making any false medical claims?

When it comes to the official website and other vendors who sell their products frequently, there is no false medical claims found till now. Moreover, it is very clear that due to the higher potency levels, their products are designed for regular users and not for first-timers. Kratom Shot Enhanced Indo

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