About Maha Kratom

Maha Kratom is a natural supplement provider based in Sunny, Florida. It is considered a market leader in both the manufacturing as well as the distribution department. This brand has more than 30 years of exposure to the health and wellness domain. It believes in promoting good health by letting customers know about plant-based natural choices. This manufacturer sources Mitragyna Speciosa from Mahakam Indonesia. Alkaloids present in its kratom are mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, corynanthidine, and mitraphylline. Maha Kratom is also associated with another brand named Sembuh Kratom that deals in white, red, and green strains. They are in touch with trusted growers and knowledgeable suppliers to get the kratom without giving any damage to the environment. They claim that the concentration of mitragynine is higher in their kratom compared to other leading kratom vendors.

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What Can I Buy From Maha Kratom?

The word “Maha” means the greatest in many languages. The reason behind choosing this word as a brand name is they want to reflect the freshness, purity, and extreme potency of their products. If you go through their official website and look “Maha section” for products, you will find 5 different items i.e., Maha Kratom Premium Gold Extract Capsules, Maha Kratom Gold Extract Shot, Maha Kratom Gummies White, Green, and Red Strains. When it comes to another brand Maha Kratom is associated with – Sembuh, you will find 6 different products here including Sembuh Kratom Capsules (green, white, and red strains). Similarly, Sembuh kratom powder is also available in three colors i.e., red, white, and green. The word “Sembuh” means feeling better in Malay. It is famous for promoting natural wellness.

Best Sellers (Maha + Sembuh)

The best-sellers at Maha are:

  • Kratom Extract Gummies (green and red strains)
  • Kratom Premium Gold Extract Capsules
  • Kratom Gold Extract Shot

The best sellers of Sebhum include:

You can save 15% after signing up along with the free shipping across the United States.

Cost Of Their Products

This brand believes in setting their prices in a way so that the maximum customers can enjoy them and this is why they have kept the prices competitive in comparison to other suppliers and merchants. If you want to buy Maha Kratom Gummies, all strains will cost you $24.99 for 20 pieces. If you are in need of buying Premium Gold Extract Capsules, you will have to pay $15.00 (for 2 pieces) and if you are willing to enjoy Gold Extract Shot, you need to pay $240.00 for 12 pieces. Let’s take a look at what prices does Sembuh Kratom offers. If you have a plan to purchase kratom powder, they will charge you $9.99 (for 30 grams) for this but the cost of buying kratom capsules is a bit lower i.e. $8.99 for 30 pieces.

Maha Kratom Wholesale Program

If you want to get involved in doing the kratom business and looking to resell Mitragyna Speciosa products, they have specially designed a wholesale program to fulfill all your needs. You can get ethically sourced and uniquely dried kratom with premium packaging at highly competitive prices. This program helps you purchase products in bulk at wholesale pricing and hence your investment to start a business gets reduced. If you want to be a part of their wholesale program, you can contact them through sales@maha-k.com by providing your name, business name, business type, complete address, and the various products you are interested in.

Laboratory Tests

It is necessary for every brand to test every single product whether it is safe for human health or not. All the reputable brands are performing strict quality tests to ensure the good health of their buyers. Performing tests is not enough but the brands must display them on their official platforms (website and social accounts) so that the customers can get an idea about the product quality. After going through Maha Kratom’s online store, you will not find any information about the laboratory tests. In our opinion, this is the major drawback of this vendor. They should work on it to gain the customers’ trust and doing this will surely give their sales a strong boost.

Presence on Digital Media

Making a presence on social media is a must these days. The reason is the online community is increasing day by day and the online market is already saturated. Many reputable kratom merchants are generating handsome revenues by selling their products online. Keeping in mind the above-mentioned factor, Maha Kratom has activated its digital accounts on three different platforms e.g., Instagram account (having 84 followers), Facebook page (with 94 followers), and Twitter. Taking a look at their digital community, you can see that the online presence of this brand is very limited if you compare it with any other merchant operating in the global market.

Refund Policy

Every top-notch Mitragyna Speciosa vendor offers a refund that adds extra value to the credibility of that particular brand. Being a leading vendor, Maha Kratom is confident enough about its product quality, therefore, it offers 30 days satisfaction policy. According to this policy, if you think any of their products is not good enough for you, you can ask them for an exchange or return within 30 days.


  • High quality, potent, and trusted strains
  • Attractive, light-resistant, and reliable packaging
  • Wholesale pricing for bulk purchases
  • Fast and free shipping
  • 30 days refund and money-back guarantee


  • Age restrictions (21 years) on making purchases
  • No information is available on laboratory tests

Concluding Remarks

Though they have not displayed laboratory tests and are not active in the online community still their customers are pretty happy with what they are getting from Maha Kratom. This is the only reason that this brand gained much popularity in no time and achieved exponential growth.

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Frequently Asked Question

1) Question: Who can buy their products?

Answer: If you want to buy products from Maha Kratom, you need to be at least 21 years of age otherwise they will not allow you to do so.

2) Question: Is it safe to buy from this platform?

Answer: They use servers protected by Secured Socket Layer (SSL) that keeps your personal and payment information extremely confidential. You can make purchases without any risk of losing your private information.

3) Question: Can I get discrete orders from Maha Kratom?

Answer: Yes. They do offer orders with secret packaging and do not disclose your identity. For this purpose, they use plain boxes and instead of using your credit card statement, they use the company name.

4) Question: Is there any specific instruction from the brand about using their products?

Answer: Yes. Maha Kratom knows that the results can vary from person to person. This is why they ask you to start with small doses and observe the effects. If everything goes in the right direction, you can start increasing your doses accordingly.

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