The comparison between Maeng Da and Borneo Kratom has become an engaging debate for several sellers as well as for users. As far as the diversification of Speciosa is concerned, we can never make ourselves familiar with every product available in this industry.

There are hundreds of known products available in the market and many others are still unknown to almost all of us. This is why a new strain gets added to the family every other day.

Kratom doesn’t grow in a single place but it gets cultivated in different countries of Southeast Asia and every land preserves some unique properties. These properties vary based on two different factors; where does a specific strain come from and how does it look alike.

If you talk about the appearance, Mitragyna is mostly available in 4 colors, green, red, white, and yellow. The last one is the rarest of all.

Similarly, if you explore the Kratom strains that are named after their origins, Maeng Da and Borneo Kratom are two of them. Some others include Thai, Malay, Vietnam, Indo, Bali, and many others. You will see many people often comparing the properties, influence, and origins of different strains.

This guide is focused on performing a solid comparison between Maeng Da and Borneo Kratom. Are you ready for the rundown? Let’s give it a start.

Maeng Da Kratom

It is one of the most reputed strains of Kratom and you can easily buy it either from a physical smoke shop or an online seller. Some important aspects associated with this variant are discussed in detail below.

What Actually Is It?

Maeng Da is prepared through a grafting process where two different strains are combined to produce a superior version and this is why it is termed a super strain. It comes with a higher potency. As far as the Asian culture is concerned, this community has been benefiting from this herb for more than hundreds of years.

Where Does It Come From?

As mentioned earlier, this strain was prepared through a grafting method; therefore, the origin is unknown. But, it is said that it was created in Thailand for the very first time. So, many studies have published Thailand as the origin of Maeng Da. In general, Kratom trees are grown in Southeast Asian countries where the climate remains tropical almost throughout the year.

What Does It Smell Like?

Its fragrance is often compared to coffee because Korth trees have a close relationship with the coffee plant. Many users, after consuming this tree leaf, have reported the pleasant smell of this herb. But, it may seem different to you when taken.

Different Variants Of Maeng Da Family

Based on the chemical composition, alkaloid concentration, and vein colors, this family carries 4 different categories as listed below. Each vein behaves differently and therefore; they are known for producing unique influences.

Yellow strain is rare compared to the other three colors.

How To Consume This Herb?

It is available in the 3 most common forms including kratom extracts, kratom capsules, and kratom powder. Now, it is totally your personal choice to choose any of them. Extracts provide you with the most powerful influence whereas the capsules reduce the sharpness of this plant. Similarly, taking power is the most convenient way of ingesting this tree leaf.

Adding powdered Maeng Da to drinks, juices, and some food items is also a famous trend these days. You can try any of them to get what you want. In addition, you can also make smoothies from this tree leaf to enjoy your journey.

Borneo Kratom

Borneo also belongs to the popular family of strains. Almost every seller puts this Kratom variant into its inventory to generate decent profits because it is high in demand. More facts are discussed below. Let’s have a deeper look.

What Precisely Is It?

Borneo grows naturally along the edges of the water and according to some users, this feature makes it more potent compared to many other Kratom variants. It is also available in various colors and we will see them in later sections.

If you do a comparison between Maeng Da and Borneo Kratom, you will be able to see that both strains are different and similar to each other at the same time.

Where Does It Originate From?

Well, this herb comes from the Borneo islands and is named after its origin for easy detection. These islands are also famous for producing some other Kratom strains including but not limited to Hulu, Horned, and Indo.

What Kind Of Aroma Does It Produce?

It produces an earthy fragrance just like many other variants of Mitragyna Speciosa. It is quite similar to grass clippings and therefore, thousands of users are in love with its aroma.

Different Variants Of Borneo Family

Just like Maeng Da Speciosa, Borneo also comes in 4 different colors (as listed below) and each vein consists of a different chemical structure thereby showcasing different properties for the users.

  • Green Borneo
  • White Borneo
  • Red Borneo
  • Yellow Borneo

The yellow vein is very close to the golden variant and is not as popular as other strains are.

How Can I Take This Tree Leaf?

Borneo powder is the most frequent method to take this herb but it gives a bitter taste and a couple of users find it unpleasant. If you are the one who prefers to get less sharpness, you can try taking the capsules. The capsule shells play their part in reducing the overall bitterness of Borneo Kratom.

Do you love the products producing extremely potent influences? The extracts can do the job for you. They are known for showcasing powerful influences. You can also add the powdered form to your coffee or tea. Moreover, some people enjoy adding this herb to their favorite food items and beverages.

A Quick Comparison Between Red Veins Of Maeng Da And Borneo Kratom

Borneo could be an ideal strain for you but not great for your younger brother. It all depends on your personal interests. Both Maeng Da and Borneo Kratom promote wellbeing but the way they do this is different.

Important Note: Before you start consuming any Kratom variant, it is always better to get a prescription from your family physician. The reason behind this fact is; a family doctor knows your medical history well and can provide you with the amount of dose accordingly.

Final Words

Maeng Da and Borneo Kratom are different from each other in terms of alkaloids concentration, cultivation lands, and influence. Whereas, vein colors, consumption methods, and harvesting approach make them similar to each other. Don’t forget to consult your family doctor before you take any Mitragyna strain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can new users take Maeng Da Kratom?

Answer: In fact, Maeng Da is considered the most powerful herb compared to other strains of the Mitragyna family because it produces an extremely potent influence. Being a new user, you can try less potent strains. But, if you want to consume Maeng Da, start with low doses to avoid any complications.

Question: Maeng Da and Borneo Kratom. Which one is better?

Answer: Different people will answer this question differently because it is totally a personal choice of the people who consume them. Some may be huge fans of ingesting Borneo whereas others may fall in love with Maeng Da.

Question: What should I consider when purchasing Borneo, Maeng Da, or any other strain?

Answer: Well, a few important things you must consider when purchasing Kratom strains include 3rd party lab test reports, a certificate of analysis (to determine seller’s credibility), pricing policy, shipping and return policy, and customer services.

Apart from that, considering buyers’ reviews are at the top of the list to ensure that you are buying authentic stuff.

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