Are you on the lookout for a reliable Kratom vendor but have no idea where to find one? Even though there are so many suppliers out there, everyone seems to be offering the same products. For finding something refreshing, most Kratom users look for new companies in the market. As far as reliability is concerned, Lucky Herbals is a company that comes into consideration. But what makes this vendor stand out in such a widespread Kratom market? Let’s take a closer look at this Texas-based supplier.

Who Are Lucky Herbals?

This company supplies Kratom in a relatively unique manner. Even though most suppliers strive for high-quality Kratom products, everyone runs out of stock at some point. However, Lucky Herbals has a member-based system. Depending on the Kratom stock, the company determines whether more members can sign up. Except for that, this vendor has done their utmost to ensure product safety. In a market where everyone is processing the same Kratom strains, Lucky Herbals goes one step beyond. Staying true to its name, the company undoubtedly makes its members feel lucky. It is due to their high-quality products, speedy deliveries, top-notch packaging, and remarkable customer service.


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Available Products

Any company that wishes to make it in the supplements industry needs a wide range of Kratom strains. Fortunately, Lucky Herbals does have various products that cater to the general community’s needs. These products are available in the form of multiple powders, depending on whichever suits you best. This wide variety includes Green Jongkong, Red Borneo, White Malay, Green Maeng Da, Red Bali, and so many more. Although many Kratom strains come and go, the fan-favorite ones have earned a permanent place in the market. The different sizes available are 100 grams, 200 grams, 500 grams, and a kilo. According to the product size, the price also ranges between $11.00 and $85.00.

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Product Safety And Lab Testing

Any company that is offering safe Kratom products has to partner up with a third-party laboratory. It is to ensure that the raw material undergoing processing is free of contaminants. Even though some vendors claim that their products are lab-tested, they do not back up their claims with proof. However, Lucky Herbals took a different path for customer satisfaction. Every new batch coming in goes directly to the laboratory. These labs check for microbiological contaminants and heavy metals that may put a user’s health at risk. On top of that, the company uploaded the following results with their batch number on the website. Thanks to this, anyone can have a look and make up their mind before placing an order. Except for lab testing, the vendor also places lots of importance on the packaging. They use Mylar bags that are air-tight and zippered up from the top. These pouches have several layers of laminated plastic and aluminum. Due to the plastic lining, the Kratom powder inside does not react with the aluminum. Moreover, the Mylar bag packaging provides seldom light, moisture, and an oxygen barrier for keeping the Kratom as fresh as possible. Before dispatching the product, they ensure that the packaging has a heat seal and that the contents are secure.

Accreditation From The American Kratom Association

In this day and age, being a GMP participant is a must. Nevertheless, receiving accreditation from the American Kratom Association is not an easy task. Even though Lucky Herbals claims to offer consistently high-quality products, no approval from the AKA is concerning. Being on the GMP participant list ensures that a company is adhering to all its rules and regulations. However, there’s no confidence over the processes of Lucky Herbals, regardless of its lab testing.

Payment Methods And Shipping Options

Lucky Herbals accept the following payment methods: CashApp Google Pay Apple Pay Bitcoin The vendor also accepts other payment methods, but they mention that PayPal and Venmo are unacceptable. As far as shipping is concerned, the product amount determines the cost. The weight categories with their shipping prices are as follows:

  • Up to 1000 grams – $8
  • 1001-2000 grams – $11
  • 2001-3000 grams – $14
  • 3001+ grams – $16

Apart from these standard charges, the registered members can also opt for Express Mail, making deliveries even faster. Additionally, any order placed before noon will ship on the same day. However, one must keep in mind that orders only ship from Monday to Friday. Shipping on Saturday isn’t possible, and the vendor doesn’t operate on Sundays. It means that deliveries are only probable on weekdays. Lucky Herbals ship their products all across the United States, except for the states where Kratom bans exist.

Customer Engagement

Lucky Herbals is a relatively active company when it comes to online engagement with its members. Except for its social media presence, the vendor also uses its website as a platform to spread important news. It may include information on product sales, specific Kratom strains availability, and new slots for more members. According to their most recent announcement, they can not accept new members because of low Kratom stocks. Lucky Herbals uses Instagram and Twitter to make necessary declarations to their loyal customers. Not only have that, but the owners behind the brand also made the occasional personal post to show the market that there are reliable faces behind the whole business.

Discounts And Sales

Lucky Herbals has a Lucky Bucks Loyalty Program, where a member automatically makes 5% on all purchases. The best part is that there is no coupon code needed to avail of this offer. Apart from that, they also currently have a sale on Green Maeng Da Kratom, meaning you can get a kilo for $75.

Contacting The Company

A reliable business always ensures that its customers do not face any difficulties contacting them. Fortunately, Lucky Herbals follows a similar path. Anyone who has questions related to their order can contact the company via email. Although the company does not disclose its address, customer service hours are available on the website. Except for that, the owners also provide a phone number that you can reach out to via text messages.

Refund Policy

Most Kratom companies nowadays ensure customer satisfaction and security by providing refund guarantees. In case there are problems with the order, the package is returnable in an unopened state. As odd as it may sound, Lucky Herbals does not mention anything about refunds anywhere on its website. It seems that the vendor refuses to take any accountability for damaged or mishandled products. In all fairness, any order handed over to the post office is no longer the supplier’s responsibility either. Even though they are well within their rights, Lucky Herbals doesn’t go all out to make their customers feel secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the prices reasonable?

Considering the price range in the general market, Lucky Herbals undoubtedly provides the customer their money’s worth.

Is the product range good enough?

The vendor has various Kratom strains, ensuring that everyone gets the most suitable variant for themselves.

Final Thoughts

Lucky Herbals offers various Kratom products that are lab-tested and packaged with great care. However, they can grow their popularity in the market if they accept more members and reconsider their refund policies.

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