Kratom is primarily grown in Southeast Asia as well as a huge variety of live kratom plants available there. But its raging popularity all around the world has diverted a lot of attention towards it. The powerful alkaloids of the plant, mitragynine, and 7-hydroxy mitragynine are said to be the real game-changers of the whole herb. With this growing popularity, people started to buy Kratom products like fresh dried powder, capsules and brewed tea. While these products are enough for some enthusiasts, others have found different ways to grow their plants. Growing their Kratom plant can be tricky but a lot of people are invested to know more about it and thus carry out the procedure themselves. If you are one such person, this article is the right place to stop by and solve all your queries regarding live Kratom plants. Red Malay by Amazing

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What Are Live Kratom Plants?

Live Kratom plants are an alternative method to grow your Kratom tree. This method is a much better substitute than the other method of growing Kratom plants from seeds. The seeds need to be harvested within 2 to 3 days after they fall from the tree. If you import these seeds from their native lands, any delay in the process of delivery can cause the plant to not grow at all. This is why people have now decided to go for live kratom plants. These plants are either seed-grown or clones from an original plant. The seed-grown ones can either be a failed attempt or they can yield unique genetics. The clone is a miniature version of its mother plant, thus it has a greater chance of successfully growing into a mature Kratom plant.

Why Should You Go For Live Kratom Plants?

When you plant a clone, it grows extremely fast and yields better results than seed-grown Kratom. It is easier to grow clones as they are the extension of an original plant. You have better quality products growing under your nose, so you will know what you are consuming. And this will ensure that the products are homegrown and not adulterated in any way.

Rooted Live Kratom Plants And Cuttings

You can find options online, either a live plant with roots attached that is ready to be planted, or a cutting that has to be kept in moist soil until it produces roots. The cuttings are branches cut off from the plant, hence they lack proper roots. You will have to place them in moist soil for a few days under optimal light conditions. They will eventually start to grow and produce roots which you can then plant in your rich organic soil.

Optimal Conditions To Grow Live Kratom Plants In

Like every other plant on this planet Earth, do not overwater the herb at any cost. These flood conditions can easily kill the plant and it may never grow enough to yield you beneficial leaves. The best way to grow live Kratom plants is rich dark soil with proper drainage, water as needed, and optimal light conditions. You need to be patient with them, they need rest and sleep like any other living thing. Adding in more water will only damage them. They grow best in tropical conditions, just like their native ancestors in Southeast Asia

Methods Of Growing Live Kratom Plants

To ensure maximum healthy growth, you need to make sure of the following:

  • The soil in which you grow the plant should be moist and with the proper drainage system
  • The more hot climate you provide them, the better they thrive
  • Choose an area that has a regular breeze. The wind is what keeps it happy and dancing!
  • Make sure you feed the plant well. Use high-quality fertilizers for your baby plant
  • Live Kratom Plants are a more realistic approach, so they should be easy for you to grow them

Can The Procedure Get Costly?

On one hand, growing live Kratom plants is easier but the cost can also get pretty high. Since you need optimal soil conditions, you need to buy the best quality fertilizers for the plant to grow in. You need enough space to grow the plants. Since they can grow up to be very tall, the height can cause an issue if you choose to grow them indoors. Growing them indoors also means that you will need to keep them under artificial lights, which can further add to your budget.

Difference Between Seedlings And Cuttings

When you buy live kratom plants, make sure that you buy cutting instead of seedlings. The reason behind this is that cuttings are mostly of the same age as the parent. Whereas the seedlings are younger versions of the parent plants. This is why they are not mature like the live clone cuttings. Hence cuttings are easier to work with and thus they start to grow in just a couple of days after you plant them.

Where To Get Live Kratom Plants From?

There are a couple of botanicals that sell these plants online. Some websites sell rooted and unrooted live Kratom plants. Others sell cuttings and seedlings. If you want the plant to nurture and start its growth in your soils, you can opt for seedlings or unrooted plants. But if you are not much of a green thumb, you should go for the mature Kratom clones or the ones sold with roots.

Adapting The Live Kratom Plants To Your Climate

You might think that since the plant thrives in tropical climates, will it be possible for you to grow them in cooler temperatures? To ease up your query, multiple websites do not import their Kratom cuttings from Asia. Instead, they take live cuttings from their grown trees and plants. And they do so by growing them in sub-optimal conditions. So when you grow the plant under cooler temperatures, it thrives because the parent plant was grown under varying circumstances too. Even though this is a fix to the above-stated problem, this may even result in the plant growing leaves that are not enriched with the same amount of alkaloids as the one grown in Southeast Asia.

Online Sites To Buy Your Live Kratom Plants From

We have gathered here a list of online vendors who sell either cuttings and seedlings or rooted and unrooted plants. Some of these have been reviewed by people on the internet and they have genuinely good items. You just have to try your luck and see whether or not they have live kratom plants in stock or not.

  • Phytoextractum
  • Bouncing bear botanicals
  • Heavenly Products
  • Amazing Botanicals
  • Texas Kratom co
  • Green Housed
  • Kratom Eye
  • Bounty Botanicals
  • Bounty Botanicals Plus
  • Botanical Guides
  • Buy Kratom Bulk USA


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