As of now, kratom has done a number of wonders for thousands of people throughout the world. The world is becoming familiar with this magical herb that is extracted from a famous tree commonly known as Mitragyna Speciosa. It belongs to the family of coffee and Southeast Asia is home to this tree. Speciosa is a popular herbal product that comes with a lot of amazing properties. Just because of the great influence, many users have become big fans of this herb because it worked very well for them. The kratom community has continuously been expanding day by day resulting in an increase in the number of sellers in the market. One of the major things most people are concerned about is kratom legality. Yes, it is quite a hot topic these days and you will find many users asking about this particular factor. Especially, if you are a Canadian resident, a number of people over there are concerned about the legal status of kratom in Canada. Are you one of them? If yes, this article is surely going to guide you and will make things crystal clear. Let’s get into the details on “what precisely is the legal status of kratom in Canada?” green thai

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Is It Legal To Consume Kratom In Canada?

Well, it is not that easy to say anything specific on this question for now. There is no solid evidence to say YES or NO because the legal status of kratom in Canada is pretty distinctive. This guide is prepared to make you familiar with this. A better approach is to get an idea about the concerned authorities that have been given the responsibility of governing herbal products in Canada. There exist two major Canadian authorities (as listed below) that are bound to control food supplements, medications, controlled substances, and all other similar goods.

  • Health Canada
  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)

Let’s get to know about what exactly is the role of these two departments.

What Role Does Health Canada Play In Determining The Kratom Legality?

Health Canada is one of the active departments of the Canadian government. The basic and major goal behind establishing this department is to facilitate the whole Canadian community with premium facilities of health. This department is working hard to support the Canadian people in improving and maintaining their health. Many people consider the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Health Canada as counterparts of each other and this is quite a valid comparison between both of these departments. FDA works for the US ethnic groups whereas Health Canada is dedicated purely to the Canadian community. As far as the Health Canada understanding is concerned, it considers Mitragyna Speciosa as one of the popular herbal goods. According to this particular authority, if you take Speciosa orally or inhale this herb, there could be some severe consequences. In addition, this department says that Speciosa may cause dependence as well as abuse in the worst-case scenario. It clearly seems that Health Canada is not in the support of people who are in love with Mitragyna Speciosa.

What Precisely Is The Role Of CFIA In Determining The Legal Status Of Kratom In Canada?

CFIA is one of the official government bodies that has given the right of maintaining and improving any type of life for the Canadian people. As per the CFIA mission, it is purely dedicated to safeguarding plants, food items, and animals that give your health a strong boost and promote overall well-being. CFIA also deals with the health of the Canadian economy and environment at the same time. The thoughts of CFIA on the legal status of kratom in Canada are quite similar to that of Health Canada. It does not appreciate people who take Speciosa because according to this authority, kratom may cause abuse and dependence which is not a good sign for the health of people living in Canada and around the globe. CFIA regulates all food supplements as well as medications in Canada but it has not yet regulated Speciosa that is getting popular everywhere in the world due to its amazing healing influence.

How To Know If Kratom Is Legal Or Illegal To Take?

Well, as mentioned earlier, giving an answer to this concern is not that simple. But, you can understand it clearly in two different parts. Let’s have a look at them.

  • You can import and keep Speciosa with you in Canada for personal use
  • Official government bodies have banned kratom for consumption of human beings

So, you would possibly be asking yourself that if you can import and keep Speciosa in Canada then how it is banned for human consumption. The question is quite valid too. Let’s find the answer. Banning Speciosa for human consumption means the laws are strict for the kratom sellers, vendors, and merchants which means this is a challenge for the suppliers but not for you. If you are taking kratom even on a regular basis in Canada, you will not be arrested by any department but the solid restrictions are imposed on the suppliers only.

If Sellers Are Not Allowed To Sell Speciosa, How Do They Work?

For staying committed to this profitable business, kratom sellers have found an amazing way to keep their businesses going. The suppliers are well familiar with the fact that both CFIA and Health Canada consider Speciosa as an unhealthy herbal product for human beings; therefore, they have started printing a statement on the product labels saying “please don’t consume this”. Mentioning this statement only has resolved a number of kratom legality challenges for the vendors in Canada thereby making it easy for you to buy this herb from anywhere you want. Some Speciosa merchants keep their businesses going with a smart move. They use Mitragyna Speciosa in making soaps and some items for aromatherapy. This strategy makes their products legal to sell in Canada. This is quite an exciting step taken by the kratom sellers keeping in view the legal status of kratom in Canada. The above-mentioned tactics will not work if a seller is not authorized to sell Speciosa in Canada. Therefore, the first step of getting involved in this business is to get a registration certificate from the concerned Canadian authorities. For now, none of the Mitragyna Speciosa goods are authorized or regulated by the Canadian government. In fact, Health Canada has taken strict action against kratom vendors and its kratom products selling illegal Mitragyna Speciosa and has seized their entire stock which was indeed a huge loss for them. Note: If you want to start your own Speciosa business in Canada, you must be very careful about getting authorized by the relevant government bodies keeping in mind the legal status of kratom in Canada.

What Is The Penalty For Selling Unlawful Kratom In Canada?

As of now, no specific penalty has been decided for the vendors who are involved in selling unlawful Speciosa within the premises of Canada. As mentioned earlier, the only punishment available for now is Health Canada will seize the complete stock of such sellers and it has been done a couple of times in the recent past. There is no punishment like charging any fine or prison but vendors selling illegal kratom will have to face the Canadian laws.

Final Thoughts

If you are a kratom user, you don’t need to worry about taking this herb anywhere in Canada but if you have a plan to sell these products, the situation could be difficult for you because human consumption of Speciosa is not allowed at any cost in Canada. Even if you are making products like kratom soaps, you will have to be registered keeping in mind the legal status of kratom in Canada.

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