Kratom has been a center of attention in recent times and why it should not be, Kratom is a natural gem. It has multiple benefits which gave a massive push to it in the US.So many of the vendors came into the market which made it difficult for the consumer to differentiate between a good or bad product. Leaf of Life Botanicals has made it easier for consumers to get the best quality product with a huge variety of Kratom products. It’s the first brand that is giving the consumers all the knowledge about kratom on their website with customer feedback so that the consumer can buy it without any worries or hassle. Here is a thorough review of Leaf of Life Botanicals.

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Brand Analysis

Leaf of Life Botanical started it when they used it for themselves and decided to provide benefits of it to others too. Their priority is their customers. This vendor is only selling online which is best in these lockdowns. They are providing free shipping to all over the US. They are offering a wide range of Kratom products, which are Kratom powder, Blends, Kratom Capsules, Kratom extracts, Resins, and Tinctures. Moreover, the website has all the products with pictures and relevant information for every person to understand the product and feel free to buy it.


There are some benefits while shopping at Leaf of Live Botanicals which are as follows:

Website Convenience

Leaf of Life Botanicals website developers made it very easy for the customers to access the website, with clear and accurate visuals of the product with customer feedbacks with ratings. There are no forged claims about the products and it gives satisfaction to the consumers so that they can buy the products with ease and contentment.

Discount and Coupon Codes

There are several coupon codes which Leaf of Life Botanicals are offering. For a discount of 25%, there are coupon codes: MOM, HERO, and for a discount of 20% on all products except Liquid Kratom you can use the coupon code: HERBAL20. On your first order, you can get a discount of 15% by using promo code: FIRST15 and two more coupon codes for a discount of 10% you can use is HERBAL10 and FIRST10 this can be used for all products except Kratom Resin.

Price Ranges

Leaf of Life Botanicals offers very affordable prices for its customers. It starts from the sampler which is a pack of 4 for the price of 3, which costs $29.9. Their prices vary from around $29.9 which is the powder kratom to liquid kratom which costs between $19.9 to $29.9 which comes in 15ml shots. There are also some premium ones which cost around $99.9.

Payment Options

Leaf of Life Botanicals offers a vast range of payment options. This includes:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa Cards
  • Pick up at the shop (you can place the order online and pick it from their shop)
  • Pay with an invoice
  • Bank Cheque
  • Green BeanPay
  • CoinBase
  • and net

These options allow users to shop without any hassle and make easy payments with whatever method of payment they feel most comfortable with.

Refund Policy

They have the best refund policy in the whole market which is very simple. If you are not satisfied with the product you can simply return the unused portion, the only condition is that the product must be at least ¾ portion of it. You easily get a refund without any explanation.

Freight Policy

One of the most unique aspects of Leaf of Life Botanicals is their freight policy. There are absolutely no charges for shipping. You can get your orders on your doorstep through USPS, they provide a tracking number by which you can see your order status so that you can track your order.

Lab Testings

Leaf of Life Botanicals tests the products by third-party laboratories and they reject tons of product batches if they are contaminated so that the final products which reach the consumer are all guaranteed the highest possible quality.

Product Options

Leaf of Life Botanicals offers a wide variety of Kratom products to its customers to fulfill their needs. They have powders, liquids and capsules, and much more for the betterment of the health and fitness of the consumers.

Kratom Capsules

They have three types of Kratom capsules including, Red, green and white ones and there is also an option of a pack with all 3 of the capsules.

Kratom Strains

Leaf of Life Botanicals offers a wide range of kratom strains including Green Borneo Kratom, Green Malay Kratom, Green Maeng Da Kratom, and much more which you can check on their website including the red and white ones also.


  • There is a shortfall that Leaf of Life Botanicals have not been certified by GMP but they are about to get that certification soon.
  • Leaf of Life Botanicals has all the social media accounts with regular updates on them which is a really good thing because nowadays social media is the golden rule of thumb of marketing techniques for all successful businesses”.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much Kratom can a person consume?

A: It depends but it’s always suggested to take the minimal dose and slightest frequency of dosing. Minimal doses tend to stimulate, while maximum doses tend to be tranquil.

Q: Where does Kratom appear from?

A: Kratom sows wild, or is plowed on farms and fields, in Southeast Asia.

Q: Is Kratom compulsive?

A: Compulsive not in the way we talk about heroin or nicotine. A person could get addicted to, and contingent on, Kratom to some degree, there are only lenient symptoms when someone stops consuming Kratom. And there is no need to expand the Kratom dose.

Q: Is kratom allowed to consume where I live?

A: There is instability in Laws about Kratom. You should do your research to see if Kratom is lawful in your city, country, state, or nation.

Q: What types of kratom are available?

A: Kratom is available in the form of powder in bags or powder-filled into gelatin capsules and stored in bottles. Kratom in natural form is available in red, green, and white leaves. When the leaves are induced and parched in old ways, they are often called gold, yellow, or chocolate. There are Kratom elixir, liquid shots, and adhesive “candy” which are intensive and more strenuous types of Kratom that should be consumed vigilantly as they can be harmful and dangerous.

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