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Laughing Lion Herbs Review – A Next Level Kratom Company

The kratom used for consumption should be of the best quality and must stay fresh for long in order to maintain its efficacy. Hence, kratom consumers around the world are on the hunt for vendors who are reliable and serve to provide the best quality kratom for their customers. Amongst the tough competition of Kratom vendors, Laughing Lion Herbs has come out as one of the most established and successful companies. It started as a home-based business but with its incredible services and increased product quality, the company became one of the most popular ones.


Laughing Lion Herbs is a company based in Colorado that was set up in 2014. The location is one of the plus points that help maintain the quality of their products. The humidity in Monument, Colorado is low that allows the products to be safely stored. It offers a diverse range of products at minimal prices. Moreover, it is one of the Kratom vendors that guarantee 100% fair trade and support Indonesian farmers. Another noteworthy mention about the company is its vision of green living. They strongly believe in going carbon-neutral and are producing environment-friendly material that is 100% recyclable.

Things That Make Laughing Lion Herbs The Best Company

1. Costing Of The Products

Foremost things to be brought into notice are the great prices that Laughing Lion Herbs offers. Every penny they charge is worth the quality of their product and the services they offer. They only charge $7.95 for a 28 grams bag of Premium Kratom that is the lowest price any Kratom company has ever offered. In addition, other casual Kratom products like Red Malay and Red Vein Borneo are sold at only $5.95 per ounce which is a good deal.

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2. The Huge Product Line Up

Laughing Lion Herbs has a wide variety of products available on their page. From the most demanded products to the occasional ones such as Bentuangie kratom, this vendor has a complete range of kratom products in their inventory. The Kratom strains are available in their pure form as well as a blend to increase their potency and effects. All of their products are attained through a very impressive procedure that removes all the stems and veins. It is then filtered through a fine mesh so that the most concentrated form of the product can be obtained. Along with the powder form, the Kratom products are also sold as capsules, lip balms, bath bars, ointments, rubs, etc. Some of their top-selling products are; • Electrobuzz All-White Kratom Blend • Fresh Kratom Leaf- Colorado-grown • Fuzzy Blanket Blend • WOW! Liquid Kratom Shot • Happy Day Capsules • Premium Green Maeng Da • Premium Red Maeng Da

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3. Discounts And Coupon Codes

To grasp their customers’ attention and keep them attracted, the company offers various discounts and coupon codes for their loyal purchasers. For example, whenever you suggest your friend make a purchase from Laughing Lion Herbs and when they buy anything for the first time, you get a bonus on that. Furthermore, they offer monthly giveaways for a few lucky customers. CBPROMO is one such code that can get the buyer 2 ounces of Kratom free on a purchase of more than $50.

4. Customer Services

Laughing Lion Herbs have always prioritized their customers. They know the importance of devoted customers and try their best to give the purchasers a fully satisfying experience. The reviews and ratings of the purchasers are proof of their remarkable customer service. Laughing Lion Herbs customer support is available round the clock so that the customer can easily connect with them for any kind of query or issue. For instance, their customer service has a refund policy that has helped establish a strong bond between the company and buyers. Keeping up with the ongoing pandemic that has slightly changed the policy as now only sealed products can be returned. However, it does offer store credits so that the customer does not leave unhappy.

5. Lab Testing and GMP

To match the standard and maintain the quality of their products, the company relentlessly follows the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). All its equipment and tools are made of steel that is approved by GMP and thus all its products are approved for purchase. In addition, it buys all its products from vendors who are also GMP-certified and also directs its employees to follow proper safety protocol. To keep its products free of any contamination like pathogen or heavy metal, the Kratom powder is sterilized with UV light along with passing it through a mesh of stainless steel. Moreover, the products are tested by third-party labs, which is an FDA requirement to classify the product as safe for consumption.

6. Services On Social Media

Laughing Lion Herbs has developed a quite simple but classy-looking website that has most of the information a customer might need. From the location of the store, the process of manufacturing the products, and safety protocol, almost everything is stated on the website. Also, the products are categorized on their page to make it easy for the customer to make a purchase. Unlike other Kratom companies, the company also has an Instagram page with 300 followers. Whenever the customers make a subscription they receive updates through text messages on any sale, discount, or product launch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Does the company make any false medical claims?

Rather than making any false claim, Laughing Lion Herbs is very honest when it comes to selling its kratom products. It does not claim its products being a medical remedy. Moreover, it sells its products to only those who are above 18 and also recommends the customers to take medical advice. It even suggests taking small doses as all their products are highly concentrated.

Q 2. What is the shipping procedure?

Being a top Kratom vendor, the shipping policy of Laughing Lion Herbs Kratom is very reliable. It follows a same-day shipping policy in most cases. However, delays can be faced in case of bad weather or courier problems. You will receive an email notification once your order is confirmed and ready.

Q 3. What are the payment options at Laughing Lion Herbs?

In terms of the payment options, the company is quite versatile. They offer payment options through debit and credit cards, which are two of the most popular options. In addition, you can also pay through cryptocurrencies and bitcoins. They cover a range of payment methods to ensure that the customer has no issues and can smoothly make their purchase while checking out.


Laughing Lion Herbs has set out to be one of the most reliable and trustworthy kratom brands online. You can trust them for the quality of their products and promptness of service. The facts and information discussed in this article, sufficiently reflect upon how Laughing Lion Herbs serves as one of the Best Kratom Companies. It only deals with top-notch products and makes them available for kratom advocates at the best possible prices. In addition, they have a no-compromise policy for client satisfaction that also helps them earn customer retention and appreciation.

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