You can say that Kratom products are the talk of the town now. With its use being encouraged many people are looking forward to purchasing these products. However, everyone is in search of brands that are reliable and offer the best products with premium quality and affordable prices. While we were in search of a top-rated Kratom brand, we came across Krave Kratom. Undoubtedly, it fulfilled all our expectations by providing the best of all. It was able to take its place and gain the reputation it has now.


The US and European headquarters of Krave Kratom are located in Santee, California, and Northern Ireland. It started its business in 2016 in the international market and has been working remarkably well since then. In the online Kratom market, when Krave Kratom was newly launched, it was able to take its place and gain people’s trust. Despite the hindrances, it came out stronger and much better than previously established high-end Kratom brands. After its rebranding, it is now known as Kratom Botanicals. Though it is an online brand, the products are still available in head shops and smoke shops all around the country. They claim to sell the “best quality of Kratom products” and this has been proved multiple times. Sakae Naa Tabs by Amazing Botanicals

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Why Is It The Best Online Retailer Of Kratom Products?

Out of all the vendors of Kratom products, Krave Kratom is considered one of the best retailers due to various reasons. From taking care of the products’ quality to providing excellent customer services, Krave Kratom caters to all aspects perfectly.

1) The Vast Collection Of Products

Krave Kratom has a huge product line up with four top-selling products that are;

While their Bali Kratom is the most popular, the Green Vein Maeng Da tops the quality charts as it is extracted from the premium leaves of mitragyna speciosa. What’s more? Five different Kratom strains are mixed together to form the Gold concoction, that blends all the merits together. The products are available in various forms like liquid shots, concentrates, capsules, and powder for easy consumption for preferences. Furthermore, they also sell samples for people who are new and want to give the product a try.

2) Ensured Safety And Quality Of The Products

The foremost thing to grab a customer’s attention is how safe the product is and what is its quality level. At Krave Kratom, they make sure that the buyer is completely satisfied with their purchase for this specific concern. This being the topmost priority of the brand, it keeps a strict check on the harvesting and manufacturing process of the items so that everything stays uncompromised. The self-claimed high-quality Kratom brand cannot take a chance and risk its reputation. In addition, all the products at Krave Kratom are tested for their potency and quality check. This gives extra comfort to the customer in terms of authenticity and reliability.

3) Services Offered To The Customers

The ethical values of Krave Kratom are exceptional. They clearly state on their website that none of the products is FDA approved thus maintains a level of trust. In addition, they have a free shipping service which unquestionably attracts a huge bunch of customers. It also delivers the order within 5 – 7 days which is a bonus point. Moreover, Krave kratom offers a return service of unused products within 15 days, in case the customer is not happy with the purchase, and gives a full refund.

4) Affordable Prices

The prices of their powder products start from as low as $19.99 for 60 grams going up to $99.99 for one kilogram. Likewise, the capsules are 500mg each and the prices range between $12.99 – $149.99 for each capsule bottle. This is quite cheaper than the rest of the Kratom brands. Krave Kratom also offers multiple discounts and coupon codes to their customers. These codes are available for buyers following them on Facebook or subscribe to their newsletter.

5) Simple Yet Fancy Website

The simplicity of the website allows the customer to place an order without much difficulty. The layout is quite easy with access to everything on their homepage. The pictures grab attention and they have a separate blog with numerous articles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Krave Kratom Trainwreck?

Trainwreck Kratom is an all-inclusive product of Krave Kratom which has all the strains blended together in one single bottle. This concoction offers enhanced results and is one of the most demanded products.

Q. Why is it unique from other brands?

The specialty of Krave Kratom products lie in the fact that they never compromise on their quality by using the best leaves of Kratom plant. The prices they offer are a cherry on top as it attracts a great population of purchasers towards them. They also have a great variety of sizes and weights of the products in their inventory, which allows the customer to choose accordingly.

Q. What is the customer opinion over Krave Kratom?

They have a huge number of purchasers who prefer Krave kratom over other brands. The reasons why users stick around for so long are the offers and services they get from Krave Kratom. Every time a customer makes a purchase they leave with happiness and satisfaction and give this 4+/5 stars on any Kratom review pages. The customer reviews are always promising and there are hardly any negative remarks.

Q. Why are there Kratom capsules better than others?

The capsules available at Krave Kratom are priced very reasonably allowing a larger number of people to purchase them. Moreover, they contain a freshly micronized powder that is easy to swallow and free of any additives.

Q. What is their privacy policy?

The security system of Krave Kratom is quite advance as it surely protects all the information that is been provided by the customer and only uses it as per need. However, there policies change every time they update their website and so its better to check before providing your personal details.


Krave Kratom is a complete package when it comes to purchasing high-end quality Kratom products along with impeccable services and reliability. There are so many pros of ordering products from Krave Kratom and so it remains a customers’ first choice. Despite the benefits, the choice to order from them still varies from customer to customer as everybody has different preferences and whatever suits them is considered as the best. However, always consult a physician before using any Kratom products to avoid unwanted side effects or allergic reactions. Akuamma 100X Extract Tincture by Amazing Botanicals

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