KratomSwap – The World’s First Kratom Exchange, And Kratom Token (KRATOM) – The First Kratom-Backed Currency

Kratom Token (KRATOM) - The First Kratom-Backed Currency

Each Kratom Token in circulation is backed by a kilo of premium Kratom that is held in Amazing Botanicals’ warehouse. Kratom Token is instant and secure, meaning you can send Kratom anywhere in the world instantly. Literally, Kratom Token transforms Kratom into a true currency.

World's First Kratom Exchange

KratomSwap is the first Kratom exchange in history. Kratom is an extremely lucrative commodity, and is used by 15 million Americans, but Kratom was one of the only serious commodities that lacked an exchange, until now. Kratom Token can be traded on ForkDelta and Uniswap, and will be continously added to more cryptocurrency exchanges.

Redeem Each Kratom Token For A Kilo Of Premium Kratom

You can redeem each Kratom Token for a Kratom kilo, shipped to wherever you choose in the United States with no extra charge, and you can select from 50+ Kratom strains. Simply select Kratom token as the payment option on the Amazing Botanicals Website. If you don’t want to simply buy a kilo, 1 Kratom Token is equivalent to $75 of products in the Amazing Botanicals store

Make Money Trading Kratom

You can make money by speculating on the price of Kratom, since the Kratom market constantly fluctuates due to changes in supply and regulatory actions. At this time Kratom Token can be traded on ForkDelta and Uniswap, but more cryptocurrency exchanges are being continuously added. *Note: just like any other free market, there is no guarantee of profits, and losses are equally likely*

How To Buy Kratom Token (KRATOM)

Option 1) You can buy Kratom Token on ForkDelta by clicking here, which is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. ForkDelta is also a place where you can trade Kratom Token.

Option 2) You can buy Kratom Token on Uniswap by clicking here. Uniswap is another cryptocurrency exchange where you can trade Kratom Token.

Option 3) You can buy Kratom Token directly from Amazing Botanicals using Bitcoin, Ethereum, and several other major cryptocurrencies.

Simply send crypto to one of the below addresses and fill out the below form. The amount of Kratom Tokens you receive will be equivalent to the amount of money you send divided by $75. If you want to pay with a cryptocurrency not listed below, please send an e-mail to

Bitcoin (BTC) Address


Ethereum (ETH) Address


Litecoin (LTC) Address


Tether (USDT) Address



Dash Address


Dogecoin (DOGE) Address


Zcash (ZEC) Address


Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Address


How To Use And Trade Kratom Token

1) Install MetaMask, which is a plugin that enables you to interact with the Ethereum network.

2) Find and click the ‘Add Token’ button at the bottom of your MetaMask wallet. Then click on ‘Custom Token’, and paste the Kratom Token (KRATOM) contract address which is 0x30315ea143a711912b9f36b1d99ccbc648d92e73

Once you do this Kratom Token will appear in your MetaMask wallet.

3) Load up your wallet with some Ethereum, which will be needed to buy Kratom Tokens (KRATOM). You can obtain Ethereum via Coinbase or any other crypto exchange.

You can also alternatively use Bitcoin or other major cryptocurrencies if you are buying Kratom Tokens directly from Amazing Botanicals.

4) Go to the Kratom Token (KRATOM) market on Uniswap or ForkDelta to buy/sell Kratom tokens for Ethereum.

How To Redeem Kratom Tokens For Actual Kratom

If you are redeeming Kratom tokens for actual Kratom on Amazing Botanicals, select Kratom token as a payment option at checkout. Each Kratom token is equivalent to $75 in the store, which is enough for a kilo plus shipping, but you can get anything else you choose.

***Don’t forget to use the code KRATOMTOKEN at checkout, since it will give you a 16.67% discount, lowering the price of a kilo to $75***

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