The Original Kratom Cigarette


KRATOMETTES: The Original Kratom Cigarette

$19.99 – $164.99

Potent, Pure, & Relaxing

Kratomettes are the Original Kratom Cigarette, and this product is exclusively offered by Amazing Botanicals. Each Kratomette contains 1 gram of extremely potent Green Crushed Leaf Kratom, and each pack of Kratomettes contains 20 Kratom Cigarettes.

Kratomettes are the only smokeable Kratom product in the world, and they provide a one-of-a-kind relaxing and uplifting experience. Further, the aroma and taste of Kratomettes is incredibly pleasant.

Kratomettes are made with the strongest Kratom found in nature as seen in the lab test below, with Mitragynine levels in excess of 1.5% and an abundance of other Kratom alkaloids. Further, lab testing proves that Kratomettes are completely pure, with zero contaminants or adulterants.

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