Kratom user demographics are a must to know to get an exact idea of who precisely is using this magical herb. It helps growers, manufacturers, and sellers to target the community accordingly. For instance, if the younger generation is more attracted to the consumption of this tree leaf, vendors will closely target the young community only by introducing a wide range of products keeping in mind their specific interests.

In addition, knowing the Kratom user demographics is equally important for the people who are either consuming this herb or willing to start their journeys somewhere in the near future. It will help them go through the experiences of users of the same age as theirs. Are you on the hunt for collecting information from your age’s community? You are on the right forum. Just take a moment to go through the entire discussion presented below.

Does The Kratom User Demographics Really Matter?

Well, studying the demographics of Speciosa consumers highlights the people who are involved in taking this plant and what actually is the reason behind consuming it. More precisely, this analysis can also provide you with knowledge about what type of people ingest this herb.

As per the findings of a research study, the use of Mitragyna in the Western communities and Southeast Asian countries has clearly shown that this tree leaf carries multidimensional influence which means this herb behaves differently with different users even if taken by people of the same age in the same amount.

Moreover, the Kratom user demographics also help you understand the real impact of this magical herb on different parameters like politics, cultures, communities, and economics.

Kratom History In Thailand & US

The historical background of this plant in both countries is provided below.


Thailand was the first-ever country throughout the world where Kratom was criminalized in 1943. There was no discussion for a long time. In 1979, this substance got listed among Schedule 5 medications. A couple of years later, the lawmakers gave permission to utilize this tree leaf but only for research and medical purposes. No one was allowed to take it for personal use.

With the continuous support from true enthusiasts, the Thai lawmakers got convinced and they allowed some small villages to grow Mitragyna trees on a smaller scale. This permission was given to determine the behavior of Korth with human beings. Commercial cultivation was strictly prohibited.

Nowadays, the number of Speciosa advocates in Thailand is continuously increasing and it is expected that this herb may get legalized for recreational purposes as well. If Korth gets decriminalized, it would have a positive effect on the economic conditions of the country.

United States

Kratom does not have a long history in the United States. It jumped into the US market hardly in 1980 for the very first time but was not legal at that time. It became legal only a few years back in 2018. Two popular authorities – FDA and DEA – have attempted many times to ban this herb right after it became legal in the US.

As of now, there is no federal restriction on the human consumption of Mitragyna Speciosa. Almost every state has allowed its communities to enjoy the real influence of Korth. However, 6 states have still outlawed this tree leaf because they believe more in the statements of the DEA and FDA. These six states don’t agree with the federal legislation in this regard because they are free to do so.

You are absolutely free to carry Mitragyna while driving or flying in the US where it is declared a legal substance for human beings. Don’t forget to go through the state laws before you start flying or traveling.

Kratom User Demographics In Thailand

Some recent research studies have confirmed that Speciosa is one of the most commonly used medications in Thailand and consumption is increasing every day. The traditional method for ingesting this herb in Thailand is chewing directly on the fresh Mitragyna leaves. Generally, the Thai community starts chewing on the leaves when they become at least 25 years of age and keep on doing so for the rest of their lives.

The chewers, on average, consume 10 to 60 Korth leaves on a daily basis. However, a number of them chew more than that. The most popular place to take Kratom in Thailand is tea shops.

In addition, people also prefer taking this supplement in homes or on informal occasions too. Overall, it has been over hundreds of years since people have been ingesting Mitragyna in Thailand. In most of the districts, over 70% of the male population is involved in enjoying their Mitragyna journeys.

As far as the Southern region of Thailand is concerned, they take Kratom just like drinking coffee in the morning to kick start their days. Somewhere around 5 years ago, people between teenage and 30 years of age were loving to consume Korth by preparing its tea.

When it comes to utilizing Kratom for recreational purposes, the number of male users is very large compared to the females. According to the findings of the “Thai National Household Survey”, only 10% of the total population were female users.

Kratom User Demographics In The US

One of the research papers has indicated that the American citizens who consume Korth have completed a college degree, private health insurance, and a huge number of them are middle-aged.

In 2016, a Speciosa user conducted an online survey to determine the demographics of this plant in the western communities. The findings, based on 8049 participants, highlighted that most of the users were between 31-50 years of age with a college degree. Both unmarried and married individuals were involved in enjoying this herb. The income of most of the respondents was more than $35,000 a year.

Exactly one year later in 2017, one more survey, with the same intention of observing the western world, was conducted. It found that 90% of white people, with an average age of 40 years, like to ingest Speciosa.

More than 97% of people were American citizens and 61% of them were female Kratom consumers. This survey closely focused on how much Kratom do people take. Around 49% of the respondents were found taking somewhere 1 to 3 grams of Speciosa on a daily basis.

Ending Note

Getting into the details of Kratom user demographics is very important to get a solid idea of what is going on in the Kratom world and what people have been doing in the past. It puts you in a position to make an informed and clear decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Though Kratom came to the US market very late but still the market is huge. Why is it so?

Answer: Well, it is purely because of the true support of advocates spreading awareness everywhere within the country. The American Kratom Association (AKA), without a doubt, is leading from the front in this regard. This is why the market size is expanding every other day.

Question: I’m new to this industry. Will observing Kratom user demographics help me understand this herb’s behavior?

Answer: Yes, of course. You can simply get an idea of how many people of your age are consuming this plant and how they feel once taken. Moreover, you can also have a look at the amount of Speciosa your age fellows usually take.

Question: What will be the global future of Kratom?

Answer: As of now, nobody is in a position to give a clear statement. In short, everything is dependent on clinical research and trials.

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