Kratorn’s sales are increasing in recent times drastically for its unlimited health benefits. Consumers have been reporting several benefits related to euphoria and energy-boosting. Kratom Trading Company is a renowned kratom vendor selling the substance in its highest quality. The brand has introduced several kratom products at very reasonable prices.

They are experts at providing their customers with high-grade Mitragyna Speciosa leaf powders and potent kratom blends. However, that’s not all! Kratom Trading Company also provides high-quality medicinal mushrooms, as well as colloidal silver. All of its kratom powdered products are a hundred percent pure and all-natural, exclusively how nature intended.

So here is a detailed review of their products and website interface for orders.

Brand Overview

Kratom Trading Company or KTC is a family-operated business owned by US Marine veterans and located in sunny Florida. They’ve been in the business for a short while but have raised the stakes to meet the quality standards offered by most Kratom-selling companies.

What Does The Company Offer?

The company offers a wide range of kratom products and has a very good customer satisfaction rate. Their website features all the Speciosa products like:

• Leaf Powders

• Kratom Blends

• Medicinal Mushrooms

• Colloidal Silver

The kratom blends come in different colors like white, green. red, and yellow.

Cost Ranges

Their products range from $8 to $250 and people of all classes can buy different kratom products in their desired quantity. The prices are really good among others and are very affordable for everyone.

Those who want the cheaper option can try from ‘I oz sample packs and the one who needs in bulk can get them in 1 kg packs. The products come in various package sizes.

Payment Options

KTS is offering the following three payment options: eCheque Payment An electronic check is a payment option requiring customers to provide their routing and checking account number. The orders are dispatched as soon as the payment is verified in KTC’s account. It may take up to 7 working days for new customers.

Credit Card Method

When using credit cards, you have to provide your phone number while placing the order. To process the payment you have to provide the credit card’s expiry date and a CVV code present on the card. Kratom Trading Company assures that all the information is safe and secure, it is never shared with anybody.

Online credit card payments are only for VISA and MASTERCARD holders and they will be available soon for the customers.

Delivery Methods

The payments made through online credit cards before midnight US Eastern Standard Time will be processed and shipped on the same day. All the orders paid on Friday will be delivered after the weekend on Monday.

If an order is placed through express shipping; the shipping time will be counted when the package was shipped and first reached at the USPS, not from the day the order was placed.

They do not ship packages, answer emails on weekends and federal holidays.

Currently; the Kratom Trading Company is offering domestic deliveries only to the United States and not to any other country intentionally. However; they do not ship any products to Indiana; Wisconsin, Vermont; Arkansas, and Alabama due to the rules and regulations of these states.

Refund Policy

No refunds will be made if the product is opened or used due to contamination. If you need any assistance regarding the refund of your product, you can directly contact their customer support service.

Privacy Policy

The company claims that all the information collected while placing the order is never shared with anyone, this information is only collected to improve your shopping experience; update you with newsletters, process transactions, and inform you about your order status.

The data which is collected includes email address, first name, last name, phone number, address, state, province, ZIP/Postal code, city, and data usage which is collected automatically when using the Service.

Effective Website

Kratom Trading Company has a very good website for their customers so that order placing can be made easier. There are specific filters on the website for price ranges and other categories which make it easier for the customers to place their desired order. They also have a rewards program but to avail of the rewards program, you have to sign up on their website.

There are different terms for the rewards program which include:

• Redeem 2 points for every one dollar spent on an item. This reward offer is only valid for the cost of the item and not the shipping cost.

• Redeem 1000 points for referring a friend to buy kratom products from KTC. (Use the “Rewards Program” tab for referrals. What’s better is that the referred person will also get a 10% off discount code on all available items.

One drawback, however, is that your friend has to purchase something in order for you to gain access to the 1000 points. These points are redeemed in your account once the referred person places their order successfully.)

• Redeem 500 points for creating an account on their official website.

• Redeem 100 points for posting a product review on the company’s website

• Redeem 500 points for posting reviews on any social media platforms or some Kratom forum. Once you post a review, you have to inform via email about the review you have posted on any social media forum.

The Virtues

Following are the attributes that make the Kratom Trading Company different from others:

• The seller provides you with a same-day delivery facility for all the orders placed during working hours.

• The company uses USPS for delivery and drop-ships the products without any troubles.

• The rewards program is a great option to gather discounts on the products.

• KTC gives you easy search options, all social media forums to contact, a functional helpline, and the best quality products for them.

• For the ease of the buyer, the brand has engaging refund and exchange policies.

The Iniquities

Because of the extraordinary presentation and priceless struggle, there are not many drawbacks to the seller. But here are some you should be aware of:

• The product is restricted in some states mentioned above.

• The products are restricted to people below 18 years of age.

Final Phrase

The Kratom Trading Company is the best of all when we talk about customer services and top-notch products. Apart from extremely decent prices, the vendor also provides you with distinct choices under USPS and delightful payment choices.

So, the brand is highly endorsed as it comes up with kratom products of the most natural kinds.


1. Does the Kratom Trading Company offer free samples?

Yes, you can get a free sample but only when you are ordering something and then you can ask for it in the “special instructions” box on the checkout page.

2. Why did my discount code not work?

Sometimes, discount codes are only released for a set period after which they expire. Other times, reviewers list invalid discount codes for the products when in reality, they never worked in

the first place. Hence. always make sure you have got the discount code from an approved source by KTC.

3. Why is my order canceled?

There are several reasons why this may have happened: 1. You have ordered in any stated in which Kratom products are restricted 2. The payment is not processed. 3. You gave the wrong information regarding your address or payment details. It’s best to contact customer service in this regard.

4. How can I speed up my eCheque paid order?

You can speed up your order shipping by sending the screenshot of the transaction approved by the bank showing that the amount is withdrawn successfully.

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