Similar to kratom, people have been consuming tea for the longest time now. For the first time in China, an infusion was created when some leaves fell into the boiling water. Since then, new varieties and flavors of tea have been introduced every now and then. Drinking tea became quite popular during the 17th century among the British people. Likewise, it was not until the 19th century that the use of kratom increased as herbal medicine. Later, the locals decided to incorporate these two and prepare Kratom tea to extract the benefits of the herb. Kratom tea is a famous way of consuming the herb and getting most of its benefits by infusing its leaves into boiling water. Certainly, it is a moment of joy for tea lovers who also use kratom in their daily life.

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 How To Make A Cup Of Kratom Tea?

Preparing a cup of Kratom tea is a wonderful way to consume kratom and is very easy to make. Also, preparing this tea is considered one of the most reasonable things as it requires ingredients that are already available in the kitchen. The price is further reduced if the user uses Kratom leaves instead of the usually expensive powder. The four basic steps of making a cup of Kratom tea include the following. STEP 1: Keep the Kratom leaves outside to let them air dry. Make sure they are not under direct sunlight. STEP 2: Once the leaves are dry and hard, make a fine and smooth powder from them. You may use a coffee grinder or simply beat them in a mortar and pestle set. STEP 3: Add the powder to boiling water and let it simmer for 10 – 15 minutes so that all the beneficial alkaloids are extracted from the kratom. You may also add honey for enhanced flavor. STEP 4: Use a strainer while pouring the tea to remove the big particles. Yola! Your cup of Kratom tea is ready. The proportion that is usually used for making a mild cup of Kratom tea is 10 grams of kratom in 500ml of water. But, the user can decide how strong they want their tea by altering the quantity of kratom added. 1 – 3 grams of Kratom powder is the perfect quantity for making a potent single serving. In the case of using Kratom leaves, it is challenging to decide the quantity that needs to be added because they are lightweight, and the amount of kratom in a single leaf is hard to deduce. The dosage is to be set according to the weight of kratom. For daily use, spoons can be used to estimate the quantity, as shown in the table below.

1 teaspoon2 grams of Kratom powder
1 tablespoon6 grams of Kratom powder

 When Do The Effects Of Kratom Tea Kick in?

Preparing kratom tea is the ideal way to extract all the alkaloids from kratom. The hot temperature of the boiling water causes the leaves to release all their alkaloid content into the boiling water. However, as kratom goes into the stomach, first, it takes time to get absorbed. This is why the effects of tea take at least 45 minutes to kick in. As a person drinks a cup of Kratom tea, it goes into their GI tract to be digested and broken down. The two main alkaloids of Kratom, Mitragynine (MG) and 7 Hydroxymitragynine (7 – HMG), are absorbed into the plasma so that kratom may produce its effects. At a smaller dose, the impact of kratom lasts for only two to three hours, whereas it may extend up to eight hours on a higher dose. The peak effects of Kratom tea take around 1.5 to 2.5 hours. Some of the common strains used to make Kratom tea include the following;

1Bali Kratom3 – 4 hours
2Maeng Da Kratom8 hours

How To Make The Effects Last Longer?

  • Sip the Kratom tea slowly so that the consuming time increases and it is more effectively absorbed
  • Use a highly potent strain of kratom such as Maeng Da Kratom, Red Vein Kratom, etc
  • Using enhanced or blended strains like “Super Kratom” gives 10 – 15% stronger results. (Note: reduce the dose of these strains to have the same effects as regular strain.
  • Boil the tea for a longer time on low heat to effectively absorb all alkaloids into it.
  • Have Kratom tea early in the morning or on an empty stomach to increase the rate of absorption. This allows the effects to kick in faster and last longer
  • Avoid taking Kratom tea with meals as food reduces the digestive process and hinders the absorption of Kratom alkaloids.
  • Mix up two Kratom strains to have improved effects but ensure that the dosage is correct.
  • Do not use the same strain every day. This might build up a tolerance, and so no effects are felt.

The Benefits Of Kratom Tea

Firstly, a hot cup of tea gives a soothing and relaxing feeling, irrespective of the hot or cold weather. Adding to it, all the benefits that are associated with Kratom, as well as tea, are those with which kratom is associated. These include;

  • It reduces the anxiety levels in a person and enhances the mood so that they feel motivated and focused.
  • The anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidizing effects of kratom help keep a person’s immune system strong, so they are physically fit.
  • Mitragynine, an alkaloid of kratom, has pain-relieving properties, thus reducing fatigue and feeling of tiredness.

 Other Alternative Forms Of Kratom

Besides Kratom tea, there are various other forms in which kratom can be consumed. In old times the locals used to chew raw Kratom leaves. As the demand increased, Kratom companies launched pills and capsules that can be taken with water or any juice. This helps eliminate the bitter taste and aroma of kratom. Moreover, the pre-packaged powder can be added to food or drinks for easy consumption. Some of the most commonly available ones are:

The Bottom Line

Kratom tea is easy to make yet it retains all the benefits of kratom. It is always handy to prepare a cup of kratom tea. However, it is always advised to consult your doctor to determine the right dose of kratom, without incurring its negative effects. Green Malay

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