Kratom tablets vs Kratom capsules is a worthy comparison of two different consumption methods of this plant. Kratom, in fact, is a widely consumed substance in multicultural communities around the world. The people from different lands prefer to take this tree leaf in different forms and this is what is convincing the sellers to introduce a variety of products to capture the global market.

As of now, based on the consumption approaches, different Mitragyna products available in the market are tinctures, extracts, liquids, fresh leaves, powder, tablets, candies, and capsules. You must have heard of a couple of them, if not all. Users choose different methods to take this plant depending upon their interests, preferences, and choices. The natives prefer chewing directly on the fresh Speciosa leaves. Ingesting powder is more common among all. Thousands of users are involved in taking capsules whereas others are more attracted to tinctures.

This guide is specifically focused on Kratom tablets vs Kratom capsules. Both are equally popular among Korth enthusiasts and you can buy them from both local vendors and online sellers. Do you want to give them a try? Looking to explore deeply? This guide has it all. Let’s dig into the details.

What Are Kratom Tablets?

Well, as mentioned earlier, chewing on fresh leaves is common among native people but they are unable to maintain a specific dose for daily use. Similarly, the people who consume Speciosa powder can’t manage the same amount to ingest on a daily basis. For some people, it may not be a big deal. But, millions of them are seriously concerned about this parameter. This is where Mitragyna tablets play their part.

How Are They Made?

The tablets are made up of Speciosa powder and a binding agent. In the presence of extremely high pressure exerted on a special tablet-shaped case having a binding agent and Korth powder in it, the end product – Kratom tablet – comes out.

If you try to put pressure on the powder alone, it will not be able to hold a tablet-like shape. In fact, it is the binding agent that does the job for you. Sometimes, the powder may get converted into a particular shape but when you expose it to the moisture, it will be dissolved in no time.

The binding agent makes Speciosa powder to hold a specific shape until you digest it. Do you know what binding agents are being used these days to prepare Kratom tablets? Not really? No worries. They include microcrystalline cellulose, gelatin, sucrose, polyvinylpyrrolidone, and starch. The vendors may be using some other cohesive agents too but they are the most common ones.

Important Note: You may have seen a couple of merchants claiming that they offer all-natural Korth tablets free from binding agents. You don’t need to believe in them at all as we have discussed earlier, Mitragyna powder can’t hold a specific shape unless we use a binding agent. So, it is technically impossible for a Kratom tablet to use no other material but Speciosa.

How Do Korth Tablets Taste Like?

Well, Speciosa carries a sharp, earthy, and bitter flavor. Newbies usually find this taste unpleasant and they don’t appreciate feeling it more often.

As far as tablets are concerned, they don’t make any improvement in the flavor. The people who use both Mitragyna powder and tablets have reported that tablets sound more unpleasant depending upon the type of binding agent utilized. But, taking the right flavor and strain can enhance the overall taste of Korth tablets.

Do They Digest Quickly?

As soon as you ingest a Mitragyna tablet, immediately, within a few minutes, you will be able to feel its properties because it directly goes to your stomach that starts breaking it down in a matter of minutes but the complete breakdown takes a bit more time. This is why the tablets carry instant influences.

What Are Kratom Capsules?

Just like Mitragyna tablets, capsules are the popular way to take this herb that helps you maintain a calculated kratom dose for personal use. They swim your worries away and you don’t need to weigh Speciosa powder on a daily basis to measure a specific dose. Isn’t it cool enough?

How Are They Prepared?

Well, the manufacturers weigh a particular amount of powder and put it in the shells to form a capsule. Every kratom capsule in a bottle carries the same amount of Korth powder. These shells are usually made up of plant-based gelatin and you can easily purchase them in different sizes. These shells are also termed gel caps.

Nowadays, capsule-making machines are also available in the market at competitive prices. You can purchase this machine and make your own capsules at home with Speciosa powder. For this, you must have a digital weighing scale to measure the desired amount of powder.

What Flavor Do They Carry?

They don’t have any flavor. Yes, it is true. This is, in fact, the hot feature of capsules to generate more sales globally. The nature of capsule shells may produce their own lighter flavor but, compared to swallowing Korth powder, it is nothing. If you are a newbie or don’t like the sharpness of Speciosa, you would love to enjoy Mitragyna capsules.

How About Their Digestion?

Unlike a tablet, a capsule takes a bit more time to showcase its properties. Once you ingest a capsule, its shell will take some time to open up. Once it gets opened, powder directly goes to your stomach and then bloodstream. From there, the digestion process gets quickly completed. You can also consume Kratom capsules with the “toss and wash” method. It includes swallowing Speciosa and drinking a glass of water right after that.

Kratom Tablets VS Kratom Capsules: What Makes Them Different?

The major differences include:

  • Tablets show instant influence and capsules take a bit longer as the powder is placed inside the shells.
  • Tablets need a binding agent during preparation whereas capsule manufacturing does not need any binding agent.
  • The complete breakdown of tablets takes longer compared to capsules because the binding agent doesn’t easily release the powder.
  • Tablets produce a more bitter taste whereas taking capsules helps you reduce the overall sharpness of this marvelous herb.

Kratom Tablets VS Kratom Capsules: What Similarities Do They Share?

The key similarities are:

  • They both are convenient ways to consume Korth
  • Both capsules and tablets help you maintain a calculated kratom dose
  • They both are easy to carry and you can take them anywhere especially while traveling

Last Words

A comprehensive discussion on Kratom tablets vs Kratom capsules is presented in this guide to make you familiar with how credible they both are. Multiple similarities and differences are also listed to develop a better understanding. If you want to switch either to capsules or tablets and looking for some credible stuff, just take some time and go through this guide. Good Luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can I store Kratom capsules and tablets?

Answer: Choose an airtight jar or sealed containers to keep your stock away from excessive oxygen, humidity, and sunlight. It will increase the shelf-life of Kratom.

Question: Tablet or Speciosa capsule? Which one should I take?

Answer: Well, it is honestly your personal choice. If you are getting confused, you can try one piece of both to see which one performs better for you.

Question: Is comparing two ingestion methods, like Kratom tablets vs Kratom capsules, worthy enough?Answer: Yes, it gives you a clear picture of the credibility of each method and helps you choose any of them keeping in mind your interest.

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