Kratom Strains : Complete Guide to Different Types of Kratom


  • Kratom Strain by Color
    • Red
    • Green
    • White
    • Yellow
    • Gold
  • Best Kratom Strains
    • Maeng Da
    • Red Bali
    • Red Borneo
    • Green Malay
    • Green Borneo
  • Other Kratom Strains
    • Bali
    • Bentaungie
    • Indo Kratom
    • Thai Kratom
    • Horn

      Kratom Strain Guide

      For centuries, kratom has been a valuable plant to humans. The tree is resilient, adaptable, and full of alkaloids which give it its unique properties. Choosing between the many strains of kratom leaf can be overwhelming at times. However, having knowledge of different types of Kratom and how they work is essential for selecting the ideal kratom strain. 

      Several kratom strains exist and finding out where they originate from and what makes them unique can be challenging for beginners, and even some experienced consumers. Read on to learn everything you need to know about kratom strains and what makes them stand out from one another.

      Different Types Of Kratom Strains : By Vein Color

      Though kratom is primarily made up of six active alkaloids: mitragynine, paynanthine, speciociliatine, and 7-hydroxymitragynine (7-HMG), there are more than 50 different strains that currently exist. It’s the chemical composition of the leaves that makes each strain unique and every strain has a different combination of these active ingredients. 

      Red Vein Kratom

      Abundant in Southeast Asia, red vein kratom is popular as a result of people seeking out alternatives for improving sleep or reducing pain. Containing several mu-opioid receptor agonists, including 7-hydroxymitragynine, these strains may be considered fast-acting and potent. As of now, the red maeng da strain of kratom is interpreted as the strongest strain available although other alternatives such as red Sumatra exist.

      Smell : It smells like freshly cut grass on your lawn. According to some users, it has an earthy fragrance, akin to wet soil.

      Appearance: The presence of crimson veins in the center of the leaves, apart from its clayish appearance when powdered, are some of its distinguishing features.

      Taste: It gives a bitter taste that sounds a little sharp, especially for beginners.

      Popular Varieties Of Red Vein Kratom

      The reputed forms of Red Vein Speciosa that are easily accessible from today’s market are listed below:

        • Red Sumatra 
        • Red Bali
        • Red Malay
        • Red Horn
        • Red Borneo
        • Red Thai

      Green Vein Kratom

      In comparison to other vein types, green vein kratom strains are seemingly more balanced and can potentially provide users with a clear-minded mood. Their effects reportedly tend to be between stimulating and relaxing. Originating from the Bunut region, green kratom strains like green Bali Kratom are deemed more stimulating and reportedly demonstrate no sedating effects. Depending on its dose, green vein kratom may be effective both for energy and sleep support. Due to this, first-time kratom users may be drawn to try these strains.

      Smell : It has a unique smell that is enticing enough for beginners. 

      Appearance: When it is in its early stages, it is green, and when it is fully mature, it is red.

      Taste: It’s bitter like that of other strains.

      Green Vein Kratom Varieties

      Some common types or varieties of Green Vein Kratom are:

        • Green Bali
        • Green Hulu
        • Green Maeng Da
        • Green Malay
        • Green Elephant

      White Vein Kratom

      Although characteristically mild and analgesic, white vein kratom seemingly possesses excellent stimulating and euphoric properties. Cultivated in countries and regions such as Thailand, Borneo Malaysia, enthusiasts have shared that taking these strains in small doses as a nootropic aids to obtain a clear-headed and positive experience. Some users report consuming it in place of coffee or tea in microdoses to promote focus, concentration, and productivity. Additionally, enthusiasts have expressed that White Sumatra (same family) is stronger in potency. When the stimulating effects of white kratom wear off at night, you can switch to red vein kratom to promote better sleep.

      Smell :When this herb is moist, it emits a smell similar to that of soil; thus, it is well-known for emitting an earthy stench.

      Appearance: White Vein Speciosa has dark green leaves that can grow up to 4.7″ wide and 8 inches long

      Taste: The flavor of this plant, like that of other strains, is bitter

      Different Versions Of White Vein Kratom

      Some frequently accessible types of this popular herb are:

        • White Borneo
        • White Sumatra
        • White Indo
        • White Malay
        • White Elephant

      Gold Vein Kratom

      Gold Vein is one of the few Speciosa preparations that uses at least two separate Mitragyna strains. Some kratom vendors prefer to use primary colors in their gold Speciosa, such as white, red, and green. Some of them, on the other hand, use two different combinations, such as green and red, white and green, and so on.

      Smell : It emits a smell similar to that of a wet green grass. 

      Appearance: It exhibits a gold shade when prepared with a blend of multiple strains.

      Taste: Its flavor gives a bitter touch that provides a sharp influence.

      Different Versions Of White Vein Kratom

      Amazing Botanicals carry these varieties of Gold Vein Kratom:

        • Gold Bali
        • Gold Maeng Da
        • Gold Reserve

      Yellow Vein Kratom

      Unlike red, white, green, or blue vein kratom, yellow vein kratom is not a different strain. Natural yellow vein kratom doesn’t exist. It’s rather white kratom strains that are processed in a special way to create yellow vein kratom. It changes the plant’s effect profile and creates a color transformation (from white to yellow). This results in reported effects similar to green Malay kratom. The yellow vein variety is traditionally preferred as a mood booster or nootropic over the white vein variety and it has been characterized as powerful and euphoric.

      Smell : It produces a smell just like produced by wet grassy lawn or wet soil.

      Appearance: Yellow Kratom has a distinct flavor and color from other strains due to its high strength.

      Taste: Due to its distinct flavor, it’s known to be the most delicious to taste.

      Different Versions Of White Vein Kratom

      Some frequently accessible types of this popular herb are:

        • Yellow Bali
        • Yellow Indo
        • Yellow Maeng Da

      Best Kratom Strains

      Every kratom vein possesses very different effects, so enthusiasts tend to stick to one or two for their regular kratom powder selection. The following are the top best kratom strains of all time so you can decide which one is best for you.

      Maeng Da Kratom

      Kratom from Thailand seemingly has a strong taste and contains a wide range of 7-hydroxymitragynine alkaloids that may provide a boost of energy and help users to focus. The red Maeng Da is characterized as calming, whereas the green and white types are described as energizing.

      Red Bali Kratom

      Originating from Bali, Red Bali Kratom is said to promote intense relaxation, insomnia symptoms are reduced and sleeping patterns may be improved. Other potential benefits include mild pain relief and energy boost.

      Red Borneo Kratom

      Known for the diversity of its forests, this kratom strain comes from Borneo. Because of its analgesic properties, this strain may be best suitable for people who suffer from chronic pain, such as osteoarthritis, muscle soreness, and fibromyalgia.

      Green Malay Kratom

      This strain comes from Malaysia’s jungles. It is well-known for its balanced effects and is typically characterized as mildly stronger than many green vein strains. It is reported that green Malay kratom helps users to relax and to achieve a better mood.

      Green Borneo Kratom

      This strain derives from the kratom trees in Borneo and is typically useful for treating chronic pain and fatigue. As well as soothing and relaxing, its effects may last for up to six hours.

      Other Varieties of Kratom Strains

      Apart from the leaf vein color, kratom can be classified into strains based on their origin, shapes, or other unique traditional names. The use of kratom dates back centuries, so there are many different strains.

      Bali Kratom Strain

      The island of Bali has many unique strains of kratom. Based on the vein color (red, green, yellow or white) of the leaves, each one has a different set of reported effects. Bali strains are interpreted as relaxing rather than stimulating. In terms of euphoria, white vein Bali is considered a delicate balance between other available strains.

      Bentuangie Kratom Strain

      The Bentuangie strain is a fermented form of red vein kratom. This variety is favored by many users for managing pain. In particular, it may reduce or diminish varying sharp or dull pains.

      Indo Kratom Strain

      As an island nation, Indonesia has an incredible diversity of flora and fauna. As a result of its lush climate, it’s the perfect grounds for fostering an array of kratom strains. The majority of kratom in the world comes from Indonesia while another portion is grown in Indonesia.

      Thai Kratom Strain

      Thailand grows all three leaf vein types. There are also yellow vein strains produced in the country. In spite of unfriendly local laws toward the plant, Thailand grows some of the best kratom. Historically, Thais have cultivated this herb and used it for hundreds of years for its “medicinal” qualities.

      Horn Kratom Strain

      Horn kratom can only be found in Borneo. Leaf spikes (horns) are characteristic of these strains. Two factors contribute to the price difference: 

        • It’s difficult to cultivate (found only on one island) 
        • It requires very specific growing conditions. 

      In general, horn kratom strains produce higher levels of alkaloids containing both stimulating and sedating properties.


      Complete Kratom Strain Guide

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