Mitragyna Speciosa, commonly known as Kratom, is a plant that is primarily grown and imported from Southeast Asia. The trees thrive in these South Pacific regions and produce leaves that contain potent alkaloids. These plants are sold in multiple forms. The main product is the powdered form, and this fine and dried powder are made by harvesting, drying, and finally crushing the plant’s leaves. But there is a lesser-known byproduct of the Mitragyna Speciosa plant, the Kratom stems, and veins. This article will further explain what these byproducts are and how they are used. green thai

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Structure Of A Kratom Leaf

The leaves of the ketum plant are composed of 3 parts;

  • The fatty tissue, which is a significant part of all the leaves
  • The stem part
  • And lastly, the veins

What Are Kratom Veins?

The leaves are categorized according to their life cycle. This life cycle has different phases based on the age and maturity of the leaves. The earliest level of maturity of the leaf is the white vein or the light-colored veins. The next phase of the leaf is the green vein which has a balanced amount of both the ketum alkaloids, mitragynine, and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. And the last phase of this life cycle is the completely mature age of the leaf, which is the reddish vein. The red vein is the most potent vein amongst all three veins.

What Are Kratom Stems And Veins?

As discussed earlier, both of these are a part of the leaves. Usually, farmers who harvest the Kratom leaves remove these parts before sending them off to dry. This process leaves the Kratom stems and veins to be a byproduct of the harvesting procedure. A lot of vendors often mix these Kratom veins and strains in the product mixture. This mixture makes the final product contain a wide variety of alkaloids, and hence the overall product has more potent effects than just the fat content.

Destemming And Deveining Of The Leaf

Some farmers destem and devein the leaves after the drying process before they are crushed into a powder. Since the leaf is fragile after being dried up, it is common for you to find leaf contents if you buy these Kratom stems and veins.

Do Kratom Stems And Veins have Any Use?

Every enthusiast knows that there is very little research on the Kratom plant itself, and the same is the case with kratom stems and veins. Some people claim that they have weaker alkaloids than the whole fat tissue. But some people claim that they have potent alkaloids. This debate has no concrete evidence, and hence there is little to no information on which of these arguments is valid.

Why Should You Buy Kratom Stems And Veins?

Every Kratom enthusiast is on the verge of finding new and innovative methods and types of Kratom to consume. These byproducts have specifically brought attention to such people. Hence they are on the point of giving them a chance. Here is why we think you should invest in the products:

Low Price

As compared to the standard Kratom products, the Kratom stems and veins are relatively cheap, and this is because they are a byproduct of the plant and not consumed by many people. So if you are looking for a budget-friendly way of purchasing Kratom as a beginner or as someone who uses it to make soaps and incense, this option is a good buy for you.

Mixing It With The Standard Powder

Many people mix the Kratom stems and veins mixture into their daily dose to enhance the effects of their regular Kratom dose. This concoction gives them a more comprehensive range of alkaloids to consume. The aroma of this mixture is also soothing for many users. Many people have claimed that mixing it with the powder has prolonged their overall herb’s effects. Hence this can be an excellent way to increase the longevity of your daily dose.

Great For A Beginner

These raw, unprocessed products from the ketum harvest can be great for a beginner to use. Since they come under one labeled packing, there is no confusion regarding any strains. You will not have to choose your products from a whole big lot. Instead, you will just have to buy this sealed packaging and start on your Kratom journey. Though they are less ubiquitous than the powdered form of Kratom, they can be a good step for a beginner.

What Alkaloids Are Present In The Stems And Veins?

As far as the fatty part of the leaf is concerned, its significant alkaloids are mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine. But the stems and veins consist of a  different variety of alkaloids. There is no concrete evidence of the presence of these alkaloids in them, but users suggest that they are made up of mitraphylline, corynanthidine, and Rhynchophylline. It is said that mitraphylline is suitable for the immune system. But again, there is a lack of research to back this theory up.

Comparison Of The Fiber Content

The stems and veins contain a higher amount of fiber than the tissue part of the leaf. It means that it is suitable for reducing constipation, and thus this will regulate your bowel movements and rid you of any such issues. Though this can be a negative factor for those who use Kratom, the exact opposite reason is to increase constipation to get relief from Diarrhea.

How Do Stems And Veins Help Reduce Tolerance Against Kratom?

Mixing kratom powder with stems and veins can help you to reduce tolerance against the use of Kratom. This is done by taking the mixture of the stems and veins in a small amount and adding it to your daily dose of Kratom powder. As a beginner, you can start by taking 20% of the stems and veins mixture and adding 80% of your kroth. You can eventually alter this ratio by increasing the percentage of the stems and veins combination until your portion no longer has ketum powder in it. Then you can continue to take this as your daily dose and finally go back to consuming your herb typically. Shifting to the Kratom stems and veins mixture now and then will not make you dependable on the herb. This way, you can reduce tolerance if you have built any against the herb.

Online Sites To Buy The Stems And Veins Mixture From

If you have finally decided to give these byproducts a shot, you should buy them from any one of the sites listed below:

  • Buy kratom
  • Oasis Kratom
  • Gaiana
  • Krabot

If you face difficulty finding the mixture online, you can check out the local shops or smoke shops in your area. Green Malay

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