Without a doubt, kratom is a wonderful herbal plant that is known globally for its amazing medicinal benefits. With such great characteristics, this herb has succeeded in making a huge community of its true lovers that is expanding every single day. Regular users love to buy Speciosa in bulk to maintain a good stock for a long time. They do not prefer buying in mini amounts again and again because most of them have got a hectic schedule. You would probably be one of the users who like to purchase this herb in bulk to enjoy its influence for a couple of upcoming days or a few months. Is it so? If yes, you must be willing to know that how long can a kratom stay fresh. Once you get to know how long your purchased stock can last, you can easily plan your daily Speciosa intake for many days to come. Even if you are the one who loves to make Mitragyna powder or any other products sitting at your home, this article is going to help you on how long can your kratom stay fresh. Do you want to know how to store homemade Mitragyna for a long time in a way to protect its freshness, purity, and potency levels? Well, you are on the right platform. Let’s get deeper into the details. Red Malay by Amazing

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What Precisely Is The Shelf-Life Of Kratom?

As far as the discussion on how long can your kratom stay fresh is concerned, you will find different answers from different people. Well, the reason behind this particular fact is different people store this plant following different strategies. This is why they get different results every time. Does not matter whether you are purchasing your dose from any seller or making it on your own at home, Speciosa will always have a particular lifespan for which it stays fresh and once it gets passed, this herb starts losing its purity and freshness at the same time. Overall, without using any storing approach, different strains of kratom stay fresh for up to one to three months (30 to 90 days). If you have purchased a Mitragyna packet from a trusted seller, it may last for a longer period of time and sellers do mention its shelf-life on the labels. So, don’t forget to have a look at that whenever you make a purchase. Most of the time, vendors use antioxidant components to increase the lifespan of this herb and this is why Speciosa purchased from the market usually lasts longer. Note: The best idea is to use your Mitragyna within the 3 months right after purchasing it from the market or making it at home. It will surely avoid you facing any future inconvenience. Always verify the seller’s reputation before making your purchase.

Is It Possible To Detect If Your Speciosa Is Not Fresh?

Yes, of course. You can easily detect whether your kratom is pure and fresh or not in its original form. This plant starts deteriorating with the passage of time. The major parameters that can help you detect if your Speciosa is expired are taste, odor, and color. If you have stored it in the container without a proper seal, it may have mold around it. All these elements play their part to make this tree leaf lose its potency and freshness in parallel if not properly taken care of. Korth is pretty sensitive to liquid vapors, ultraviolet rays coming from the sunlight, excessive amounts of oxygen, higher humidity levels, and other similar parameters. So, you must keep in mind these things when storing your Mitragyna to keep it away from moisture, higher temperatures, and oxygen.

Can You Increase Kratom Shelf-Life?

Do you want to increase the period for which your strains of kratom stay fresh? Well, in today’s world, you can absolutely do that. Amazingly, you increase its lifespan easily just by following some important tips as discussed below. On average, following some decent strategies, you can store your Speciosa for about 12 to 13 months without losing its potency. It is, without any doubt, a good long period to take your fresh dose of Mitragyna. As you know, matured leaves of the Mitragyna tree are converted into a consistent powder. The leaves contain amazing alkaloids that provide you a good taste of this plant. These alkaloids start damaging if not stored properly. A great benefit of ordering this herb in bulk is you can save your shipping or transportation costs to a great extent. Every one of us wants to save as much money as we can. Hopefully, you will go with the same. If you love to prepare Speciosa powder at your home, you would definitely want to grind a large number of kratom leaves to make enough stock so that you can consume it for a couple of months to come. The major question coming to your mind would be how can you make your extra kratom stay fresh. It is quite a good question before preparing big stocks. Well, to protect the original taste, odor, and color of these tree leaves, you need to follow a few of the simple steps listed and explained below.

Save Speciosa From Excessive Oxygen

Never place or store your kratom in the presence of excess oxygen to keep it from staling. As you know, the air surrounding us consists of a large portion of oxygen gas and when you expose your Mitragyna to the air, it gives a bad smell and clumps in return. In addition, oxygen decreases the lifespan of this tree leaf. Keeping in mind the above-mentioned factors, experts always recommend storing kratom in airtight containers to keep it away from the air

Avoid Placing Kratom In The Sunlight

Do you want to make your kratom stay fresh? Another great tip is to keep this plant away from the dangerous rays coming from the sunlight. Apart from that, you have to keep this tree leaf from other harmful radiations too because they can damage the alkaloids of this herb making it an ineffective substance.

Keep Your Kratom From Moisture

Are you a regular user of Korth? Want to make your kratom stay fresh? Don’t forget to keep it away from the liquid or moisture. Humidity weakens the bitter taste and makes the overall properties ineffective.

Don’t Expose Korth To Heat

Well, heat or higher levels of temperatures are the deadliest things for your Korth. Heat directly affects the alkaloids present in this magical tree leaf and forces it to lose freshness thereby giving it a bad smell. You should store this plant under normal temperature or heat. It will help your kratom stay fresh for a longer period.

What Makes Fresh Kratom Superior?

As far as fresh kratom is concerned, it consists of higher alkaloids concentration. It increases the level of potency associated with the different strains. Therefore, if you want to get a highly potent strain, always check for the concentration of its alkaloids on the lab-test report. Two major alkaloids that control the overall potency of this plant are mitragynine and 7-hydroxy-mitragynine. Strains with higher potency levels are generally costly compared to the less potent strains. But overall, the cost remains the same because, for highly potent strains, you need to take less amount of Korth.

Give It A Go

Pure kratom right after harvesting can last for up to 1 to 3 months. If you want to make your kratom stay fresh for a longer duration, you can follow some simple but important tips to increase the overall lifespan. You can extend its shelf-life up to 13 months.

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