Kratom is a wonderful plant and serves a lot of beneficial properties to its users. People who are avid consumers swear by it. The potent alkaloids of the herb help relieve a lot of physical situations. For instance, the herb helps people sleep better, and it helps relieve their pain, stress, anxiety, improve their focus, and many other things. What if someone tells you that a product is made from this plant, which is much more potent than the actual leaves? It sounds too good to be true, but there exists such a product, and it is called “Kratom shots.” If you have stumbled across this article, you probably would have searched for “the availability of different products of Kratom near me.”  Or perhaps you are here because an enthusiast has recommended you to try Kratom shots without providing any additional knowledge. Well, do not worry as this article will cover everything you need to know about this new product and whether you should buy it or not. green thai

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What Are Kratom Shots?

These products are a liquid form of the kroth plant. They are like an energy drink, and you can have one when on the run! The industry of the kroth plant is evolving at a very high pace. The increase in products is primarily because of the raging popularity of the herb. Enthusiasts all over the world are constantly striving to make the best use of the Kratom plant. This is why companies, along with those enthusiasts, discovered a go-to product made from the herb. Kratom shots is a fancy product made from the liquid Kratom, and this liquid Kratom is one of the three extracts made from the Mitragyna Speciosa plant. Kratom shots come in a one-time-use bottle and are commonly available at gas stations.

How Are They Made?

Companies that abide by the GMP regulations and work under the shadow of the American Kratom Association (AKA) make these shots by extracting the essence of the Mitragyna Speciosa plant using distilled water. Non-regulated vendors use alcoholic beverages or different chemicals to extract this essence, which does not preserve the alkaloids present in the Kratom plant. But the process of using distilled water yields expensive products. So many users often go for the adulterated version.

Types Of Kratom Shots Available In The Market

These products are readily available at gas stations or over-the-counter. And they come in a variety of blends. Here are a few shots you might come across; OPMS Liquid Kratom shots ● MIT 45 ● Super K Extract Shot ● K Shot ● Vivazen ● Ketum Quick Shot Tincture ● Rhino Rush Energy Shots

Study Conducted On The Shots

The Journal of Medical Toxicology conducted a study on the products. This study revealed that the shots available at gas stations and local shops are unsafe to consume. The reason behind this conclusion was that the shits were being adulterated or contaminated with faux chemicals. These chemicals were the synthetic forms of Kratom’s alkaloid, mitragynine. Since this alkaloid is a crucial part of the leaves’ composition, mixing in any faux forms of the chemical can potentially cause harm to the consumers. The conclusive findings of the study showed that in a typical leaf of Kratom, there are approximately 23.8 micrograms of mitragynine. But chemical tests on the Kratom shots showed that they contain 190.7 nanograms of the same alkaloid. Since a nanogram is equal to a thousand micrograms, the results proved that these shots contain 8 thousand times more mitragynine than a typical Kratom leaf. Even if the manufacturers added non-synthetic forms of the alkaloid in these shots, this high quantity is beneficial in no way.

Side Effects Of The Product

Any product that is a quick fix comes with its drawbacks attached to it. The same is the case with these Kratom shots. Though they are an instant energy drink that gives you the ultimate boost you desire, these shots are not a healthy option. Like carbonated drinks, sodas, or alcoholic beverages, these shots are also non-beneficial when taken more than usual. They can pose health issues or induce unwanted symptoms in the consumer. A few of these symptoms include;

  • Increased output of urine
  • Excessive sweating
  • Anorexic behavior or loss of appetite
  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Itching
  • Decreased bowel movement or constipation

Consult Your General Physician

Before diving in to try any new Kratom product, you should consult your doctor for the proper advice. Even if the FDA does not regulate the herb, the doctor will not guide you towards something negative. If they feel like this herb might cause health issues, they will contra-indicate the products for you. If you do not feel okay consulting your general physician about it, ask any family member who comes from a medical background. Ingesting the wrong product can even cost you your life. Do not risk it. Companies make fancy products to make better sales, but you should know what is best for you.

Reliable Vendors To Buy Kratom Shots From

If you have reasonable control over your habits and think you can easily balance the consumption of your Kratom products, you can purchase them via trusted retailers. Online vendors are much better at selling these ketum products than local shops. Local vendors lack proper knowledge about the products, and thus they often sell items that have cheap quality. These items have compromised effects, and you will not have maximum benefits. There is a significantly low chance of any adulteration or contamination in the products sold by the former. Search for “Kratom near me” on your google search engine, and you will come across a range of websites that sell a diverse category of products. Here is a list of our trusted Kratom vendors:

  • Amazing botanicals
  • SA Kratom
  • Kratom Basket
  • Kratom Crazy
  • Kraken Kratom
  • Golden Monk
  • Oasis Kratom
  • Kratom guides
  • Kratom Spot

To buy Kratom shots, you can check out any of the following websites listed below;

Kratom Spot

You will find Kratom shots in various flavors on this website, including chocolate mint and orange cream. You can find a pack of six Kratom liquid shots available here.

My Kratom Club

They have a variety of Kratom shots available at their site like;

  • OPMS Black Extract Liquid Shot
  • K shot Kratom extract liquid
  • MT 45 kratom extract liquid
  • OPMS Kratom Extract Liquid Shot

White Dragon Botanicals

They sell premium Kratom extract products, including Kratom shots. Their shots range includes.

  • OPMS
  • Coffee-infused shots.
  • Ultra Kratom extract shots.
  • Super K kratom extract shots
  • Viva extreme extract shots
  • KR8OM extract shots
  • MIT 45 kratom extract shots
  • 2x MIT 45 Silver kratom extract shots


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