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Types Of Kratom Plants : Best Places To Buy Kratom Seeds for Sale Online

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To choose the best Kratom for you, you must first know which strains are available and understand each strain’s characteristics. To make it easier for you. We’ve put together a shortlist below: Popular types of Kratom Strains available on the market are as follows :

  1. White Vein Kratom – This variety is one of the Most Popular in the market.
  2. Red Vein Kratom – Widely regarded as the best Kratom Strain.
  3. Green Vein Kratom – Green Kratom is an all-in-one, Super Strain.
  4. Maeng Da Kratom – Purest and most Potent.
  5. Bentuangie Kratom – A mellow, relaxing Strain.
  6. Yellow Vein Kratom – A mood Enhancer that helps you beat those blues.

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Who Should Buy Kratom?

Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) is native to Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. It is a popular Asian home treatment for treating exhaustion, discomfort, diarrhea, and muscle cramps. The bottom line is that Kratom is a top-notch option to battle all of these issues in your daily life. Are you overweight? Do you have insomnia? Are you often depressed? Could your libido use a little help? Do those Monday morning blues have you stressed out? Insecurities starting to get you down? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, we find a solution for you. Kratom is a great all-natural way to deal with the problems mentioned above and so many more. Clients have told us that consistent use has given them a better quality of life.

Growing Your Own Kratom

So, we’ve sold you on Kratom; If you can’t acquire high-quality Kratom, you can cultivate it yourself; have you ever considered planting your own? The most premium quality kratom seeds and cuttings are available at you have any questions about how to buy kratom seeds, we are here to give you straightforward information about the best places to buy Kratom seeds. If you are flying in from Southeast Asia, all you need to do is buy some seeds, plant them in your garden and work on growing them, But if that’s not possible for you. Buying kratom seeds online from legitimate online internet sellers with authentic products is the way to go. Kratom seeds grow on the Mitragyna Speciosa tree, which is a magnificently tall tree. Kratom is indigenous to South East Asia, where it thrives best. Growing in marshy and muddy environments of tropical South East Asia it can reach heights of up to 30 meters. They are harder to grow elsewhere but with the proper care, it is possible. Growing your own Kratom plants could provide you with fresh kratom leaves year around. They can be powdered after harvesting and drying. And self-sufficiency is always satisfying.  Amazing botanicals collaborates with reputable farmers to get you the highest quality raw material to ensure you always get the best. To make your job even easier, we’ve put together a list of our top five Kratom vendors. These vendors offer everything from capsules to powders and, yes, even seeds. So if you want to grow Kratom. Here are our top five picks for the best places to buy Kratom seeds online!


Shamanic Extracts has been the star of the show since its establishment in 1999. It is one of the oldest and most reliable online stores for purchasing a wide range of botanicals.  They offer their goods to a variety of companies and customers. At  $27.50 for a pack of Kratom seeds, they offer great value for money with consistent product quality. User Reviews: Their users have given them consistently high reviews.

  • Product Quality Their products are of the highest quality and completely organic.
  • GMP Certification: There is no Information mentioning GMP documentation on their website. However, it is quite possible to approach them personally and request a lab-tested report on the items.
  • Payment Methods: Their online portal facilitates bank transfers, Bitcoin, and cash payments.
  • Shipping Methods: They ship globally and offer tracking services for all orders.
  • Discounted Deals: Discounted deals are available for important occasions such as Black Friday. So do keep a lookout!

2) Mitrascience

Mitrascience is a great online retailer of quality Mitragyna Speciosa raw materials and byproducts. Mitrascience offers both seeds and live kratom cuttings. Their Kratom seeds are imported from Southeast Asia and sell out fast. So keep an eye out for when they replenish their inventory. Because kratom seeds are so tiny and fragile, they are sold in quantities of 50 per seed pod. More on Mitrascience:

  • User Experiences: Mitrascience was preferred by most people with largely positive reviews.
  • GMP-certification: According to its website,
  • Mitrascience is GMP-certified and follows all ethical sourcing standards.
  • Product quality: All its products are 100% organic and rigorously lab tested.
  • Payment Methods: Mitrascience accepts bank transfers, cash payments, and e-checks.
  • Delivery options: Mitrascience does not offer global shipping yet, it ships within the US via USPC and UPS.
  • Discounted Deals: Mitrascience offers seasonal discounts as high as 50% on its products.

3) Texas Herbs & Botanicals

Texas Herbs & Botanicals is another famous distributor of kratom seeds. Their seeds are robust and sourced from Thailand. It is recommended to plan them as soon as you receive your shipment. Delays in planting may affect the health of the plant. Their seed packages range from $15 to $25. Each package contains ten, twenty, or thirty seeds. More about Texas Herbs and Botanicals:

  • User Reviews: This seller has mixed ratings with many good ratings, but also many negative ones.
  • GMP Certification: The vendor has a GMP certification, which means that its products are of high quality.
  • Delivery options: Free USPS priority shipping on purchases
  • Payment Options: Texas Herbs and Botanicals accepts payments through Zelle, Apple Pay, Google Pay, money order, and bank checks.

4) Shamansgarden

This seller is renowned for its affordable exotic herbs. They sell both live kratom leaf plants, cuttings, seeds, and kratom by-products. Several customers have stated that the cuttings bought from them have grown well. Cuttings are prices between $80-& $130. Seeds are a little cheaper. More about Shamansgarden:

  • Delivery options: Cuttings and live plants are shipped only within the US, while seeds are shipped globally via USPS and FedEx.
  • GMP Certified: The facility produces to current ISO standards and is GMP certified.
  • Product Quality: The herbs have been lab-tested and are pure.
  • Payment Options: They accept bank transfers, eChecks, Zelle, Bitcoin, Cash, and Facebook Pay.
  • Discounts: Seasonal discounts and promotions are available.

5) Amazing Botanicals

Amazing botanical is a US-based seller of high-quality Kratom products and raw materials.

  • Delivery options: They ship on the same day, seeds are shipped globally via courier.
  • GMP Certified: The products are third-party lab tested and adhere to the highest standards. Their products are GMP certified.
  • Payment Options: Amazing botanicals accept bank transfers via visa and MasterCard
  • Discounts: Discounts and promotions are available on a seasonal basis


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