Ensuring excellent Kratom quality is something every enthusiast always dreams of and, of course, they should be concerned about that. The increasing demand for this Southeast Asian classical herb has introduced a lot of saturation in the global Speciosa industry. Every other day, hundreds of new vendors jump into the market to meet the desires of every single user and to generate enough revenues in return.

It is very unfortunate to say that many kratom vendors are mostly concerned about making more and more profits and, in fact, they have nothing to do with the health of buyers. This is why the customers always look for ways to make sure that they are getting genuine strains. But, doing this is not a piece of cake for everyone. It takes time and experience at the same time. Newcomers should be more concerned about this parameter because they are usually not in a position to determine product quality.

Are you about to start your Korth journey? Want to make it not only memorable but also enjoyable? Worried about getting impure stock? Stop worrying! We have got a solid solution for you. Just grab some time and read through this guide that presents some quality tips to ensure that you are getting superb Kratom quality. Let’s dive into the specifics.

Why Does Kratom Quality Matter?

Well, regardless of the nature of the product, the quality matters of course. No one of us wants to get outdated, impure, or contaminated items. Do we? Of course not.

So, the thing is, ensuring the high-quality Kratom strains can add extra colors to your newly started journey. In fact, it helps you get more attracted to this magical plant. Another important role a genuine Mitragyna plays is; it keeps your health protected from dangerous chemicals or preservatives.

If you consult some regular Korth users, they will always insist on checking the quality of Speciosa products before you make a purchase. This clearly shows how important it is to make sure whether or not you are purchasing the right product. Now, it is time to know how to ensure a premium-quality Mitragyna strain. Let’s have a closer look.

4 Tips To Make Sure You Are Getting Genuine Kratom

The top 4 things you must not take for granted while making a purchase are listed below.

1. Always Look For Vendor’s Certification

Before going into the nitty-gritty of product quality, it is very important to know who is selling the product. Isn’t it? It is of course.

Do you know what should be the first and topmost parameter to evaluate how worthy a specific seller is? Not really? Well, having a certification is a must to do so.

If a vendor is certified by AKA GMP program, it means that it must be selling some credible stuff thereby ensuring the good health of every customer.

Getting AKA GMP certification is not as easy as it seems. This certification needs a renewal every year and a vendor has to pay $1,000 per renewal. The official AKA members perform independent audits to evaluate the stocks of the registered sellers. This is how AKA ensures that the merchants are constantly selling supreme quality strains and no one is getting scammed.

2. Never Forget To Check Lab-Test Reports

Done with checking the vendor’s certification? Great. The next step is to evaluate the quality of a product you are about to purchase. Lab-test reports are the only tool to get it done.

A couple of independent laboratories are providing their services to test Kratom stocks of thousands of sellers around. Every reputed seller requests an independent 3rd party laboratory to verify all the products. Once an independent laboratory tests the Kratom stock, it issues a specific report highlighting what is in the product.

Taking a look at the lab-test reports, you can get an idea about the alkaloids’ concentration, preservatives (if any), and all other ingredients present in the item you are going to purchase. This is why you should never take it for granted to look for lab-test results.

Important Note: If a vendor is unable to show you the lab-test reports, it is better to find another seller that has displayed these reports on its official website.

3. Closely Observe The Vendor’s Reputation

The third important tip, after verifying the vendor’s certification and lab-test reports, is to look for how trustworthy a particular merchant is. Having certification and lab-test results is not enough for a vendor to become a dependable one. Yes, it is true.

There are a couple of other factors you should consider before buying your stock. While exploring different online platforms, you must have a look at the diversification of inventory. The more diversified inventory means more variety of products and it will be easy for you to make an informed decision to choose the item you are in need of.

Similarly, considering the pricing policy, shipping, return methods, and payments options is also a must while making your Kratom purchases. Reputable kratom vendors always benefit from top-notch logistics services like the USPS and UPS. The top payment methods include credit/debit card, PayPal, Discover, American Express, BitCoin, Cash on Delivery, etc.

4. Always Go For In-Person Inspection

Have you carefully considered all the above-mentioned tips? Going for an in-person inspection is equally important. Once you receive your order, don’t forget to cross the product’s credibility. You can simply do it by comparing the product label with the information mentioned on the website of a seller you have purchased from.

If you are unable to match any of the parameters, it clearly means that there is something fishy. Now, when you taste the Kratom, it should be a bit bitter and sharp. If you feel that there is no bitterness, there must be some preservatives or fillers in it.

What Is AKA Doing To Ensure Good Kratom Quality?

The American Kratom Association (AKA) is a well-known US body that is supporting Speciosa from the front. It not only spreads awareness but has also set some credible standards to regulate the industry. KCPA was introduced for this regulation. Let’s have a look at what it is.

Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA)

It is a popular bill that was introduced to regulate the US Kratom industry. The basic goal behind introducing the bill was to ensure that everyone is getting not only the freshest but also the purest form of Kratom. The points included in the KCPA are:

  • Sellers must mention all product ingredients on labels
  • The concentration of mitragynine should not be above 0.2%
  • The stock must be free from fillers and contaminants
  • Buyers must be at least 18 years of age
  • If someone disrespects the law, 90 days’ imprisonment and/or up-to a $1,000 fine would be the punishment.

Last Thoughts

Whenever you plan to make a purchase, ensuring Kratom quality has always been the most important factor. It not only takes care of your health but also adds extra colors to your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is there any other official body, other than AKA, that works for the better of Kratom?

Answer: As of now, AKA is the only official department that is spreading Kratom awareness around the globe. Some individuals, without a doubt, are playing their part but no official department has yet jumped into the market.

Question: What is the biggest hurdle in the world of Kratom?

Answer: Well, the legality of kratom and lack of research is the major hurdle in this domain.

Question: Do reputed sellers always ensure good Kratom quality?

Answer: Yes, most of the time, they sell superb quality kratom strains. But, you must always ensure the nature of the product before buying.

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