Kratom, the wonder plant with the botanical name Mitragyna Speciosa is a plant best grown in Southeast Asia’s extremely fertile, hot, and humid regions. The Kratom plant seeds are no different from that of other plants, but sometimes a farmer can get questions about what he is looking at. Thus, it also becomes increasingly challenging for buyers who know little about Kratom to tell the authentic seeds apart from those that retain a subpar quality. Kratom seeds are rarely available in parts of the world other than Southeast Asia., That is mainly because the plant thrives much better near the equatorial, hot, and humid regions as compared to other dry and cold areas. It can grow into a fully-developed tree in these regions and thus is readily available in Southeast Asia. The tree is native to regions with muddy and swampy soil and can grow very well in these environments. When cultivated well, these trees produce healthy leaves and seeds for germination that we then consume. If you are a newbie interested in growing Kratom trees in your backyard garden, this article will help you get started. The scope of this article is to cover in length everything you need to know about the Kratom Plant Seeds!

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What Do Kratom Plant Seeds Look Like?

The Kratom plant seeds are primarily present inside a pod. The pod takes a solid resemblance to the structure of a small, hollow pine cone. In contrast, the seeds inside this pod have a flaky appearance. To cultivate the plant in your backyard manually, you will have to extract the seed from inside the pod and continue the process further. The pod provides a nurtured growing environment for the seed. One pod can contain up to 50 Kratom seeds, but it has been proven through medical records that kratom seeds generally have a low germination rate. Only one out of 5 seeds germinate when fresh, and only 1 in 25 seeds germinate when dry. As soon as they fall off the tree, they should be collected within a day or two, removed from the pod, and then allowed to germinate. Otherwise, the seeds will eventually dry out and would be of little to no use for you.

How to Buy the Proper Product

Online shopping is very confusing, be it clothes or Kratom seeds! Choosing what is authentic and what will give promising results is a task in itself. The first and foremost thing you need to ensure before buying Kratom plant seeds online is that they are fresh. Most kratom vendors sell out seeds that have been kept for a long time. We know that kratom seeds lose their germinating potential if exposed to air for a long time after being extracted. Such seeds are then useless and do not reap fruit no matter how hard you try. The period it takes for the seeds to reach you can help you decide if they are fresh. In most cases, if the seeds you ordered get delivered to you after a week or two of ordering, the chances are that they will not be fresh. Seeds that are collected and exported within a maximum of 3 days ensure that they will germinate. The seeds that are older than that will be dried out and will not germinate even if given all the right conditions. In some cases, local farmers also cultivate kratom plants locally and sell seeds from locally grown plants, labeling them as “imported.” Such seeds also have a very low germination rate because the trees that produced them weren’t grown under optimum conditions. Here are some things you should take into consideration before buying kratom plant seeds:

  • Buy seeds that have a viability rate of 10-20%. The viability rate is a guide to see how many seeds are living and thus have the potential to grow into a plant that can grow itself.
  • The germination rate of the seeds starts to decrease as soon as they are separated from the original plant. If the seeds had been separated from the plant more than two weeks ago, do not buy them, as they have very low potential to germinate, let alone survive.

How to Grow a Plant Tree from Seeds At Home

You will need very fertile land and hot and humid weather similar to Southeast Asia to grow the Kratom seeds. To start the process, you will need to plant 5 to 10 seeds on one spot for at least one seed to sprout. Sometimes it may take much more than just a bunch of seeds for the right one to sprout. These are the optimal conditions you will require to grow them at home:

  • Fertile land with the best seepage system.
  • Optimal sunlight provides warmth to seeds, preferably at a temperature within the range of 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • An area with too much sunlight is not feasible as it can dry the soil.
  • A setup that has conditions similar to that of a rainforest.
  • Breeze or perhaps light wind from an artificial means like a fan to increase the alkaloid production in the plant.
  • Optimal fertilizers since the seeds’ early days.
  • Soil enriched with Nitrogen.

Know About the Vendor

Before purchasing any sort of seeds, know about your vendor first, whether you are buying Kratom plant seeds online or in person. If the vendor claims that the seeds are just a day old but look pretty dry, do not fall for it. Sometimes the vendors are unaware of what they are selling and thus even have two-week-old seeds in their stock. These seeds are useless for any purpose. Do not spend a dime on them. However, if you have to wait a lot for the seeds to sprout, it doesn’t always mean the seeds you were given were old or dried. It could also be that a seed doesn’t sprout just because the conditions weren’t optimum or simply because you had a piece of bad luck! The second most important thing to know about the vendor is how he has grown his Kratom plants. Suppose he has used pesticides or heavy metal fertilizers to grow his plants. In that case, your seeds likely contain harmful chemicals as well, and you do not want to grow a plant that is intoxicated by toxic chemicals that will later enter your bloodstream when you consume it.

Kratom Plant Seeds vs. Clones

Kratom clones are cuttings from a mature kratom plant. They are live miniature plants that are either cut off or trimmed by a farmer from a full-grown Kratom plant. Clones are a better option for growing these plants outside of Asia since they have a viability rate greater than the seeds. The chance of finding Kratom clones is also rare, but once you do your research, you can come across a farmer who can give you trimmings from his Kratom plant. The seeds are difficult to grow; hence the clone can help ease up the process. The seller of the plant will give you trimmings or Kratom clones from their plants, and hence this will ensure that they are of high quality.

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