Kratom users have come up with all sorts of ways of to take Kratom powder such as toss n’ wash, making Kratom tea, mixing it with a drink, etc., but due to the inherently bitter nature of Kratom powder these methods are only tolerable at best, and at worst totally nauseating. The good news is that it is possible to transform bitter Kratom powder into a delicious Kratom peanut butter banana smoothie, which will revolutionize your Kratom dosing experience. Simply follow the recipe in this article.

The Ingredients: Peanut Butter, Bananas, Honey, Milk, Ice, And Kratom Powder

After obtaining all of the above ingredients, the first step is to place 2-3 bananas in a blender, followed by 2-3 cups of milk. Once you do that it’s time to add your Kratom powder, and for this recipe 20 grams is recommended. Optionally, you can get creative and add multiple different strains in order to create a potent Kratom blend. The next step is to pour a generous amount of honey onto the Kratom, and this will help the Kratom sink down into the milk. Then add generous amounts of peanut butter. The key word here is generous, since the peanut butter and honey are essential for eliminating the Kratom bitterness. Err on the side of putting too much honey and peanut butter, since the more you put the more delicious it gets. Finally add as much ice as you can squeeze in, and at this point your blender will be totally full. Notably, it is important to have put honey, peanut butter, and ice on top of the Kratom powder in the previous steps, since even if your blender is tightly covered, the Kratom powder will still fly out if there’s nothing to weigh it down. At this point you blend it up on the highest power mode, and voila, your Kratom smoothie is ready. If you did it correctly there will be zero Kratom bitterness and tons of great flavor from the peanut butter and bananas. Whatever flavor of Kratom that is left will just be a slight and pleasant herbal note.

Bonus Step: Put The Smoothie In The Freezer To Create Kratom Ice Cream

Due to all of the milk and sugar in this Kratom smoothie, it readily becomes ice cream if you freeze it. It would be best to use an ice cream maker, but it is also possible to turn it into real ice cream simply by stirring occasionally during the freezing process. It is definitely worth making Kratom ice cream, since the experience of getting more and more Kratomated as you eat ice cream is awesome.

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