Kratom One was formed by two friends who were passionate about Mitragyna Speciosa and wanted to learn more about it. They claim to be the only place where you can get 100% genuine, organic kratom. We sincerely hope this is the truth, but it’s worth noting that almost every kratom merchant makes this claim, and only a few of them have the evidence to back it up.

On their website, this was the only information accessible. They don’t say when the company was established. This domain was registered in 2012, according to a tool for determining the age of a domain. Kratom One is likely to be about nine years old. If factually correct, that makes the Kratom One Vendor a strong player in the field of kratom-selling. Something must be working for a brand that has been around for nearly a decade.

This blog post is an in-depth Kratom One Vendor review exploring the incredibilities that the brand has to offer.

About the Brand

KratomOne is a brand working to bring Southeast Asia’s best kratom powder to the Western world. The firm began in Santa Barbara, California, where it continues to grow by developing exceptional distinctive kratom blends. The company became so successful that it expanded into international sales through its Newry, United Kingdom, headquarters. Customers can expect excellent customer service from KratomOne’s North Ireland location, as well as amazing kratom teas.

Kratom One Vendor Product Line

The green, red, and white vein kratom powders are available from this dealer. While other providers have been busy developing liquid extracts and even kratom chewing gum, Kratom One has concentrated all of its efforts on delivering the finest, most potent kratom powder available.

Tri-Force Kratom is a well-known product, a brownish-green mix of three potent cultivars: Red Bali, Super Green Malay (SGM), and White Maeng Da.

In comparison to other kratom retailers, Kratom One has a limited product line. They appear to have only six things in their entire store. All of the products are available in powder form.

Because they have such a limited selection, it’s likely that they get their supply from small-scale farmers who can only grow a few strains. Triforce and white fire are two mixtures among their choices.

The strains that blend are often disliked, especially if they are proprietary and not well-known in the industry. The reason for this is that it becomes impossible to establish a consistent mix that consistently produces the same test findings. It’s also possible that the Bali and Maeng Da strains available are hybrids of various vein varieties within each strain.

They make no discrimination between red, green, white, yellow, or gold vein colors in these strains. The vein variation is only mentioned in their Red Horn and Super Green Malaysian.


Kratom One is available in increments of 100 g, 250 g, 500 g, 1 kg, and 2 kg. Each of the six goods has a price structure that is slightly different. The most affordable strain is $25 and goes up to $360. The most expensive strain ranges in price from $29 to $460.

These rates are exorbitant, implying that this company buys from small-time vendors who can’t afford to offer huge discounts for large volume orders. To put it in perspective, their kilos cost $79 against $180-$240 at the store.

What do people have to say about the Brand?

The Kratom One vendor review & discussion thread on Reddit doesn’t say much, but it’s all in favour of the brand.

One of the best Kratom One Vendor reviews was:

“These individuals are a solid seller and have been confirmed since the inception of the Korner,” the thread’s administrator said.

Someone mentioned that KratomOne is the “only brand I carry by the ounce at my shops.”

“Love this vendor,” adds another commenter. “Bali is fantastic.”

Reddit feedback on Kratom One’s Tri-Force Blend, on the other hand, isn’t very positive. One user expressed dissatisfaction with the product because it was “very pricey” and did “nothing.”

“I wanted to like it, but it sucks,” another Redditor commented.

“Their leaf is high priced, [but] a majority [of it] is nice,” according to a more extensive evaluation.

Only one person spoke up in support of Triforce: “I like it…obviously it’s not the best… However, I enjoyed it.”

Accepted Payment Options

Bitcoin, credit cards, online checks, and wire transfers are presently accepted by this merchant.

If you’re considering using Bitcoin to make a payment, you’ll want to go to one of the many online bitcoin exchanges. BTC can be purchased using PayPal or other similar methods from a variety of online marketplaces.

Bisq, eToro, and Robinhood are three of the most prominent BTC exchanges. If you have any questions about how to pay using Bitcoin, you may contact the brant’s customer service staff for assistance. They’re polite, knowledgeable, and eager to help you have a pleasant shopping experience.


Kratom One also wins in this area. For purchases placed before 3 p.m. PST Monday through Friday, the seller offers same-day shipping. Saturday and Sunday orders will be handled the following Monday.

The shipping is handled by the USPS (United States Postal Service). Priority shipping takes 2 business days, and customers have praised the speed with which customer service responds.

If you decide to buy something, allow at least four to five days for your item to arrive. The United States Postal Service is currently experiencing extraordinary delays, which has harmed many sectors, including kratom.

Refund Policy

The brand is quite accommodating when it comes to returning things that don’t reach your expectations.

Their refund policy website is simple and straightforward. It claims to give a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you need to return something, simply contact their customer service email to begin the process.

Where Can You Buy Kratom Online?

Although kratom is known for its calming properties, purchasing it online can be stressful. Choosing reputable vendors is the best method to ensure that you receive high-quality goods. There are a lot of vendors available online but in order to choose the best and highest quality kratom. It is important to look up to vendors that are trustworthy for the industry.

Here are some of the recommendations of vendors to buy kratom online.

Final Verdict

This brand is a small-scale kratom retailer with only six product lines. While the creators appear to have a passion for their sector, they have not backed it up with activism.

This Kratom One vendor review was written solely to highlight the pros and cons of the brand and discuss its standing in the kratom world. In summary, it is a reputable and pricey source of high-quality kratom powder. This is a trustworthy brand. The price is moderately high, but the quality justifies it.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Are products lab tested?

Per batch, they send out three separate samples to be analyzed. In each round of testing, they look for microbial toxins, heavy metals, and two kratom-specific alkaloids.

Where does your product come from?

All of their products are acquired directly from wholesale distributors in the United States or from portions of Indonesia.

Is kratom one legit?

I am convinced that this brand is a trustworthy company, as evidenced by their 30-day refund policy and free kratom samples.

How can I trust the quality of the product?

Management is responsible for ensuring that the product they sell is consistent and of the highest quality. In order to maintain their product constant, they regularly monitor client feedback and remarks. All of their items come with a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Why are their products so expensive?

There’s a lot that goes into acquiring high-quality Southeast Asian kratom. You must deal with harvesting costs, importation, kratom leaf processing and quality assurance lab testing, and so on. Aside from that, there’s the cost of safe and secure storage. It is not a cheap business to be in, therefore if a price appears to be too good to be true, it most often is.

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