Amazon is a multinational company that Jeffory Bezos founded in the year 1994. A lot of you might not know, but the logo of Amazon shows an arrow from the letter “a” in the name to the letter “z,” this indicates that it sells items from “a to z.” Though this fact is not entirely true, you will not find many items missing from their page. For ketum enthusiasts, it is their miraculous plant, Mitragyna Speciosa, also known as Kratom. This might come as a shock to the newbies in the ketum world, but you can not buy Kratom on Amazon. So it is not like when you search on amazon about “Kratom near me,” you do not get any items because of your area, and it is because the website does not sell it generally. Kratom is a fantastic herb that grows in the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia, and the plant is primarily grown and cultivated in these regions. It had an excellent reputation among the tribal people in ancient times, but the plant has become famous worldwide over the last decade. We know many new Kratom users will get disheartened after reading this update about the non-availability of Kratom on Amazon, but do not worry as we got you covered. Read this article to know more about this ketum scenario, and head on to the last section to get a list of our favorite Kratom vendors! Red Malay by Amazing

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Misleading Products

You might have come across suggestions for various items when you type Kratom on amazon’s search bar. But all of these products are utterly misleading. Most of the time, they direct you towards books or audiobooks on the plant. Other suggestions direct you towards other natural herbs like “kava kava.” You might often get confused when an unknown herb appears under the Kratom category, and new consumers think it may be one of the plant’s products and fall into the trap.

The Never-Ending Controversies Of The Herb

Every regular customer and consumer of Mitrgyna Speciosa knows that it comes with tonnes of controversies attached to it. The root cause of all of these problems is the herb not being regulated by the FDA. If it is legal in many states, why does this cause impose such a significant issue? This chaotic situation is caused by the warnings issued against the herb by the FDA’s regulatory authority. Due to these warnings, the herb holds a compromised status among officials; hence multinational corporations do not sell the herb at all.

The Hypocrisy Of The Website

While you will not find Kratom on Amazon, it does sell other herbs and natural supplements. There are many more adverse effects being reported by the use of these substances than Kratom. Still, companies like Walmart or GNC and websites like Amazon do not stock Kratom in their inventory. Mitragyna Speciosa has fewer chances for overdose and producing a high than these substances, yet, they are sold openly while compromising Kratom’s sale.

The Global Shipment Policy Of Amazon

Being such a huge corporation, Amazon has made an impact worldwide through its global shipment policy. The products are delivered in almost every corner of the world. But this rule is not the same with Kratom. The herb is not legal in every country or county, and this is why Amazon does not stock up its inventory with such a drug. The illegality of the herb means that you can not ship it to those areas, but according to the shipment policy of Amazon, you can order any product no matter where you live.

Countries Where The Herb Is Banned

  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Israel
  • Thailand
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Myanmar
  • Lithuania
  • Vietnam
  • Singapore
  • Sweden

States Where The Herb Is Banned

  • Wisconsin
  • Rhode Island
  • Arkansas
  • Alabama
  • Vermont
  • Indiana

Cities Or Counties Where The Herb Is Banned

  • Sarasota County, Florida
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Jerseyville, Illinois
  • San Diego, Chicago
  • Union County, Mississippi

Products Related To Kratom That Amazon Does Sell

You may not find different products of Kratom on Amazon, but what you can buy from the website are multiple e-books. These books have a detailed piece of information on the Kratom plant. From its history to its usage, you will find every detail on how to use the products. These e-books can be great for you if you are an avid user or even a newbie in the Kratom world.

Kratom And Its Payment Issues

Being a controversial substance, Kratom is on the list of high-risk products of credit card companies. Significant companies like Mastercard and Visa do not allow their users to purchase such substances. These companies do not allow retailers to even do transactions for these products. If a retailer does commit the act, their whole account will be blocked by the credit card company. Amazon works on online payments along with cash on delivery. The cash on delivery option is not open for all, and this is why online payment is a feasible option for almost every customer. The unavailability of this option can significantly reduce the sales making the product a lesser sold item. And so, not every online marketing service sells Mitragyna Speciosa.

If Not On Amazon, Then Where Can I Buy Kratom Near Me?

Where can I buy Kratom near me? We are sure you must have asked this question after reading all the guidelines and policies related to the unavailability of the herb on Amazon. The answer to this question is pretty simple actually, ONLINE VENDORS (other than Amazon)! The world of the internet is very vast. You will find not one but tens and hundreds of websites that sell the herb online. But you need to be careful about the retailer you choose. Any negligence in choosing the right vendor may end up in you buying contaminated or adulterated items, which is why you need to be thorough while purchasing such essential drugs online. Here is a list of our trusted online vendors that sell fine-quality Kratom products:

  • Amazing Botanicals
  • SA Kratom
  • Kratom Basket
  • Golden Monk
  • Kraken Kratom
  • Kratom Crazy
  • Kraoma
  • Kratom Krush

Final Word

You will find tonnes of cheap items being sold in the name of Kratom , but do not fall for such products. They are either fake or contaminated, and there have been reports of Kratom contamination by heavy metals and even Salmonella concentrates. Be aware of such faux substances and purchase only from trusted sources. There are currently 25 online registered members of the American Kratom Association (AKA), and these vendors abide by the GMP guidelines set forward by the association. Secondly, each batch is tested by a 3rd-party, assuring maximum quality.

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