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Kratom is a plant that comes from Southeast Asia and possesses powerful medicinal benefits thanks to its active ingredients called alkaloids such as mitragynine or 7-hydroxy mitragynine (7-HMG). This botanical herb comes in various shapes and forms, such as capsules or raw leaves (depending on what form people prefer), which makes it difficult for all customers to get their needs met by one vendor. Most buyers prefer a seller that prioritizes their needs by providing them with great products at affordable prices. At Left Kratom Lounge, you will find all these features in one place–a vendor where customers are treated like family! They offer a wide variety of products with fair pricing and customer service that is second-to-none. This article reviews the goods and services offered by Left Kratom Lounge. Read this information carefully so that you understand everything about them in detail! green thai

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Seller Inspection

The origin of Kratom Lounge can be traced back to 2009 when it came into being as a web mart dealing in kratom extract. The aim of the mart was to acquire a good quality kratom essence from fresh kratom leaves and package them adequately to supply to the general public. The foundation of Kratom Lounge was strong with the support of an experienced and seasoned crew who had sufficient knowledge about the plants, their strains, uses, and formulations. Assisting with the supply was a group of kratom plantation experts in the vicinity who provided further insight.   The founders showed unrelenting dedication and efforts to buy patron reliance. In this competitive market, it is already difficult to settle but the founders spent tireless hours to gain a place in the combative online market.   Kratom Lounge battled the unprecedented struggles they faced while setting up a name in the market and remained steadfast to their goals. Due to their firm resoluteness and professionalism, people now recognize Kratom Lounge as a reliable supplier of their favorite kratom strains. This vendor is popular and well-trusted among the community.

Attributes of Kratom Lounge

If you are a frequent customer at smoke stores and novelty shops, you must have noticed the products of Kratom Lounge at almost every wholesale market in the United States. Consistent with its brick-and-mortar presence, the online stores of Kratom Lounge are no less popular. Thousands of consumers frequently visit the online store for valuable deals on bulk kratom powder and kratom capsules at reasonable costs.   Owing to its increasing demand, it is natural to wonder what makes this vendor stand out among the rest of its competitors. In order to answer your question, let’s go over some of the attractive features of Kratom Lounge.

Reliable Lab Tests

At Kratom Lounge, the vendors value the quality, legality, and safety of their products. Hence, the company takes regular lab testing very seriously. Kratom Lounge’s products are scrutinized thoroughly to check for purity, relative strength, and legality. Once the lab results come in, they are subjected to comparative analysis with the lab results of Kratos synthetic products. By comparing features and drawing conclusions, a comprehensive report is prepared with comparative facts that are then displayed on the website.   Since many people are unaware of the details of a certain product, Kratom Lounge provides QR code scanning at their stores. The products are detected in the marts by running the QR code in the direction of the label. These codes help display additional information about the product so that the customer can make an informed decision. This way is quick, easy, and widely practiced, much like including the LOT number at the top of the parcel. The LOT numbers on parcels can help you recognize the products from a certain manufacturer since every brand has its own LOT identification number.

Wide Range of Products

Kratom Lounge includes a wide range of kratom products in a variety of formulations, costs, and strains. The flexible product line entails 15x kratom extract and Super Indo. The most bought and frequently stocked products include:

  • Green Borneo
  • Green Hulu Kapuas
  • Green Malay
  • Green Thai
  • Maeng Da
  • Premium Bali
  • Red Bali
  • Red Borneo
  • Red Horn
  • Red Thai
  • White Borneo
  • White Horn
  • White Malaysian
  • White Thai

Quality Assurance

One of the most important foundations of Kratom Lounge that they refuse to compromise on is the excellent quality they offer. The company ensures that all of its products go through an immaculate process of individual quality checks to get perfect batches of kratom formulations. Every product is diligently ground and subjected to the utmost care. To ensure that the products are properly sealed shut, an in-residence device is incorporated in the wrapping system to weigh and enclose every sachet with heat . Another important consideration in the wrapping system is ensuring the lack of human interference to maintain the supreme degree of hygiene. Kratom Lounge does not involve any human touch in the packaging process and this step is purely mechanical.

Reasonable Costing

Kratom Lounge provides standardized pricing to make the process of purchasing easier for their customers. Following are the prices according to the weight of the kratom product. The costs are aligned with the current market rate at the moment and represent an industry-low in the United States.  

1 oz$15
100 g$30
250 g$40
0.5 kg$75
1 kg$125


28 g$15
100 g$30
250 g$40
500 g$75
1 kg$125


28 g$25
100 g$55
250 g$100
500 g$135
1 kg$245


15x$35 – $285
30x$55 – $525


Since Kratom Lounge is a part of a combative online market, there are various ways you can use your social media or e-mail accounts to get deductions on your desired products. The company offers a combination where you can provide your email address to subscribe to regular newsletters. That’s how the vendors update the consumers on their latest deals, discounts, and exciting offers. Promo codes are usually restricted to their Twitter page. For example, if your current code (end of June 2021) is SOMMER21, you will receive a 15% discount.

Payment Proposals

Unlike its competitors who offer only limited payment options, Kratom Lounge accepts a wide range of transactions such as AmEx, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa. For convenience, cash is also accepted at the desk for people who are inexperienced with crypto or have a low credit score.

Customer Support

Kratom Lounge ensures its round-the-clock presence to serve its clients effectively and efficiently. Moreover, their performance-oriented contact support grants trustworthy assistance to their customers in case of any discomfort. They strive their best to live up to their goals and to meet their customer’s expectations. The diligent staff is active 24/7 to cater to your queries, troubles, and provide guidance regarding their services.

Client Reviews

A sure way to judge a company’s worth is by reading the feedback of people who have tried and tested the products. The official website of Kratom Lounge has a plethora of reviews regarding each and every product, authenticated by the “confirmed owners”. But that’s not all. If you have any doubt about the authenticity of these reviews, you can head over to various other sites, blogs, and forums where people can share their experience of the brand.


What makes Kratom Lounge the best vendor in the market?

  • Unlike other brands that only offer small amounts of kratom products, Kratom Lounge allows you to buy their products in bulk or wholesale to sell on a large scale
  • The costs are reasonable and economical
  • The brand offers an excellent wrapping system and fast delivery
  • Kratom Lounge evaluates their sellings so that they can carefully manage their demand and supply in the market


What are the downsides of Kratom Lounge?

  • The brand is not AKA-certified
  • It is not registered with the American Kratom Association site



Before buying your desired kratom products, it is important to find a vendor that is reliable when it comes to the quality of products. With Kratom Lounge, you can buy first-rate products at highly economical prices. The unparalleled dedication of the Kratom Lounge crew in ensuring that their customers are satisfied with their products has paid off with their increasing popularity and demand in the market.  With Kratom Lounge, you get both excellence and affordability.


1- Does the Kratom Lounge have a social media presence? Yes, For consumer service, indeed, an online presence on a 24/7 basis is available at the organization’s internet site, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so that clients can place the order in line with time handy for them. 2- How can I contact the staff at Kratom Lounge? If you have any doubts regarding their services and products, you can contact them by emailing 3- Where do the shipments originate from? Kratom Lounge ships from Washington. 4- Is Kratom Lounge offering any return plan? Kratom Lounge gives 30 days money-lower back assurance in case clients get the incorrect product and if they’re not opened. In turn, the clients will pay a 10% re-shipment fee.

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