Kratom in the military is a sensitive subject that many people always inquire about. The military staff is usually known for its strength, ability, and endurance. In addition, they go through extreme life-changing conditions and hardcore training sessions.

Exactly the same features are associated with the individuals belonging to the US army. The reason behind such difficult situations is; the military believes in protecting their community in the best possible manner.

After going through strict training, most of the time, military members face a couple of health challenges and this is pretty common.

Since the military’s job is tough; therefore, the relevant professionals try to take good care of themselves to keep them fit and healthy all time. Many of them are found involved in taking Kratom either daily or with varying frequency.

But, the question that arises here is; can you take Kratom in the military? A huge global community has the same concern and they often look for some authentic stuff on this particular subject. Are you the one with a similar intention? You are, at the moment, on the right forum. Let’s get to the roots of this discussion.

Is It Allowed To Consume Kratom In The Military?

As far as the United States is concerned, if you are an on-duty military member, you are not allowed to consume Speciosa at any cost. You can not even think of doing that. The “Department of Defense” is against the use of every substance that has the potential to create any sort of difficulty for the military members to perform their duties.

If anyone gets caught taking some suspicious substances, the US military immediately takes disciplinary action. FDA made a few claims that Kratom strains could be dangerous for human health and it can even cause death in the worst-case scenario.

Considering these claims, the “Department of Defense (DoD)” has made it illegal for you to consume Kratom in the military because there was no medical evidence available in this regard.

However, the military laws are lenient for substances like nicotine, alcohol, or other prescription medications. But, you should take them in proper amounts without overdosing.

Is Kratom Subjected To Military Testing?

As discussed earlier, the military does not allow its active on-duty members to ingest Mitragyna because it is listed among the banned substances of the DoD.

Therefore, they have to undergo screening of all illegal medications. However, DoD does not perform regular testing on Kratom because routine tests like SAHMSA-5 and others are unable to detect the contents of this herb.

Therefore, no one can give you a guarantee that you won’t be tested for Kratom. But, this is the reality that trends are changing continuously. The DoD made an announcement in 2017 that the department is focusing on enhancing its testing facility.

Around 26 illegal medications including cocaine, and other cannabinoids will go under testing. People applying for different positions in the military will also be subjected to these tests.

Kratom was not listed to undergo screening. Some serving military members claimed that their divisions are testing them for the use of Kratom. So, the simple approach to get rid of any kind of complication should be to avoid ingesting Kratom in the military.

Doesn’t matter whether or not your unit is performing Mitragyna tests, you should avoid taking this tree leaf if you are on duty in the military. The reason behind this fact is; the rules can change at any moment within your unit and if you are involved in ingesting this plant regularly, it would be very difficult for you to stop consuming it if it gets banned.

How Often Military Members Undergo Kratom Testing?

In the United States, if you are an on-duty member, the institution tests you 3 times a year and there is no specific time for this screening. You can undergo testing at random. As you know, chemical compounds (commonly termed alkaloids) present in Kratom are responsible for major properties.

According to some studies, once you ingest Speciosa, the prominent alkaloids can last in your system for about 7 to 9 days and urine tests may or may not detect them. If you are fond of taking this herb, you can’t prepare yourself for the Kratom test.

Is There Any Particular Test For Kratom?

As discussed earlier, routine tests can’t normally detect Kratom contents; therefore, the chances for you to become a victim of objectionable testing outcomes are brighter. It is indeed a huge risk for military members.

The reason why there is no specific test for Speciosa is; many people and regions are still unaware of the actual properties and influence of this magical tree leaf. And this all is due to the lack of research publications in this domain.

It is a fact that Mitragyna has been declared an illicit substance in many areas around the world but it is very unfortunate to say that you can not test anyone to determine the alkaloid content in the bloodstream.

If Kratom is as harmful as many regions think it is, there must be a proper test for its screening. Isn’t it? If there were some tests available, the military will likely utilize them for testing its active members as it prohibits the use of this tree leaf.

One of the important facts you must keep in mind is; the more medications you test for, the more you will have to pay for that. Keeping this in mind, a couple of employers do not prefer adding tests for additional substances in their policies to minimize their expenditures. However, the military does everything following the highest standards in the market.

Can Kratom Screening Produce Incorrect Results?

Well, most of the time, employers use routine screening – urine testing. This test, without a doubt, can detect a couple of illicit medications as well as prescription substances.

As far as the incorrect test results are concerned, it means you are tested positive for a specific substance that you didn’t even take. Using urine tests, the important alkaloids of Korth including but not limited to mitragynine and 7-hydroxy-mitragynine can’t show up.

According to multiple scientific studies, incorrect results usually happen when someone takes a medication right before going for its screening. Therefore, don’t forget to share information with the testing professional about every substance you take. It will surely result in the best possible outcomes.

Science is a pretty crazy domain and it has a lot of room that still needs detailed research followed by clinical human trials. Therefore, with advanced research, it is likely possible that a particular test for Kratom will be introduced somewhere in the near future. If it happens, it will cause more difficulty for the members who take Kratom in the military.

Final Words

Kratom in the military is a hot debate that many people are concerned about. This herb is not legal to consume within the department. Military tests for different prescription medications and illegal substances like cocaine, heroin, and others.

But, there is no special test to determine the contents of Kratom in the bloodstream. Many employers use routine urine tests to detect if a person has taken any illicit substance or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is Mitragyna safe to ingest?

Answer: 8-factor analysis of this tree leaf considers it a safe substance whereas the Department of Defense has criminalized it because the FDA has stated something opposite. As per the FDA statements, Speciosa can even become a deadly medication for consumers.

Question: Can Mitragyna really cause deaths?

Answer: Well, there are a few misleading studies that have given such conclusions. Some deaths are associated with the consumption of this herb but the reality is; victims were also found involved in taking other harmful medications like cocaine, heroin, and others.

Question: Will the military allow Korth consumption in the future?

Answer: Well, for now, nothing seems like that. It may or may not happen.

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