As science and technological advancements continue to accelerate, new once-fictional inventions are coming out every day. The field of medicine has also benefited a lot from this rapid influx of ideas.

However, the power and wonderful effects of raw plants and herbs still are widely popular. Kratom is a perfect example.

Are you also one of those who, amazed by the popular ‘Kratom’ herb, immediately took to the internet to type “How to get Kratom in Madison, Wisconsin asap?” Well, we’re glad you’ve landed on the perfect page to find out.

In this article, not only will we be discussing what Kratom is and how you can get your hands on Kratom in Madison, Wisconsin, but we shall also be discussing the legality of this herb in Madison, Wisconsin.

What Is Kratom?

Kratom, also known as Mitragyna speciosa’, is an evergreen tropical tree of the coffee family that is native to Southeast Asia. It is indigenous to various countries including Papua New Guinea, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand and it has been reported that it has been used there from as early as the nineteenth century.

Ketum (another name for this kratom) can grow as tall as 25 meters with its trunk growing up to 0.9 meters in diameter. The bark is fairly smooth and gray and a straight trunk is usually observed. The leaves are a darkish shade of green and appear glossy. Flowers that grow on this tree are deep yellow in color and are found in clusters of three at the end of the branches.

This herbaceous plant was first listed by the Dutch Colonial Botanist Pieter Korthals in 1839. He chose to name it ‘Stephegyne speciosa’  but in 1859 George Darby Haviland renamed it ‘Mitragyna Speciosa’ and thus provided its final classification.

Let’s focus on how this herb is mostly used in Madison, Wisconsin in particular.

Uses Of Kratom In Madison, Wisconsin

The plant’s dark green leaves are dried, crushed, and then turned into powder for consumption.

Substances like the Fortified kratom powders, usually green or light brown in color, are made.

These powders also are known to also include extracts from other plants as well. Kratom is sold in the form of pastes, capsules, and tablets.

Best Kratom Stores In Madison, Wisconsin

A lot of stores all over Wisconsin sell a variety of Ketum products for consumers at variable price ranges.

Keep in mind that these products can set you back anywhere from $14 to $130 depending on the quality and quantity of your chosen Kratom.

Below we have compiled a list of places where you can get exactly the Kratom that you are looking for:

1) Azara Madison

Address: 429 State St, Madison, WI 53703, United States

Quite popular among the locals, this shop earns itself the title of the best Kratom store in Madison, Wisconsin by not only having a very large collection of Mitragyna products but also providing great customer service and reliable counseling to new buyers.

2) Knuckleheads CBD & Vapes

Address: 520 State St, Madison, WI 53703, United States

Knuckleheads is another great place providing quality Ketum products to purchasers. It is known far and wide for maintaining strict hygienic protocols despite being a vaporizer store.

3) Up In Smoke

Address: 1935 Monroe St, Madison, WI 53711, United States

With a positive review of 4.7 stars on Google Maps, Up in Smoke cannot be questioned regarding its quality and will to serve. Sufficient quality Kratom products are always on display; which combined with a smooth and buttery transaction system really makes visiting them worth it.

4) Ignite Glass & Gifts

Address: 6717 Odana Rd #6, Madison, WI 53719, United States

This is the place for the seekers of the highest and freshest Kratom in the market. Don’t expect the prices to be low here because they surely are known to make up for it with their quality! Easily the best Kratom store in Madison, Wisconsin but only for those with deep pockets 🙂

5) Tobacco Mart

Address: 103 State St, Madison, WI 53703, United States

Last but not the least, Tobacco Mart is another viable option to fulfill your Ketum needs. They’ve been in the business for a long time and will surely be able to please your demands!

There are other cool Kratom stores in Madison, Wisconsin as well, but these shall be our picks for now!

How To Get Kratom Online?

It is true that while buying stuff in person, you can sift through and get yourself the best possible piece and then negotiate a fair price for it. While you may lose this freedom shopping kratom online, the truth is that getting your Ketum with something as simple as the click of a button not only sounds worth it but will also save you a ton of time and travel.

Therefore, we have yet again compiled a compact list of reliable websites from where you can fulfill your Kratom needs!


Kraoma is a wonderful Ketum supplier as it supplies and delivers sustainably harvested and ethically sourced quality Mitragyna products along with a 30-day money-back guarantee! Their ‘White Horn’ and ‘Yellow Bali’ Kratom are quite a demand!

Golden Monk

Probably the most used Kratom supplying site right now to get Kratom in Madison, Wisconsin. They sell everything from kratom powders to kratom capsules and have a wide array of veins and strains for you to choose from.

Is Kratom Legal In Madison, Wisconsin?

Yes, now you know how to get Kratom, but do you know what the law around Madison, Wisconsin dictates regarding this wonderful botanical herb? Let’s find out.

In 2014, the Wisconsin Senate passed a Bill adding mitragynine to the controlled list of substances.

As Kratom also contains Mitragynine, it also, unfortunately, came under the bus. 

Eventually, it got listed among Schedule 1 drugs of the Wisconsin controlled substances act. It is, therefore, illegal to possess Kratom in Madison, Wisconsin.

Being caught with it can set you back almost $10,000 or up to 42 months of jail time. Both can also be awarded

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