Are you planning to buy kratom from Kratom Helper? Do you feel that you need to have an in-depth look into this kratom vendor? High-five! You have landed at the right spot! This honest review about Kratom Helper will help you decide whether you should choose it for buying kratom online or you should reconsider your decision. From their product’s quality to customer care, we will have a deep dive into each valued parameter. So let’s spotlight everything you must know about Kratom Helper right here!

Kratom Helper – A Trustworthy Kratom Vendor For All Your Kratom Needs

Kratom Helper is one of the leading kratom stores located in the Czech Republic. Their kratom products got famous in no time, and the entire credit goes to their virtues like honesty, paying attention to every detail, customer-focus approach, and bringing top-quality kratom products to the market. At Kratom Helper, kratom is sourced from the lush green forests of Borneo. Farmers who have extensive experience dealing with Mitragyna Speciosa carry out the cultivation and harvesting procedures. They only use blemish-free, fresh Mitragyna Speciosa leaves are used to make pharmaceutical-grade kratom products. The brand ships kratom products all over the US and due to huge demand, now they also ship internationally.

Top-10 Positive Features Of Kratom Helper

Let’s have a sneak-peek into the winning reasons that make Kratom Helper your next go-to kratom vendor to shop Mitragyna Speciosa online.

1) Lab-Tested Mitragyna Speciosa

It is essential to ensure whether the kratom vendor conducts third-party lab tests for purity and quality control. You get 100% sure about the safety and superiority of the product. According to Kratom Helper, they test all their products in the local labs and none of their kratom products contain contaminants like metals, salmonella, E.coli, preservatives, pesticides, flavonoids, and any other toxic materials. Their website does not present any proof of it in the form of lab test reports but you can always contact them personally and inquire about it.

2) Unbeatable Prices By Kratom Helper For Kratom Enthusiasts

Do you feel a bit back off when you spend a huge amount of money on buying so-called “premium” kratom products from well-established stores? These kratom stores often charge more for the product that did not cost them even half of the amount of its original price. You can enjoy the similar top-quality at Kratom Helper, but this time, at cheaper prices. Yes, folks! At this online kratom store, the prices are pretty unbeatable if we compare them with other kratom brands. For instance: You get 50grams of Red-Vein Borneo kratom for just $13, and the heavenly-notorious kratom strain, Green Maeng Da Kratom would cost you just $14 for 50grams. Does that excite you?

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3) Earn With Kratom Helper

Do you know you can also earn at Kratom Helper? Here are three different ways to make some money with this brand:

  • Register yourself at their website and earn 1% compensation on every order placed. You can use this amount to shop for any item in their E-shop.
  • Get volume discounts per gram by buying kratom in bulk.
  • Give feedback (either positive or negative) by linking to their Facebook page and earn $2 in your account at their website.
  • Register yourself at their website and generate your own links by making other customers register at Kratom Helper. If this new customer places an order by following your link, you get 10% of their order amount. You also get 5% of the latter’s customer’s order amount, and the order in third-degree would bring you 2% of the total order amount.

Follow this link to know more details about their Affiliate Program.

4) The Unique Strain Selection Feature

Are you confused about which strain you should choose at Kratom Helper? Their unique strain selection feature will help with the best choice based on the effects you are looking for. On a 1-5 scale you would rate the effects (Relaxation, Euphoria, Stimulation) you are looking forward to, and they will suggest the most suitable strain. Moreover, all the other products are also rated upon these three key effects. Have a look at the rating of their Kratom pills to get an idea.

5) Unsatisfied? Get Your Money Back!

If you are unsatisfied with your experience at Kratom Helper, you can get your money back by returning the unused and unopened product. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can shop with confidence.

6) Authentic Reviews

According to numerous user reviews on their website, Kratom Helper has stocked up top-quality kratom products and their prices are also inexpensive. The potency of their products is up to the mark and you get to enjoy longer-lasting effects. These positive reviews assure that this vendor is worth a shot!

7) Fast Shipping

All the orders that are placed before 2 pm (GMT) are shipped on the same day. According to most of the users, the shipping is pretty fast and they receive their order within 2-5 days.

8) Free Consultation About Mitragyna Speciosa

You can always contact Kratom Helper to get your queries related to kratom resolved for free. The consultants are friendly-natured experts who have been in the kratom industry for a long time.

9) Proficient Customer Service

The customer care staff is professional and friendly. They answer all your queries and resolve the issues like an expert.

10) Promo Codes To Enjoy Discount At Kratom Helper

Did someone say PROMO CODES? Here you are! Do you know you can get an amazing discount at Kratom Helper by using promo codes that are about to be revealed? Yes, you hear that right! Check out these six authentic promo codes for Kratom Helper.

  • 5OFF – Get 5% off at the checkout.
  • SAVE15 – Get 15% off at the checkout.
  • Summer20 – Get 20% off site-wide.
  • New15 – Get 15% off site-wide.
  • HOLIDAY and FREESHIP – Use these two codes at the checkout to save some bucks.

Best-Sellers At Kratom Helper That You Must Try!

1) Red Maeng Da

The Red Maeng Da kratom powder by Kratom Helper is excellent for relaxation and brings a little boost to your mood. It contains a rich amount of essential kratom alkaloids. You can brew kratom tea out of it or simply toss n’ wash it for instant effects.

2) Green Malay

Green Malay contains a concentrated amount of Mitragynine alkaloid and is ideal for those who are looking for euphoria, and Stimulation. It is one of Kratom Helper’s best-sellers and sells like hotcakes. So grab yours before it goes out of stock!

3) Red Borneo/Green Malay Kratom Pills

The exclusive Red Borneo and Green Malay kratom pills contain a blend of both strains. This unique combo promotes ultimate relaxation, mood boost, and instant stimulation.

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Other Recreational Herbs You Can Buy From Kratom Helper

At Kratom Helper, you can also buy numerous other top-grade recreational herbs that are loaded with health-boosting properties Herbs. Here’s a quick list you must go through! 1) Akuamma powder (An excellent analgesic) 2) Banisteriopsis Caapi (used to make a decoction famously known for several health benefits) 3) Blue Tea (rich in antioxidants) 4) Griffonia seeds (helpful for boosting mood, and eliminating migraines, menopause symptoms, and insomnia) 5) Guarana (uplifts energy and promotes weight loss) 6) Kopi Luwak (A unique coffee strain) 7) Psychotria Colorata (People of Amazon traditionally use it for pain-killing effects) So what are you waiting for? Visit their website and get your favorite strain right away!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How much a delivery would cost at Kratom Helper?

Delivery cost depends upon your location in the Czech Republic. As soon as you place the order, they will contact you with shipping detail and delivery cost.

2) What Payment methods are available at Kratom Helper?

You can use money gram, visa/master card, PayPal, western union, swift, and bitcoin to pay at Kratom Helper.

3) How can I contact Kratom Helper?

You can contact them via phone call: +420722133136, by emailing at They respond within an hour on their working days (Mon-Sat) from 8 am -+ 4 pm (GMT)

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