Hopefully, you are now well familiar with kratom, where it originates from, and its behavior with human bodies. The next major concern would be how long this herb lasts or how long does it stay in your body to produce the desired effects. This is the most common question revolving around in the kratom community these days. If you are one of the Speciosa users who wants to get an answer to this question, you are lucky enough to be on the right platform. Please keep on reading this guide to get a clear picture of how long kratom can stay in your system. Whenever you plan to take a specific amount of Mitragyna, you must know how long will be its effects for you right after taking your dose. These effects are usually dependent on how Speciosa reacts to your body and how your body absorbs this herb. Once you get to know about the estimated time for which Mitragyna Speciosa is going to stay in your system, your entire journey will become quite easy for you to deal with. Let’s get into some details and see what exactly is kratom half-life and what are the other similar matters.

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What Precisely Is Kratom Half-Life?

If you are planning to quit your kratom journey, you may be worried about how long it will stay in your body and will keep on producing the effects you don’t want. The time for which Speciosa lasts in your system is commonly known as kratom half-life. If you are the one who has been involved in taking Mitragyna on a regular basis and now want to quit that, you will definitely be concerned with how long this herb stays in your body. As of now, there are not many research studies conducted on this plant; therefore, there exists a lot of confusion when it comes to the half-life of kratom. The studies that have conducted clinical trials to observe the effects of this magical herb have utilized animals for their research work. The results could have been better if these studies were conducted on human beings. However, as per the research studies, an active ingredient of kratom – mitragynine can last up to 23 to 24 hours in your body. Based on this fact, you can get the idea that if you want to eliminate half of the kratom from your body, you will have to wait for around 24 hours. In addition, to eliminate the complete Mitragyna from your system, you will be needing at least 5 days because this plant has 40 alkaloids in total and one of them needs 24 hours to leave your body. So, all the other alkaloids will take a bit more time as well. If we talk about the shortest kratom half-life, it would be somewhere around 2 hours to get rid of the whole Speciosa. But, the half-life of this herb could be up to 9 days if you consider its slower version which means you will be needing nine days to eliminate all the Mitragyna from your stomach and other parts of the body.

Who Can Quickly Remove Kratom From The Body?

According to many users, the people who rarely consume Speciosa or take its smaller doses can eliminate it from their system quickly compared to the people who take higher doses of this tree leaf. This suggests that whenever you make a plan to start your Mitragyna journey or want to switch a strain, always start with the lower doses just to get an idea of how it behaves with you. If you feel everything is going well, you can start gradually increasing its amount until you get what you are looking for.

Which Factors Have A Direct Impact on Kratom Half-Life?

Just like with any other herbal product, there are a couple of factors that determine how long Speciosa would last in your stomach or system. Some major parameters that have a direct impact on the half-life of kratom and how long it will take for you to eliminate it from your body are listed below.

Genetic Indicators

A couple of genetic indicators play their part in finding the speed of kratom to be eliminated from your body. Many enzymes also play the same role when it comes to kratom half-life.

Age Group

If you are a youngster, you have the ability to eliminate this substance more quickly in comparison to your elder ones. This case is not only true for the kratom users but it is also the same for all the other herbal products that can be ingested orally. If you are an old person, you would be taking a couple of medications to stay healthy; therefore, the half-life of Speciosa in your system would be smaller. People over 65 years of age have to be patient for a long time when it comes to eliminating kratom from their bodies.

Food Intake

If you eat the different food items having higher amounts of fat, you can absorb it more quickly and it affects the kratom half-life to a great extent.

Kidney & Liver Health

Both of these body parts play a key role in flushing different toxins from the body. If you are suffering from any kind of liver or kidney disease, Speciosa will stay longer in your system compared to a person who has no such disease.

Water Intake

If you love to stay well-hydrated, it would help you speed up the process of kratom elimination from your system through urine.


It plays a key role in determining kratom half-life. If you are a person with quick metabolic rates, you will be able to burn Mitragyna more quickly compared to your friend whose metabolism is slower than you.

Percentage Of Body Fat

Well, the percentage of body fat matters a lot when getting an idea of the time for which Mitragyna is going to last in your system. Speciosa is highly soluble in fats that shows if you have high body fat, this herb will be staying in your body for more time compared to a person who has either no or less body fat.

Can Kratom Be Detected With A Medication Test?

Well, many Mitragyna consumers get confused when talking about the medication test. They consider that the Speciosa they are consuming on a regular basis will not show up in such a test. They are right to some extent but the scenario could be different for different tests. If we consider standard medication tests, they can not detect any alkaloids present in this plant but, there are some advanced tests available in the market that can detect some alkaloids. It is quite useful in detecting the actual Speciosa users.

Do Speciosa Effects Depend On Your Intake?

You will not find much discussion on this particular concern. When asked by the regular users, they claim that the effects produced by Mitragyna depend on the amount of your dose. If you are taking this plant in lower doses, your experience would be different from a person who has started taking higher amounts of this tree leaf which means the kratom effects and its duration to stay in your system depend on the dose you choose for yourself.

Ending Note

The time required by the kratom to stay in your system or body is usually known as kratom half-life. It varies from person to person depending on multiple factors like age group, health conditions, the performance of liver and kidney, metabolism, water, and food intake, and genetics of course.

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