Whenever you search for “Kratom near me,” you always look for options that sell the powder in bulk quantities. Avid users of Mitragyna Speciosa always want to stock their products so that they last as long as they can. But little do they know that you can keep your Kratom fresh for only a couple of months maximum. The plants grow up to become tall trees in the rainforests of the South Pacific regions. The herb is native to countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Since the herb is exported from these countries worldwide, they need to be packed and stored correctly. Kratom was traditionally used only as herbal medicine. Back in those days, too, the plant was not approved for pharmacological use. There was no scientific research back then, and similarly, there is still significantly less research conducted on Kratom. If you want to know the correct ways of storage to keep your Kratom fresh for longer durations, keep reading this article! green thai

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What Is The Maximum Duration Of Its Freshness?

Like other pharmaceutical medicines, Kratom does not come with an expiration date. The herbs are less likely to expire, but they can surely lose their effective properties. This is due to the alkaloid content that keeps decreasing over time due to environmental factors. The herb stays fresh for a maximum of two to three months. After this time, Kratom starts to lose its potent abilities and thus if renders it non-effective to the user. The herb can indeed lose its effects before 2-3 months, and this is because of atmospheric factors that can ruin the quality of the products. So if you want to buy a bulk of Kratom products, do not exceed purchasing more than three month’s quota.

Why Should You Consume Fresh Kratom?

Older Kratom products are not harmful. Why does a question then arise that why should you only consume a fresh batch of these products? The reason behind this is the higher concentrations of alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine in newer samples. When these alkaloids are in higher concentrations, they will produce enhanced effects even at moderate doses. After 2-3 months, the Kratom powder gets old and weary, and the alkaloid content declines, and thus the powder begins to lose its potency. On a side note, who would not want to yield maximum benefits for the amount they have paid to purchase the products? No one, right?! This is we do not want you to stock up items that can take months to get finished. Factors that Can Compromise the Freshness of Your Products To keep your Kratom fresh, you need to make sure that your products are kept away from these three atmospheric conditions;

(i) – Moisture

Moisture is the biggest enemy of your Kratom products, and it can clump the powder into un dissolvable chunks. And if worst comes to happen, exposure to moisture can even grow mold, and you might have to toss out all your Kratom powder in the bin. Moisture can cause disasters for your kroth products, and it can be trapped in the container if the lid is not closed tightly or the container is kept open after each use. If the products are placed on a kitchen shelf near a window or stove, moisture can get trapped by condensation.

(ii) – Light

To explain the hostility of Kratom and sunlight, think of the relation between vampires and sunlight. They hate it! Similarly, Kratom can also not bear direct sunlight at any cost. The UV rays from the sun can damage the kroth’s alkaloids and thus render them ineffective. To keep your Kratom fresh for maximum durations, make sure you keep it away from direct sunlight. A dark cabinet or the inside of your pantry are the perfect choices to store your Kratom.

(iii) – Oxygen

Like metals, food can also get affected by the process of oxidation. This is why oxidation can decrease the shelf life of your Kratom products, and they will not stay fresh for longer durations. You will notice that either the smell or the appearance of your Kratom products will start to fade away when it is exposed to excessive amounts of oxygen. This loss of aroma and color will eventually affect the taste as well. But the most critical damage that oxidation can do is strip off Kratom from producing its desired effects. The affected products will not be as potent as earlier, and thus you will probably have to take in a heavier dose of Kratom than the usual one.

Measures To Keep Kratom Fresh

  • Keep your products in an airtight jar.
  • Store them under dark light to keep your Kratom fresh.
  • An opaque glass jar with a vacuum-sealed lid is a good choice.
  • The products often come in resealable bags, and they are a good option too.
  • If you want to keep your Kratom fresh for more than just a couple of months, you can invest in buying jars that block UV rays from damaging the contents present inside.
  • Pack your Kratom products in bulk for a month at least. This way, your products are jam-packed, and there is less chance of oxygen from the atmosphere entering your jar.
  • Store the jar away from the stove or direct heat. Excessive heat can break down and eventually eliminate the alkaloids of Mitragyna Speciosa.
  • Label your jars or containers with all the details. These details should include the type of product, vein, strain, and the date you filled the container.
  • Avoid using unwashed or cigar containers. They have a terrible odor, and this smell can affect your Kratom too.

Buy Kratom Online

The Kratom product we swear by is the powdered form, and it is quick and easy to use and acts faster than capsules or tablets. You can choose whatever product suits you the best. The easiest way to find sites that sell Kratom in your area is by typing “high-quality Kratom near me.” Here is a list of our trusted botanicals that practice strict guidelines set forward by the American Kratom Association. This makes these vendors a trusted choice, and you will not have to worry about any adulteration or contamination of the products.

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Some people store their Kratom bulk for up to one year, but there is always uncertainty whether these items are as effective as they were at the time of purchase. This is why a standard time of two to three months is suggested. Gold-Maeng-Da

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