People who are looking for an alternative to prescribed medicines are turning to Kratom. Many natural compounds have tremendous healing properties without the adverse side effects that medicines normally have. Some of them began using natural ingredients to heal their dogs, one of which is Ketum.

The use of Kratom to treat animals has proven to be extremely beneficial. Cats, dogs, rabbits, and even lizards were used in research. The results reveal that it has pain-relieving properties without causing severe adverse effects. So, if your dog has a broken bone or is in agony, Ketum could be able to help.

It’s natural to wonder if this herbal cure is actually safe for your dog.

Let’s dig right in and see if kratom is good for dogs or if this is one craze that has to fade away. We’ll review the most recent studies and talk about the potential advantages of kratom for dogs as well as any potential side effects and hazards in dogs. As a result, you can make the greatest choice for your dog’s health and well-being.

Could Kratom Work for Dogs?

When scientists test a new chemical that has the potential to be used therapeutically in humans and/or animals, they usually start with a mouse or rat model to evaluate the safety and optimal dose. Because rats are mammals, this animal research could help determine whether it is also safe for dogs.

This is what researchers have discovered so far:

  • At a dose of 300 mg/kg, an aqueous extract of Mitragyna speciosa alleviated withdrawal symptoms in addicted mice, according to a 2007 rodent research. ketum alleviated depressed symptoms in rats at doses of 100, 200, and 500 mg/kg without affecting spontaneous activity.
  • When given as a single dose for one day to rats, it delayed digestion (and hence stopped diarrhea). After two weeks, the rats adapted to the herb and their intestinal transit time returned to normal. In a similar fashion to morphine, high doses of strain reduced body weight.
  • It was found to relieve both positive and negative symptoms of psychosis in mice in a 2016 rat research. Exaggerated climbing activities and social disengagement were among the symptoms.
  • In a 2017 rodent study, ketum derivatives were found to be more effective than the original substances at relieving chronic pain and had less negative effects. The study’s derivatives were structurally modified Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine components.

We can expect kratom for dogs to have similar effects to extracts in rats and mice because dogs are mammals. However, when taking the full plant rather than the aqueous extracts or modified alkaloids utilized in this research, determining the dosage could be problematic.

The Best Kratom for Dogs

Users frequently leave evaluations on various botanical varieties, particularly if it matches their dog’s needs. A few types of speciosa are also recommended by pet owners. Let’s take a closer look at kratom for dogs.

Maeng Da kratom

It comes from Indonesia and is a Red Kratom variety. This strain was created by breeders because it has a high potency level for energy-boosting and pain reduction. Maeng Da kratom is popular among pet owners since it helps relieve discomfort and make the animal feel rejuvenated.

Green Malay Kratom

It’s a strain that came from the Malaysian rainforests. It’s another powerful Green Ketum variety with a high alkaloid content. Green Malay can help your dog sleep better by relieving pain and conquering sleeplessness. It can also help a rambunctious puppy.

Indo Kratom

Indo Kratom leaves are reported to have significant quantities of 7-hydroxy mitragynine. As a result, it is a very potent pain reliever, as well as having sedative properties.

Sunda Kratom

It’s a powdered supplement manufactured from kratom leaves grown in the Sunda Islands. Different strains have been discovered on the island, and dog owners have reported that it works miracles.

Borneo kratom

Borneo kratom is a strain that’s excellent for reducing anxiety. It has been stated that it can assist animals to cope with intense discomfort and calm their nerves. This strain is very popular among owners who suffer from muscle problems.

Bali Kratom

This strain is found in Bali, as expected. It relieves pain, particularly when combined with Red Kratom. It can also provide a mild energy boost as well as a euphoric feeling of relaxation.

Choosing the Right Kratom Dosage

There are websites solely dedicated to determining the proper ketum dosage. With the aid of a dose calculator, you can obtain a good sense of how much quantity you should be giving your dog. After a few instances of trial and error, most people find the perfect dosage of kratom for dogs. A lot of people provide a dose-dependent on the size of the animal. When compared to smaller dogs, big dogs may require a somewhat greater dosage. Humans are normally given a dose of 7-10 mg, therefore a 3 mg dose would suffice for a large dog. Smaller dogs require less food.

Is Kratom Addictive For Dogs?

Kratom has been demonstrated to be addictive in studies. As a result, your dog may begin to show signs of addiction or withdrawal once you stop using it. If a dog is given herb on a frequent basis at a moderate to high dose, dependency appears to be more prevalent.

After taking speciosa (mitragynine and 7hydroxymitragynine) for 5 days, rats displayed withdrawal symptoms, according to research.

Mice in a study demonstrated that they can acquire resistance to the pain-relieving effects of strain over time.

This means that greater doses are required after a while to maintain the same results. This is bad news because if a dog needs bigger doses of treatment to stay comfortable, the danger of side effects increases!

What Is The Best Way To Give Kratom To Your Dog?

Mixing Ketum with sugar-free peanut butter is an easy method to give your dog Kratom.

2 grams of ketum powder per spoonful of peanut butter is the recommended Kratom dosage. Add some probiotics to the mix as well.

The probiotics assist the dogs in better processing the alkaloids. The mixture is formed into small balls, which are then frozen in a ziplock bag.


According to research studies and evaluations from pet owners and veterinarians, Ketum can be used to relieve pain in pets, particularly dogs. So, taking kratom for dogs is a safe option.

During research tests, no animal has ever perished as a result of consuming too much Kratom.

Although there are some conflicting reports on using it for pain management in cats, the general consensus is that even cats improve after consuming Kratom.

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