When a new product gets famous in the market, everyone hooks up on buying it. Some people do extensive research on the items first. Others believe in practical experiments more. Nonetheless, every person is interested to know more about it. Such a controversial and famous product is the Kratom plant. While the enthusiasts know a great deal of information regarding the plant, there are still many questions that they cannot answer with utter surety. Sometimes when these questions are unanswered, you might get second thoughts on whether to use them or not. That is why this article has listed out the frequently asked Kratom-related questions. And for every person who is reading this article because they are a newbie in the Kratom world, do not worry, we got you all covered.

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What is Kratom?

The main Kratom-related question users ask is about its origin. Botanically known as Mitragyna Speciosa, the Kratom plant is a herb that grows in the hot and humid environments of Southeast Asia. The trees grow up to a very tall height. The plant is a member of the Rubiaceae Family and so it is closely related to its family member, which is coffee. The plant is native to countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and many others of this region. Over the last decade, it has gained popularity in the Western world too.

Why is the Kratom Plant a Hot Topic?

There are 2 answers to this Kratom-related question,

  1. People always jump on the bandwagon when something new is released.
  2. The reason Kratom has gained this immense amount of popularity is the therapeutic effects that its leaves produce. The leaves of the plant have 2 alkaloids which are the major contributors to these effects.

These 2 alkaloids are mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine.

Has There Been Any Research on the Plant?

All the therapeutic effects that have been bought into the spotlight are solely based on the claims by the users. These reviews are not backed by any scientific research. This lack of research causes the herb’s position to be in jeopardy and this Kratom-related question remains unanswered. Until and unless there is a proper study conducted on the plant, the beneficial effects can not be proven.

Is the Kratom Plant Legal?

This Kratom-related question can be answered according to what state you live in because although the plant is legal in a lot of cities and states, there are a few exceptions as well. The main reason behind this two-faced situation is the non-regulation of the herb by the FDA. Until and unless the plant is approved at the federal level, its status will remain like this only. There are cities like Denver that have not made the sale of the herb illegal but they have imposed a complete ban on its consumption.

What Are the Potential Effects That the Herb Produces?

As claimed by avid users, the plant is said to produce calming effects like the relaxation of the mood, relieving the body from factors that produce stress. At the same time, there are other variants of the herb that have properties that boost the consumer’s mood. And even produce feelings of ultimate happiness such as euphoria. Some people also claim that the herb helps them get through the withdrawal of other potentially harmful drugs.

What are the Side Effects of the Herb?

Any substance if not used in moderation can cause risks to your health. So if you take Kratom in moderate and prescribed doses, there is only a little window for side effects. Overdose can cause side effects like nausea, vomiting, gastrointestinal disturbances, sweating, and drowsiness.

What Are Kratom Veins?

The plant is divided majorly into categories that are termed the Kratom veins. These veins are of 4 colors; red, green, white, and yellow. Every specific vein has a unique property and the potential to produce different beneficial effects. Red veins are said to produce soothing or relaxing effects and so they are useful for sleep purposes. White veins have mood-boosting and energy-producing properties and so they are good for euphoria. The green veins are good for motivation purposes and hence they help in interacting with people and socialize better. The yellow veins have uses that lie in between the white and red veins.

What are Kratom Strains?

The Kratom veins are further sub-categorized in strains. These strains are named after where they come from. Their names and properties are decided based on their origin and growth. For instance, the Red Bali comes from Bali and the White Sumatra grows in Sumatra. This is how these strains are divided and enlisted.

What Products of the Kratom are Available in the Market?

The answer to this Kratom-related question is quite diverse since the herb is available in a variety of forms like the dried and powdered form of the leaves, powder compressed to form capsules and tablets and even brewed and dried tea.

What is the Appearance and Taste of the Products?

The products are a darkish green in color and have a bitter earthy taste to them. The taste is unpleasant hence many people prefer the capsule form over the powdered form.

What are the Dos and Don’ts of Kratom Consumption?


  • Take the herb in the proper prescribed dosage
  • Buy it from a safe source
  • Use the Toss and Wash or Mix and Wash method to consume the powder


  • Do not double your dosage
  • Do not take it with alcohol
  • Do not smoke or sniff the powder
  • Do not take it with other harmful drugs

Why is Smoking the Powder not Advised?

There are 2 main reasons behind smoking the Kratom plant being not advisable.

  1. The immense amount of heat provided to the contents reduces its efficacy by eliminating the alkaloids from the powder.
  2. Smoking can do significant damage to your lungs and airway tract.

What Dosage is Recommended for Beginners?

As suggested by avid consumers, beginners should take a light dosage of 4 grams. You can gradually amp up your dosage when you start adjusting to it and build tolerance against it.

How Long Do The Effects Last?

On average the effects last from 4 to 6 hours. Do not take multiple doses in between this time frame. This can easily result in an overdose. It is suggested that you take one dose per day so that you have control over it and do not build up tolerance much quicker than anticipated.

What is the Shelf Life of the Products?

When stored under optimal conditions such as cool temperature, away from sunlight, and in sealed packaging, the kratom products can last up to one year.

Where Can You Buy Kratom from?

The herb is usually available in local shops or smoke shops but the most reliable way to buy it is online. There are many vendors available online that sell top quality Kratom products like;

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