Here at Amazing Botanicals we offer the highest quality Kratom extracts, which are lab tested, 100% pure, and extremely potent. Our Kratom Extract Tablets are the most popular, since each tablet contains 22.5 mg of Mitragynine and a full spectrum of other Kratom alkaloids. These tablets are incredibly convenient, and perfect for if you are at work or on the go and do not have time to toss n’ wash Kratom powder. Also, these tablets are much more fast acting than regular powder, and even for veteran Kratom connoisseurs they can provide a truly unique and memorable experience.  Our Kratom extract tablets typically cost $75 for a 30 count bottle, but we are offering steep discounts, since we believe all Kratom users should be able to get they Kratom extracts they want at prices that they can afford. For a limited time our 30 count bottle of Kratom extract tablets costs $49.99 if you buy 1 bottle, $44.99 each if you buy 2 bottles, $39.99 each if you buy 3 bottles, and $34.99 each if you buy 4 bottles.  The best deal of all is if you buy 5 bottles of Kratom extract tablets they will only cost $29.99 each! There is not a better deal anywhere else in the world for Kratom extracts, especially since if your order is over $75 you automatically get free USPS Priority shipping. Also, we accept credit cards, ship domestically from the United States, and offer a 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee where you can get a return or full refund no questions asked. Compare our deal of $1 per tablet to other brands, which can charge $10 or more per tablet! Literally, our tablets are roughly 1,000% cheaper than the tablets in your local smoke shop.  Another incredible deal is if you buy 3 Kratom kilos for $75 each, which is already the best deal in the United States for Kratom powder, you will get a free 30 count bottle of Kratom Extract Tablets, just use the code 3KG30ET at checkout.  Beyond Kratom Extract Tablets, we also offer the Kratom Shot Gold Extract, which is a 100% natural and pure extracted Kratom tincture, and it contains alkaloids equivalent to 10 grams of Kratom powder. Since the alkaloids are so concentrated and fast acting, only the most experienced Kratom users can take the entire shot at once, and we typically recommend you only drink half of it at a time.  Try our Kratom Extract products today, you will not be disappointed! In-fact, you will probably have the best day ever. 

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