Do you feel reluctant to try out new kratom vendors, every time your previous vendor messes up the quality of your order? Are you looking for a reliable store that delivers the best quality kratom at an affordable sum? Well, you are not alone, every kratom enthusiast feels the same way. For those who are facing similar issues regarding Kratom availability, Kratom Country should be your way to go. Established in 2010, the company is considered among the leading online kratom stores delivering premium quality herbs throughout the US. The company has won over a massive customer base over the years due to some strict quality ensuring policies. Unlike other Mitragyna brands that offer other healing herbs and powders, Kratom Country precisely focuses on all things Kratom. As one of the few Mitragyna Speciosa specialists in the region, they know the secret of retaining the freshness and quality of the herb till it reaches the end-user. Instead of waiting for the seasonal cargo shipments to arrive with bulk Ketum, Kratom Country imports the herb in small quantities frequently. No delay in the arrival of shipment meaning no extended time off the tree and so no threat to the novelty of the herb.

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Brand Analysis

Most companies are finding it hard to meet the growing demand for kratom in the US while also conforming to the highest standards for quality assurance. Nevertheless, Kratom Country is doing its best in this regard and its extensive customer base attests to that. Professionals at the company carefully select the Speciosa farms of the utmost potency and quality. The plucked leaves are dried and stored in an appropriate environment throughout their journey to the US. Where it is readily converted into a powdered form and prepared for packaging. The entire process is carried out swiftly in a controlled environment. Each batch that is made ready for packaging goes through a series of tests to confirm its potency is exactly how you prefer it. Kratom Country has classified each strain from low potency (silver strains) to high potency (platinum strain) to facilitate all types of ketum users get their preferred strains. Kratom country feels for its customer’s precious money. With exclusive discounted deals and offers the company offers, you won’t need to adjust your budgets every time your speciosa supply runs out. They have made their delivery process extremely swift by shipping orders the moment they are placed.

Brand Specialties

Kratom Country is a pioneer in delivering kratom to its customers for the past decade. Apart from its extensive experience in the field, there are other specialties of the company that mounts it above other vendors:

Extensive Variety of Kratom

There is a plethora of kratom strains introduced to the market today and Kratom Country holds the widest range of Mitragyna. From less effectual strains of ketum like green Malay to highly potent and rarest species of speciosa such as Kali Maeng da, this kratom vendor has got everything. Other important strains such as Indo Borneo, Malay, Maeng da, Bali, Thai, and Vietnam you name it, Kratom Country has got you covered.

Premium Quality Assurance

Every Kratom strain you purchase from Kratom Country passes from a 5-step testing process. The lab tests are conducted to ensure that the kratom you receive is of the highest grade. They guarantee that the biological signature of leaves is of the optimum value and that the biological contaminants and adulterants in the powder to an absolute low. After the herbal powder qualifies to the biological safety standards, it is taken towards the packaging assemble.

Different Strain Levels

Kratom Country works to make buying utterly convenient for its customers. They know that not everybody is accustomed to the same quality and potency therefore, they have classified different strains of kratom on a scale of potency. Starting from silver strains that carry minimal potency making it safe for beginners to gold blended strains perfect intermediate level speciosa users. To entertain hardcore users, the company has introduced the platinum level that comprises the most potent strains.

Kratom Variety Packs, Tablets, and Capsules

Taking affordability to the next level, Kratom country has introduced its variety packs. They consist of 3 different Mitragyna strains at the best price possible. You can get 3 of your favorite strains, 1 ounce each. This can help you decide what strain fits your requirements and taste buds. Kratom tablets and capsules are relatively newer forms of consumption. Unlike most vendors, Kratom Country provides Mitragyna tablets and capsules in a variety of strains.

Exclusive Deals

Kratom Country lets consumers save biggies by offering many exclusive deals on daily basis. You can purchase the purest strains of kratom of prime quality. To save even more, you can always order bulk amounts at huge discounted prices and bonus packs.

Loyalty Program

If you are looking for the best value for money, sign up for the loyalty program at kratom country right now! There you can not only get notified about the latest deals and discounts but can also avail bonus packs, discounted shipping, and much more. Moreover, at every purchase with Kratom Country, you can win additional reward points. Thanks to the rewards program you can win free kratom with the points you earned from your initial purchase.

100% Money-back Guarantee

Kratom Country doesn’t tie you with your purchased kratom if you don’t like it. If you don’t like your ordered ketum, you can return that within the first 30 days and get a complete refund. To add more to your ease, the company doesn’t cost the return shipping cost too.

Free and Fast Shipping

Despite offering affordable prices and huge discounts, Kratom Country provides free shipping. You are only required to place your order before 3 pm to get your parcel shipped the very same day. But if you want it delivered earlier than that you can avail of our overnight shipping services. Pay the affordable overnight shipping with FedEx, and have your kratom at your doorstep the next day.

Frequently Asked Questions!

1) How long does it take for a free shipping parcel to get delivered?

Kratom Country is amongst the only few online stores, who offer free shipping for all deliveries. On average a product gets delivered within 3 – 4 days. You can also track your shipment along the way.

2) How can one know what kratom strain would work best for them?

Kratom country has solved the problem of selecting the right strain once and for all. With different strain levels ranging from silver level (perfect for beginners) to platinum level (for experienced users), one can easily determine what strain would be appropriate for them.

3) Do your low prices affect the quality of kratom?

No doubt, Kratom Country offers some of the best-discounted prices out of all online vendors. And with free shipping on top of that, the quality of the strain might look a bit compromised. Being pioneers in the field they have established a streamlined process from farms to packages which saves them from any extra costs. This is how they are able to provide affordable yet high-quality Speciosa to their users. green thai

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