Any herbal product or supplement has to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) if you want to sell them legally. Kratom, without any doubt, has got amazing popularity around the world. A major challenge associated with this herb is it does not follow the standards set by the FDA and this is why it is not approved by this department. This is the only reason kratom is a highly controversial plant. Mitragyna Speciosa has been declared legal in many parts of the globe but at the same time, it is still not allowed to consume in many regions due to various legality concerns. Apart from that, the product quality matters a lot whenever you want to buy kratom. Trusted and reputed vendors always go for the kratom certificate of analysis because it adds value to their credibility. Let’s have a look at what is this certificate about and why is it important?

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What Exactly Is Certificate of Analysis (CoA)?

When a finished product is sent to a laboratory for testing purposes. The end result is commonly known as a certificate of analysis. This certificate of authentication not only helps you find the pure kratom but also acts as your helping hand in finding a reputable kratom vendor to purchase from. An unfortunate factor is a certificate of analysis is unable to get attention to what it actually deserves. The most hurtful thing is many people or kratom users are even unaware of this certificate. Top-notch kratom sellers have made a direct connection with state-of-the-art laboratories and they keep on sending their finished products as well as complete batches to test the actual product quality. These laboratories help vendors in finding different substances and harmful compounds that may be present in the kratom. These impurities include:

  • Heavy metals: They may include mercury, arsenic, lead, and cadmium
  • Adulterants
  • Yeast
  • Salmonella
  • Coliforms
  • Harmful contaminants
  • Mold
  • E-coil
  • Staphylococcus Aureus

The results of the above-mentioned tests are displayed using the kratom certificate of analysis. This certificate helps you know about the purity, freshness, and level of potency associated with your Mitragyna Speciosa. Without using a certificate of analysis, it becomes almost impossible for the reputed vendor to test the quality of kratom. To ensure the good health of your customers, it is necessary to know about what is present in your products.

What Should You Know About Kratom Certificate of Analysis?

Lab tests play a key role in measuring the effectiveness of the kratom products and they ensure the good safety of these products as well. The certificate of analysis shows how transparent a seller is and how pure a product is. Let’s take a look into the details.

How Does This Certificate Let You Know About Kratom Consistency?

Kratom certificate of analysis makes sure that a particular kratom batch is safe, pure, fresh, and consistent enough to make your journey lovely and enjoyable. Different kratom strains come with different potency levels and it varies depending upon the concentration of major alkaloids 7-hydroxy-mitragynine and mitragynine. Other factors that may affect the kratom’s potency level are atmospheric conditions and agricultural processes. It is good for you to have a kratom certificate of analysis to ensure that you are going for a pleasant kratom journey regardless of the fact which strain you opt for. Top sellers are highly dependent on laboratory tests and these certificates because they never take the health of their buyers for granted.

How Does Lab-Testing Ensure Purity?

Lab-testing or kratom certificate of analysis looks for either absence or presence of dangerous or harmful impurities available in the kratom products. If any product is unable to qualify for the lab test, reputed vendors discard that right away.

Is the Kratom Certificate of Analysis Really Important?

Are you a kratom seller? Well, yes, without any doubt, it is compulsory for you to have a kratom certificate of analysis if you really want to lead the market in the near future. This certificate will help you grab the attention of potential and loyal customers. Once you become successful in gaining their trust, you will definitely be able to give your business a strong boost. In addition, certificates of analysis create a difference between you and your competitors. You get an extra edge over the senior players who have not yet got this certificate. So, the choice is up to you. You can go either way, the results will be exactly according to the path you will choose.

How Can I Choose Trusted Vendor Based on Kratom Certificate of Analysis?

A large number of kratom vendors claim that their products are lab-tested and authentic. This is not only necessary for the consumers’ health but also important for the kratom market as a whole. Unfortunately, all laboratory tests are not produced transparently, therefore, buyers need to be very careful about product authentication. You can easily do this by considering multiple factors as listed below.

Independent Lab Testing

An amazing thing associated with this testing is the seller does not get involved in the whole process instead a trusted third-party laboratory performs the overall process. Lab-testing is nothing but ensuring the kratom’s quality. Many vendors are performing their lab tests indoors which creates validity and transparency challenges for the buyers. Some sellers conduct lab tests that are unfortunately not so accurate. In such a scenario, a kratom certificate of analysis would not be worthy enough. When independent laboratories test the kratom batches and their certificate of analysis comes to the market, they are considered authentic and transparent everywhere. It reduces the chances of customers being scammed by any vendor.

AKA GMP Certification

The top kratom sellers go the extra mile to test the quality of every single product and batch because they do not want to play with the health of their customers. American Kratom Association has set some special standards for the kratom seller and those who meet these standards are rewarded by an AKA certified badge. It increases the credibility of a seller as a whole. The Independent lab-testing process is always appreciated by AKA GMP certifications. While buying your kratom products, if you see badges or a sticker with AKA GMP certification, you should not feel any kind of hesitation in making your purchase because the products must be pure and fresh.

Concluding Words

Are you a first-timer? Looking for some amazing kratom stuff? Don’t know how to evaluate if a vendor is good? Well, all you need to do is to check for the certifications mentioned in the above discussion, they will help you find a trusted kratom partner. Kratom certificate of analysis also paves the way for both the sellers as well as for buyers.

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