The Southeast Asian regions including Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and some others are known to be the world of kratom as it grows excessively over there. If you explore today’s market and observe its demand, you will find it much higher than it was a few decades back. The increase in demand is due to a significant boom in the customers’ community and interestingly, it is expanding every single day. A special survey to measure the size of the kratom community and the consumption of this particular herb was conducted in the United States back in 2019. According to this survey, there are over 15 million people involved in taking Mitragyna Speciosa on a regular basis. This survey has also focused on monthly consumption in the US and it was found to be 1950 metric tons. The question asked frequently by many people is what makes Kratom so special. Well, the shortest answer to this question is it promotes overall well-being thereby providing you with a couple of medicinal advantages. When it comes to its extraction, it is done from the dried leaves of the kratom tree that, later on, are converted into a consistent powder. This powder is the major component of all other kratom products. green thai

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Apart from Speciosa powder, you can also get this herb in several different forms including tablets, tinctures, capsules, extracts, etc. Amazingly, you can add it to your tea, beverages, and other food items you like. In addition, to get a sweet influence of Mitragyna Speciosa, you can make its smoothies sitting at your home. Taking extracts of this plant is the most potent way of consuming it. In fact, the consumption methods vary from user to user depending upon the interests, preferences, and taste. For instance, you are in love with kratom powder but it is quite possible that one of your family members or friends doesn’t like it because they prefer other forms. These days, most users are preferring kratom capsules over kratom powder. You would possibly be thinking about what precisely is the reason behind this preference. Don’t worry, the purpose behind preparing this guide is to make you familiar with why people prefer taking kratom capsules over kratom powder. Let’s have a deeper look into this concern.

Why Are Users Preferring Kratom Capsules Over Kratom Powder?

There are several different factors behind the switching of users from Mitragyna Speciosa powder to its capsules. Some of the major reasons are listed and elaborated on below. Let’s take a look at them in detail.

Capsules Mask Bitterness

Kratom comes with a bitter taste and many users find it unpleasant when taking this herb orally. As asked by a number of regular users, they feel uncomfortable while consuming powder because of its bitterness. In comparison to the powder, capsules are manufactured with gelatin shells that have proved to be very effective in masking the bitter influence. This way, you can get rid of the unpleasant flavor thereby having a soft or a light touch of this herb. It is one of the major reasons why people prefer kratom capsules over kratom powder.

Less Hazardous

If you are taking powdered Mitragyna Speciosa, there are higher chances that it could mix with dangerous contaminants, bacteria, dust, paint, and similar others if you don’t maintain higher storage standards. These things are not good for your health. So, try avoiding kratom powder if you are unable to protect it from such harmful agents. Taking capsules means your powder is not allowed to mix with any other impurity because it is packed in gelatin shells. In addition, it helps you maintain your daily intake of Mitragyna Speciosa with a calculated and perfect-sized dose. This is another major reason why people prefer taking kratom capsules over kratom powder.

Safe Consumption

As mentioned earlier, you can consume a calculated amount of kratom with the help of its capsules. It means you don’t have the fear of taking higher doses or a pretty low amount of this herb. This way, it becomes very easy for you to be on the safe side while taking Mitragyna Speciosa on a daily basis. All you need to do is to count the number of capsules and to measure the amount of powder in one capsule to get an idea of your desired dose.

Easy To Consume & Carry

When it comes to capsules, they make consumption very easy and interestingly, you can carry them anywhere you want while maintaining your comfort. Whether you have a plan to travel or going to your office for a hectic schedule, you can carry capsules with no difficulty.

Capsules Are Unobtrusive

Kratom, without any doubt, is the most popular and famous herbal product. Unfortunately, many people are still unaware of its amazing influence and they consider it a drug. Therefore, when taking kratom powder in the public, people may start judging or blaming you for violating the laws and taking drugs in public places. When it comes to capsules, they could have medications, supplements, or vitamins. So, your social reputation will be safe and your dose will remain confidential. So, preferring kratom capsules over kratom powder enhances your overall experience.

Easy to Consume

As mentioned earlier, capsules come with gelatin shells. These shells are very smooth that get dissolved quickly in your body upon contact. With capsules, you can get similar effects that are achieved by taking the powder. An amazing thing is you don’t need to face the earthy smell or taste because capsules have proved to be very effective to mask it.

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Do you want to mix two or more strains? Having a desire to do something different? Taking powder could be a bit risky when doing this. The decent approach you should adopt for combining multiple strains is the use of capsules. It is comparatively a safer technique. The reason is they carry a calculated amount of kratom thereby making your consumption very easy.

Time-Saving Nature

Many users find it comfortable to prepare or fill the capsules on their own. When you start filling them, you will find it much time-consuming because every time you will have to measure a specific amount of Mitragyna Speciosa and then you need to pack it in the shells. It not only takes a lot of your time but also needs a great amount of your energy. In comparison to that, buying capsules from a reputable seller is very comfortable and easy for you. They could be a bit costly than preparing them on your own sitting at your home but save both your energy and time in return. This is one of the major reasons why many users prefer kratom capsules over kratom powder.


Kratom powder is cost-effective but you will have to fill it in the capsules every time if you want to take it this way. Another drawback associated with this phase is the amount of Mitragyna Speciosa you measure to fill the coats could vary. Therefore, purchasing capsules filled precisely from trusted vendors is a great idea to adopt.

Ending Note

A detailed discussion on why you should prefer kratom capsules over kratom powder is provided in detail along with a couple of benefits. Try considering these factors whenever you have a plan to take any of them. Good luck! Gold-Maeng-Da

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