Obesity is becoming a growing problem in the modern age. People have a more laid-back lifestyle now, and they have eating habits that include a big proportion of junk food. All of this collectively contributes to their ill-wellness. Your body has a balanced muscle mass to fat ratio. But, if you consume more calories in comparison to what you burn, you are likely to create a fat imbalance in your body, which will eventually lead to obesity. Weight loss is becoming a new fashion simultaneously. Human beings all over the globe either make weight loss their new year resolution as part of their “new year, healthy me” regime or are just doing it to join the “skinny body” bandwagon. Some people sign up in programs that are tough on the human body. From diet food to hardcore exercises, all of this is included in these packages. But what if someone says that weight loss can be made in a much more subtle way? A new trend growing nowadays is the Kratom plant, botanically known as Mitragyna Speciosa. Kratom and Weight loss are connected! A lot of people have claimed that the Kratom plant has helped them in their weight loss journey. This article covers an in-depth analysis of how Kratom and Weight loss are connected to each other. Keep in mind that the following information is solely based on the reviews and experiences of people who have benefitted from incorporating kratom into their weight loss diet. None of the claims have been scientifically proven.

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Chemistry Behind The Kratom Plant

The leaves of the Kratom plant are rich in alkaloids. It contains a relative quantity of indole alkaloids which are said to produce its psychedelic effects. These alkaloids form the dry leaf mass of the plant. The alkaloid present in the greatest amount is Mitragynine, accounting for two-thirds of the total alkaloid amount. The second alkaloid present in a comparatively low amount after Mitragynine is 7-Hydroxymitragynine. There are other compounds whose pharmacological properties are yet unknown but are present in the dry leaf mass. They are speciogynine, speciociliatine, and paynatheine. The kratom alkaloids are often classified as analgesics. There are claims on the internet about Kratom having therapeutic effects. However, before anyone concludes, it is important to know about the metabolic process behind it (which is still under the scientific research category), which will help us connect the dots to the mystery of Kratom and weight loss.

Kratom And Its Ancient History

This plant is native to its origin in Southeast Asia. In these regions, the leaves are traditionally used for many medicinal purposes, like analgesia or even in withdrawal of addiction. But, do the plants serve these purposes? This is still ongoing research. Human beings are always intuitive when something new appears on the market’s surface. Hence, this plant started to gain popularity in the U.S after all these years of traditional medicinal practices in Southeast Asia. Kratom has been used in its native regions for hundreds of years in the name of ‘natural remedy. Kratom has been used in its native regions for hundreds of years in the name of ‘natural remedy.’ Because the herb is believed to be a magic product, Kratom and weight loss is one such topic that’s still being explored by many enthusiasts who believe in its strength to make wonders happen.

How Does The Plant Work

Kratom has no direct effects on losing weight. It is not a weight-reducing supplement in itself. Instead, kratom has some properties that can indirectly cause you to reduce those extra kilos. Now what this article sums up is all based on anecdotes as told by various people over the years. But, there is no actual scientific research that has been done regarding this plant in human beings. There is one research conducted in rats as they have a similar digestive tract as humans, yet there were no such prominent results to conclude the effectiveness of the plant.

Effects Of Kratom That Aid In Weight Loss

Boosting Energy Levels

Kratom products claim that they boost energy levels. The main reason for leading obesity in the world is the laidback lifestyles of people. And this laziness leads to everyone being a potato couch. When you eat something or drink something that boosts your energy, you are bound to have the stamina that lasts longer. This worked-up fuel in your body causes you to work more or perhaps helps you in your workout regime. An energized body is less likely to sit idle and waste its time doing nothing. Thus, as suggested by consumers, Kratom can uplift your energy levels and hence help you accomplish your body goals as you work more and relax less.

Reduction In Appetite

Kratom is available in different strains, which will be discussed further in this article. Some of these Kratom strains to aid in weight loss, but some instead lead to weight gain. So, you need to study carefully about these strains before you jump off to buy any random one based on its color.

Anti-Anxiety Effects

No cure in the world will heal your anxiety completely. But, there can be some products that cause indirect changes in your body that can help in turn to reduce your anxiety. Whenever a mind is anxious, it craves more food, especially junk foods. This over-consumption leads to weight gain. This habit of binge-eating is often associated with various triggers. Kratom products claim that they cause a release of happy hormones in the body that suppress these unwanted cravings and thus calm you down from the anxiety triggers. This may work for some, but for others, it may cause no such effects, as every human body operates in its own way.

Analgesic Effect

Some people experience tiredness from continuous pain in the body. Some Kratom strains are reported to have pain-relieving properties. However, this analgesic effect lasts only for a couple of hours. So, to say that this can be a permanent solution to your pains is factually not correct.

Can Side-effects Prove Beneficial?

What a lot of people claim is that Kratom and weight loss can be connected directly with each other. But little do they know that it’s actually the side effects caused by these  that are helping them in their weight loss journey and not the plant itself. Sometimes, the side effects produced by any herbal medicine become the desired effect for others.

  • For instance, it is reported by people that Kratom causes dry mouth. Now for people who might be using it for some purpose other than weight loss, this may seem like a side effect. But for others who are using it for weight loss, this may be helpful, as dry mouth means there is a reduced production of saliva, which in turn will cause a suppression of their appetite.
  • Another minor side effect reported by Kratom users is an increase in heart rate. Some medical studies show that an increased heart rate means that your body will burn more fat.

Kratom Strains That Aid In Weight Loss

Maeng Da Kratom

  • It contains a great blend of powerful alkaloids
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Available in all varieties
  • Gives flexibility

Thai Kratom Strain

  • Reduces appetite
  • Boosts energy
  • Most powerful strain
  • Low dosages are enough for it to work
  • The red strain is said to induce sedations, so its use must be prevented

So Should You Go For This Method?

What method you want to choose for your weight loss journey is ultimately your decision. The use of Kratom is still not approved by the FDA. Hence, it is still considered in the list of traditional home remedies. Since it is not yet approved by the FDA, there are no dose prescriptions available. So managing your dose is a tricky thing, especially when it comes to Kratom and weight loss. Start with low doses and then increase your intake gradually until you reach your threshold. This herb is an ancient practice in the Asian regions, so maybe it is better suited for those people but not for all? This can only be answered once there is enough research conducted on the topic.

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