Nowadays, people are preferring natural and herbal products over synthetic ones. Kratom is one of the most famous herbs around the world and its popularity is continuously increasing day by day but need to support kratom advocate also Around two decades back, very few people were aware of this herb but the significant advancements in the kratom industry and amazing medicinal properties of this plant spread the awareness in no time. All the natural and herbal products need support from the users and kratom advocate because their credibility and efficiency always get questioned. Many people and companies usually put their efforts to ban a particular herbal item who are against it but if the same product has got solid support from advocates, it can never be banned. The same is the case with kratom. Let’s take a look at it. Red-Borneo

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FDA & DEA Challenges

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are the two major authorities of the United States. Both of them keep a close eye on what is going on in the kratom industry. They keep on continuously monitoring the kratom import and how it is being sold out by the different sellers. Whenever they find something suspicious, they immediately take some serious actions. FDA has tried many times to put kratom on the list of Schedule-I drugs but couldn’t succeed. The reason behind this failure is due to the critical role played by the American Kratom Association (AKA). AKA is a great kratom advocate in the United States that has been taking some solid steps to support and show the real face of kratom in front of the community. Recently, the FDA has made another attempt to ban kratom but AKA forced it to conduct a survey based on the US community to get feedback from the regular users and monitor how they find this herb. FDA is willing to present the results obtained from this survey in an upcoming meeting with the World Health Organization. This meeting is expected to be held in October 2021.

What Should You Fight For Being A Kratom Advocate?

As a good kratom advocate, you should go the extra mile to fight against any effort made to ban or restrict the use of this amazing herb. You should be all set to deal with all the threats associated with the use of Mitragyna Speciosa. Let’s have a look at some major steps you should take in the beginning.

Fight Against Misinformation

There are some people and companies in the market that are spreading misinformation about kratom in the community. As a result, there are higher chances for many people to get wrong stuff by such efforts. As a strong kratom advocate candidate, you must keep a close eye on every such activity. For this, you can make a small team having people with good knowledge about this herb who can easily fight against the ones who are misleading the people around.

Fight Against Irresponsible Sellers

There are some kratom sellers who don’t care about the customers’ health and sell products mixed with preservatives, fillers, and additives. As a kratom advocate, you should run a campaign to fight against such vendors and to impose a heavy fine or any other punishment taking a look at their act.

Show The Real Face Of Kratom

Being a kratom advocate, do detailed research on the use of this herb and let the community know about the real properties associated with Mitragyna Speciosa. You can develop a team of regular kratom users who have been consuming it for a long time to spread authentic information.

How Can I Be A Good Kratom Advocate?

There are some simple steps that you can take to become a good kratom advocate. Let’s have a look at what precisely they are.

Keep Yourself Up-To-Date

It is very important for you to explore every single news about kratom because if you are not fully familiar with this industry, it will be hard for you to educate others in a good way. Don’t forget to keep yourself up-to-date. You can get associated with the American Kratom Association to stay updated. In addition, setting up Google updates on kratom strains is another amazing way to receive the latest information about this plant. Keep an eye on recent clinical trials and regulatory concerns. Above all, you must be a responsible Mitragyna Speciosa user before you start educating anyone else. This way, everyone will be able to play his or her part in fighting against the kratom ban.

Starting With The Individuals In Your Immediate Vicinity

The basic and the first step to support kratom is to start with the individuals around you. Have a discussion with your friends and family about how you find kratom and provide them with scientific evidence (if any) for supporting your claim. Another great way is to recommend them to watch research-based kratom videos or documentaries. Your basic goal is to support the legal status of kratom and to fight against banning this herb with proper facts. Most of the time, your close people don’t have enough information about kratom so it is a great choice for you to educate them as a kratom advocate.

Participate in Digital Platforms

These days, most of the time, people do productive discussions on digital platforms. Therefore, you can participate in discussions on social media, blogs, and other online forums to educate everyone on the use of kratom. This is a great option to get connected with other kratom supporters. You can join some kratom-related Facebook groups and interact with the kratom community on a larger scale. Being a kratom advocate, you can share your personal experiences with others and can listen to others’ thoughts. These platforms are really helpful to stay up to date and to educate others in the best possible way.

Support Trusted Vendors

As a good kratom advocate, it is your topmost responsibility to show your support for trustworthy vendors and to spread their mission and vision. If you are supporting a reputed and trusted kratom supplier, it means you are protecting yourself as well as other members of the kratom community along with playing your part in keeping kratom legal to consume. Let the people know that reliable kratom sellers always lab-test their products and show a certificate of analysis to the buyers who want to make a purchase.

Show Your Support For Kratom Advocate Companies

There are a lot of companies around the globe that are supporting kratom to keep it easily accessible for everyone for the long term. If you are a true supporter of kratom and don’t want to see its ban, you will have to actively participate in the fight against it. Try to make bonds with like-minded individuals to promote the factual kratom information as much as you can.

Ending Note

Are you a kratom lover? Don’t want it to get banned? You should become a strong kratom advocate to show your support for this amazing plant. Following the points discussed in detail above, you will be able to keep kratom going for many years to come. Good Luck! Gold-Maeng-Da

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